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  • Documentary film entitled “Magical Wand of Tools for Hill Farm Women” under the project “Promotion of Gender Friendly implements /Tools for Hill Farm women” (RKVY Stream- 1) prepared and presented on 1st January 2013 in University Auditorium.  

  • Documentary film on Tea Plucking Technology Kit

  • Documentary film on Solid Waste Management

Leaflets and Popular Articles                                    - 80

Departmental Seminars Organized                          - 60

Faculty Lectures outside Department/College     - 40

Radio talks                                                                     - 15

National and International Conferences attend     -40


Exhibitions: Submitted exhibits from time to time for various fairs like Holi fair, Shivratri fair Mandi, Baijnath, Kulu Dushehra and Kissan Mela and other fairs.  Arranged several exhibitions at Department level, College level, University level and State level and organized several formal and non-formal training courses since inception.


Since its inception, the Department is engaged in different extension activities under the following heads:

I     Extension Education Project

Participation of rural women in agricultural practices

·  All India Coordinated Research Project on Rapid Improvement of Agricultural Technologies directed at Socio-Economic Upliftment of scheduled caste Households .

 II   Technology-wise dissemination

·  Developed and disseminated Drudgery Reducing Technologies for rural women  .

·  Appropriate Household technologies like Janta water filter, Janta refrigerator, Solar cooker, Soakage  pit, Hay Box, Smokeless Chulah, Organized Kitchen have been developed and demonstrated in extension programmes for transferring knowledge to the rural families.

·  Improved technologies designed and tested based upon the anthropometric data of women in Himachal Pradesh .

Tea Pluckers

Improved kilta (Back basket fitted with umbrella)

 Tea leaves collecting/waist bag

Water proof dress

Wrap around

Fodder collector prototypes


Cutter and Fawra for cutting and uprooting

Clod Breaker

Bamboo Strip Smoothener


III  Technologies disseminated:

 Various extension-training camps organized

·  Skill Development Trainings Gallery



 Drudgery Reducing Household Technologies 

Water carriage (To be put at the back)


Wiper for Dung Plastering


Drudgery Reducing Farm and Allied Technologies.



Revolving Pihri


Maize Sheller


Fodder Collector


Drudgery Reducing Technologies for Tea Plucking


Wrap around

Ergonomically designed water proof dress

Finger Blades

Improved kilta with detachable umbrella

Tea Leaves Collection Bag  (TLC Bag)


Drinking Water Purification (Janta Water Filter)

Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Practices.

Use of Correct Posture in Household Tasks

Consumer awareness


  IV Impact of work with reference to:

·   Technological empowerment of rural women

Lecture on use of improved technology

Use of Wiper



Village Gathering at Dhaulakuan


Demonstration on use of Fodder Collector

· Adoption of drudgery reducing tools, techniques and technologies

·  Work simplification kitchen tools for work simplification were popularized through extension camps on and off campus.

 V Socioeconomic upliftment of rural masses of Himachal Pradesh:

  • A presentation was made on women friendly tools at State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI), Mashobra, Shimla on 16th and 17th September 2004. An Exhibition was put up at SAMETI for benefit of 51 link workers of self help groups from six districts of Himachal Pradesh depicting income generating venture/trainings which can be offered by various departments of College of Home Science and CSKHPKV.


  • Eleven self help group have been formulated in and around village Patti in collaboration with State Bank of India HPAU Branch. The groups are functioning very well in mutual and bank loan transactions. The major objective of the operational research was to make these self help groups vocationally reliant enterprising, income generating, sustaining and self dependent. The selected enterprises include vemi-composting, composting and reuse of biodegradable waste material into useful articles. The groups are actively involved in the productive research venture.


  • Entrepreneurship - The skill training camps (tie and dye, macramé, handicrafts, bag making, tile decoration, glass painting, cutting, stitching, mushroom growing) led to socio-economic upliftment of rural masses of Himachal Pradesh. This department focuses on the various micro training aspects for the rural women for their upliftment viz.-a-viz soap making, bamboo articles, brooms and mat making, flower growing, bag making.


  • Household Tourism - trainings were imparted by the department covering various aspects of basic hospitality and household tourism. The tourism aspect has already been initialized in the tribal areas of kinnaur district i.e. in sangla valley. The main focus in this is to teach ways of being hospitable at household level and create income generation  avenues for the family.


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