University Library CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur (H.P.)
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Miscellaneous Information

Library Service / User / Over Due Charges

Book Bank Books:
Books priced upto Rs.400/- Rs.5/- per Semester
Books priced above Rs.400/- Rs.10/- per Semester
Over Due Charges:
Text Books / Book Bank Books Rs.1/- per Day
Reference/ Over night Books Rs.1/- per Hour
Ordinary Books Rs.0.50/- per Day
Electronic Resources Centre / Internet Charges:
Print outs (B/W) Rs.2/- per Page
Print outs (Coloured) Rs.10/- per Page
Photostat Charges:
Library Material Rs.1/- per Page
Outside/Personal material Rs.2/- per Page

CD-ROM Databases/On-line Resources

CAB Abstracts (1910- To Date)
AGRICOLA (1970-2006)
AGRIS (1975-2006)
FSTA (1969-2006)
MEDLINE (1950-2006)
CeRA (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) (On-line Access)
KrishiPrabha (Full text to Ph.D. Theses of NARS Libraries) (On-line Access)
Indian Science Abstracts
Forestry Database in CD-ROM (FRI, Dehradun)
FAOSTAT (World-wide statistical information) (1961-2000)

Besides the above, the library has its own Databases for:

1. Theses Holdings (Theses)
2. Back volumes of the journals in the library (Journals)
3. Books available in the library (Books)
4. FAO publications (Books)

Type of Resources Available

(1) Books
(2) Printed Journals
(3) On-line Journals
(4) Full Text e-Theses
(5) Printed Theses
(6) Bound Periodicals
(7) Statistical & Data Publications
(8) Bulletins
(9) Maps, Atlases, Globes
(10) CD ROM Databases, Resource CDs, DVDs, etc.
(11) e-Books
(12) Online CAB Abstracts


(1) Theses Section
(2) Electronic Resources Section
(3) Acquisition Section
(4) Technical Section
(5) Periodical Section
(6) Reference Section
(7) Circulation Section
(8) Inter Library Loan Section
(9) Reprography Section
(10) Reader Services Sections
(11) Bindery Section
(12) Him Section (Special Collection)
(13) Book Bank Section
(14) Newspaper Section