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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry undertakes fundamental and applied biochemical, molecular, biological and nutritional research related to agriculture and allied disciplines. In the current scenario, where we are focusing on nutritional security, biochemistry remains the key discipline for the development and introduction of nutritionally rich varieties both for food and forages. In the era of climate change, where crop production and protection are at stake, the development of crop varieties resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses are feasible on the basis of biochemical studies. The studies on drought and drought resistance, diseases and pest resistance are validated at biochemical level.

        In nutrition, biochemistry describes the food chemistry for maintenance of health, optimum intake of macro, micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Biochemical studies are fundamental for food preservation and processing technology and post-harvest physiology of fruits, vegetables and their nutritional quality. The discipline gives idea that how a particular category of fertilizers could enhance growth, yield and quality of different agricultural crops. Removal and inactivation of toxic or anti nutritional factors present in food grains in general and grain legumes in particular by breeding and chemical treatments is feasible on the basis of biochemical studies. Applications of Chemistry and Biochemistry are enormous in agriculture and allied sciences. The concepts of functional foods and nutraceuticals as well as food nutrition awareness have further enhanced the importance of these subjects.

        The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is actively engaged in the human resource development through teaching and research. Every year different courses are offered in Chemistry and Biochemistry to the UG and PG students of the College of Basic Sciences, College of Agriculture and College of Home Science. Around 92 M. Sc. and 17 Ph D. students have completed their degree since its inception in 1991.