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Thrust Area
NAE Programme

On-Going Projects :

  • NAHEP CAAST on protected agriculture & Natural Farming funded by ICAR worth Rs. 2300.00 lakhs

  • Evaluation, refinement & dissemination of technologies of Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF) in HP” (Adhoc. Misc. 2225-56)

  • Economic upliftment of tribal farmers of HP through refinement and popularization of organic farming practices funded by TSP worth Rs 59.75 Lakhs

  • A project on Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) to CSK HPKV, Palampur funded by State Govt. Himachal Pradesh worth Rs 3 Crores

  • All India Coordinated research Network on Underutilized Crops (AICRN)


Projects completed :

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Project title

Funding Agency


(In Lakhs)




Niche Area of Excellence on  “Organic Farming in Hill Agriculture  w.e.f. April 2006 to March 2011




Niche Area of Excellence on “Production and protection technologies for potential vegetables and pulses under organic farming system”






Development of liquid biofertilizer based integrated management w.e.f. April 2011 to Sept. 2013




A Turn Key Organic Cluster project in 1200 ha in Himachal Pradeshw.e.f. October 2010 to March 2013




Standardization of  Processes and use of Organic Inputs in Organic Agriculture








Fortification and Demonstration of Enriched Compost for use in Organic Agriculture w.e.f. April 2009 to March 2012








 Developed & standardized the preparation and composition of organic inputs for:

a.      Nutrient management

·   Solid composts: Vermicompost, Him Compost & NADEP

·   Liquid manures: Matka khad, Vermiwash & Himsol

·   Biofertilizers: Rhizobium, Azotobactor (N-fixer), Aspergillus awamorii (Phosphate solubilizers) & other natural sources of nutrients (plant material)


b.      Insect-pest & disease management

i.     Botanicals:

o  Neem based products--- aphids, mites, leaf miner & sucking pests

o  Lantana extract-- Bean bugs, beetles, pod borers & pea leaf miner

o  Darek (Melia) extract-- blister beetle & bean bugs

o  Ghaniri (Polygonum) extract-- soybean & bean bugs

o  Eupatorium extract– Flea beetle & blister beetle

o  Dashparni- Gram pod borer, pea leaf miner & blight

o  Agneyastra- Leaf miner, aphids & mites

o  Ipomea extract- beetles & bean bugs


ii.   Cow product based bio-formulations:

o  Fermented Butter milk (FBM)-- Cercospora leaf spot, bugs, beetles

o  Beejamrit –seed borne disease

o  Jivamrit-soil borne diseases

o  Panchgavya– Early & late blight, Root rot wilt complex, beetles

o  Tamarlassi-- Cercospora leaf spot 

          iii. Biocontrol  Agents

o   Trichoderma harzianum/T. viride (10g/l)- For foliar & fruit diseases & soil borne pathogens

o   Bacillus thuringensis (BT) (10g/l)- For foliar, fruit diseases & soil borne pathogens

o   Verticillium sp. (10g/l)- Aphids & Thrips

o   Beauveria bassiana- Root grub and white flies

o   Ha-NPV @ 250 l/ha- Fruit borers in tomato


Identification and development of Organic Input responsive varieties-

  • Cereals : Paddy (RP-2421), Maize (Bajaura  Makka), Wheat (HPW-147, HPW-249 & HPW-155)

  •   Pulses : Mash (UG-218, Himmash-1 & Palampur 93), Lentil (Vipasha), Kulthi (VLG-1) Gram (Palam chana1 & Him chana 1)

  •   Oilseeds : Gobhi sarson(Sheetal) & Soybean (Himsoya & Palam soya)

  •   Vegetables : Pea (Punjab-89), Garlic (GHC-1), Onion (Patna Red), Tomato (Palam pink, Palam pride & Avatar hybrid)and Potato (Kufri jyoti)

  •    Others: Ladyfinger (Nazuk, S-51 & VRO-4)and Polebean (SVM-1)

  •   Out of the various germplasm lines of cereals and pulses tested under organic input conditions some promising lines have been selected which are in the advanced stage of testing.




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ii.                  Review papers:

  • Chadha Sanjay and Saini, J.P (2012). Management strategies for organic vegetables cultivation: Potential and problems. Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research, 38 (1):1-11

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