Department of Fisheries

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The Department of Fisheries has been established with the primary aim to enhance fish production in the State since 22nd June, 1981 as a Fisheries Research cell under the Department of Animal Production. This department came into existence as a full-fledged since 1.7.1991 with the aim to evolve practices of suitable Polyculture of cultivable carps. The department is also engaged in teaching and extension besides need based research on different aspects of the culture fisheries.

Our Strengths:

* Department has acquired an area of about four hectares of unproductive land for the development of the fish farm.

* An area of 2,000sq.m. has been developed scientifically into 48 tanks, ponds and raceway of different dimensions for breeding, nursery, rearing and conducting experiments on different stages of fishes.

* About 9,500sq.m. has been developed into five stocking and production ponds.

* A laboratory with basic amenities has been established for teaching and conducting research.

* An outdoor Mahseer hatchery has also been established.


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