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Electronic Resources Centre

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        This section is the nerve of the on-line library services and most widely used for CD-ROM Searching, On-line Journal Access, On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Accessing the Internet, etc. The Library System Administrator and Joint Library System Administrator are helping in providing the on-line services, offered through this centre.


Acquisition and Technical Section

The Acquisition Section is responsible for acquiring the publications for use of the readers. The books are purchased on the recommendations of the Teachers and the other staff. The Technical Section is responsible for the processing of the books for being placed in the different Sections of the Library.

Books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The cataloguing of the books is according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules and the Subject Headings are assigned from the Library of Congress List of Subject Heading with some local adopted practices.

After the complete processing of the books, the new books are displayed in the “New Arrivals Section” and are retained for some days for bringing it to the notice of the readers before transferring them to the shelves in the library which can also be viewed in the New Additions Component of the OPAC.    


   Periodical Section 

The subscription of journals is sent directly to the Publishers or their Agents and to some subscription agencies in India. The Regional Research Station libraries also subscribe to some approved journals to meet the requirements of the scientists at the research stations, located at the respective places. Even the Sub-stations are subscribing to some Indian journals useful for their research work. However, there is a constant difficulty felt by the scientists due to inadequacy of the latest journals being received at the Research stations and the Sub/stations. The university library at Palampur sends the desired material on Inter-Library Loan or by photocopying or by scanning of the required materials to the scientists.

The current journals are displayed on the Display Racks and the back volumes are placed on the open shelves of the racks.

Due to constant price rise of the current subscription of journals and fluctuation in the currency rates, it has become very difficult to subscribe to the approved journals. The library has been compelled to delete many journals from the list of current subscription.

The current journals and the back volumes are the most important reading materials for teaching as well as research. The scientists as well as PG students are always in dire need for looking into the latest reading materials from this section.


Gifts and Exchange

The library has established exchange relations with various national and international organizations and institutions for the receipt of publications in exchange with the publications of this university. The publications from such sources are received as ‘gratis’ also.


Documentation and Reprographic Section

The Documentation and Reprographic Services are being provided for the benefit of the readers. A nominal charge of 50 paise per exposure is charged from the students and the staff for taking photocopies of the library material.


Inter-Library Loan

Inter-library loan facilities are made available to the Regional Research Station libraries, Sub-station libraries and the local IHBT readers.  Mostly, the latest journals are sent on Inter-library loan besides the books. Requests from NISCAIR, New Delhi, INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad, SAIC, Dhaka, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, etc. have also been met by sending photocopies/scanned copies of the articles at national and international levellevel. 


Book Bank Scheme

The students are entitled to draw up to 3 books at a time for a full semester by depositing nominal rental charges with minimum of Rs.5/- and maximum of Rs.10/- for a book depending on its price. The rental income is utilized for the purchase of new titles or new editions of the prescribed text books.


Bindery Section 

The library has its own Bindery with modern binding equipments where spacious accommodation for keeping the machinery and other materials is available. Spiral binding machine is also available in the Bindery.


FAO Depository Library

The FAO Depository Library has completed 25 years of its existence. The Library is regularly receiving FAO publications directly from Rome. Besides books, serial publications are also being received. FAO publications are very popular among scientists/teachers and post-graduate students and serial publications are useful for detailed statistical data.


Himachal Collection 

A separate collection of books on Himachal and other hilly areas under the heading “Himachal Section” is established in the library. It is our endeavour to procure publications relating to the hill area development to enrich the section. The Himachal Kala-Sanskriti and Bhasa Academy, Shimla also donates the publications on Himachal Pradesh and books written by Himachal authors from time to time.


Theses Section

Theses Section is the nerve of the library. This Section is particularly helpful to the Post Graduate students. Copies  of the  Theses of  M.Sc., M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. students of CSK HP Krishi Vishvavidyalaya and Dr.Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan, are placed in this Section.


Membership, Circulation & Visitors Statistics

Frontal view of Bar code based automated Circulation Section


A View of the LIB-501 Lecture in Progress

     The University Library imparts teaching  at post graduate level and  offers the 1+0 Credit Hour course, entitled, “Library Information and Services” to the post graduate students of the university. The course is very useful as familiarizes the students about the different on-line library resources and services, i.e. WebOPAC, CD-ROM Searching, On-line Journals, helps in the research, etc.