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In order to sustain the society and thereby the civilization on the whole, ultimate goal of all process of learning, educational institution need to remain awaken even when the spatio-temporal signifiers take catnaps. Its living status is defined by its vibrance and flexibility. The cyclic mature of history allows us to make broad assumption based don past trends of spatio-temporal transformation and adjustment. An institution therefore, needs to be consistent in forging ahead incorporating wider sweeps of the change that assaults the society every now and then.

Agro club is an organization of agricultural students, professionals and others who are dedicated to the development of agriculture in Himachal Pradesh. The club came into being in November, 1994, with its headquarters at the College of Agriculture, HPKV, Palampur. Its motto "NEW HOPES NEW HORIZONS" indicates the faith of its members in the role of modern agriculture in the prosperity of the state, the hopes generated and now the new horizons which have open up because of rapid advancement in the development of agricultural technologies. The main objectives of the club include creating awareness among the farming community of the state; promotion of academic and professional interests of the members; inculcation of the discipline and spirit of competitiveness among he members and development of overall personality of the coming generation of farm students of the institution.

The Agro Club organized AGRI FEST 1995, AGRI FEST 1998, AGRI FEST 2002, which were major ventures of the Agro club for the fulfillment of its objectives. In the pursuit of same objectives AGRI FEST 2011 is being organized on 11th and 12th March, 2011.