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  • Hospitality and Hotel Administration ADHOC 2009-28


Intra - Mural Research Projects

Name and Roll No. of Students

Title of Thesis

Meenakshi Kapoor

An analysis of income & expenditure pattern among rural households in Kangra district of HP

Shikha Sharma

Gender analysis of Consumer awareness and Buying Practices in Mandi district of H.P.

Chander kiran

Evaluation of Income generating activities under DWCRA- A case study of Kangra

Pooja Kalra

Economic contribution of child labour towards family income

Sonia Thakur

Migration and Its Impact on the families left behind in Kangra district

Mona Sharma

Impact of mass media on the purchase of household goods

Pratibha Pathak

Managerial role and status of rural women

Seema Awasthi

A study of the resource utilization pattern of rural households of Mandi district

Kumud Awasthi

An ergonomic study to assess the drudgery of women involved in tea plantation

Pooja Nayyar

A study of entrepreneurship attributes among women entrepreneurs.

Puja Mathur

Assessment of kitchen work surfaces and storage spaces.

Neetika Talwar

A study of awareness, attitude and responsibilities towards environment.

Sumita sood

A study of drinking water management practices and incidence of water borne diseases in selected villages of district Kangra

Ruchi Kaundal

Application of Eco friendly techniques of waste utilization at domestic level.

Anjuli Rana

A rural kitchen characteristics and standardization of kitchen design on the basis of anthropometric data

Anshu Mahajan


A comparative study of management practices of gainfully employed and full time homemakers.

Shivani Vyas


Ergonomic Evaluation of selected tools and equipments

Shipra Sood


A comparative study of resource utilization pattern among rural and urban homemakers.

Sumita Katoch


A study of existing hygiene and sanitary conditions of rural and urban households of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh

Suman Lata



Development and Application of Educational Package for selected Waste Management in Rural Areas of Kangra District of H.P.

Samriti Mehta


Impact of mothers employment on family meal management

Shakha Sood


Income management of different income groups households in district


Ruchika Gautam

(H-2005-30- )

Development and Application of Educational Package on

 Consumer Awareness

Ms. Aprajita Katoch

(H-2008-30- 08)

A Study to Enhance the Longevity of Flowers   Arrangements
Ms. Madhu Dadwal

(H-2008-30- 09)

Ergonomic Evaluation of Computer Console for Women Users
Ms. Deepika Jasrotia

(H-2009-30- 01)

Storage practices of fresh vegetables at household level in rural and urban consumers of Palampur (HP)
Ms. Laxmi

(H-2009-30- 02)

Workload Assessment of Hill Farm Women in Paddy Transplanting
Ms. Sarita Patel

(H-2009-30- 04)

Assessment of Workload and Health Status of Women involved in Micro Enterprises
Ms. Savita


Energy requirement and coping measures performing household activites

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