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Last updated: 21.05.2024

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CSK HP Agriculture University

MEDIA CELL: CSK H.P. Agriculture University created a Media Cell on 16 February, 2015 to enhance the visibility and better communication of its achievements.

 The Public Relations Unit was merged in the newly created cell which provides a dedicated single window service to the print, electronic and social media. The cell is responsible for wider publicity of the advancements made in the field of teaching, research and extension education activities of the University by various Public Relations and Communication tools, ensuring that all major events, in which the university engages, both on and off the campus, are successfully covered in the Print, Electronic and Social Media to portray the stated mission of excellence. The Media Cell engages in planning, arrangements, co-ordination, follow up of all Public Relations activities with the effective support of the administration. The Media Cell ensures effective and focused communication.

The Media Cell is also responsible for highlighting the decisions emanating from the meetings of various statutory bodies of the University which help in image building and benefiting general masses.

The Joint Director (Information and Public Relations) has been declared as  Incharge of the Media Cell and acts as Spokesman for the University. He organizes press-conference of the Vice-Chancellor with the authorized media persons and contacts newspapers and electronic channels to elicit their views on the requisite inputs from the university from time to time.


Media Cell

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