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(Last updated : 17.02.2023)

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Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University Teachers' Association (HPAUTA)

HPAUTA with its headquarters at Palampur is a registered and duly elected body of HP Agricultural University teachers constituted for the overall welfare of teaching fraternity with the following specific objectives:


1.   To secure for their members, individually and collectively their rightful status-social, economic and professional;


2.   To safeguard their professional interests and to secure satisfactory conditions of work and service;


3.   To work for the improvement of education in response to the challenge of ever changing socio-economic situation, and


4.   4. To establish a professional code of conduct for teachers and to ensure that it is followed by the members.


For more information, please contact Secretary:


Dr Rakesh Chahota


Email: rkchahota@gmail.com; rkchahota@hillagric.ac.in