Awards & Honours
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Last Updated: April 28, 2022



  • On the basis of Research work done  on Apis mellifera, Dr Rajesh Garg  got admission in Univ. of Cardiff (U.K.)

  • On the basis of Research work done on Apis mellifera Dr Rajesh Garg  made Patron of Northern India Beekeepers

  • Association( NIBA, Chandigarh)

  • Dr Rajesh Garg made life member of National Bee Board, New Delhi in recognition of work done on Apis mellifera.

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is  member of Acarological society of India, Bangalore

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is  member of Bee Research Association, Pune

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is  member of The Entomological Society of India ,New Delhi

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is member of Plant Protection Association of India, Hyderabad.

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is member of Insect study and conservation network Bangalore.

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is  member  of Patron, Northern Bee Keepers Association Chandigarh

  • Dr Rajesh Garg is member of National Bee Board. New Delhi.

  • Dr Dhanbir Singh awarded UNDP Senior Fellowship during PhD.

  • Dr Dhanbir Singh elected Councillor of North zone of Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology in 1997.

  • Dr S.L. Gartan admitted as Fellow of Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development in

  •         the year 1994.

  • CSK HPKV, HAREC Dhaulakuan was awarded Vice Chancellor’ Appreciation Awards -2002 and 2003 for excellent work done on ginger.

  • Dr Akhilesh Singh awarded Univ. Merit scholarship during graduation (1979-82)

  • Dr Akhilesh Singh awarded ICAR Sr. Res. Fellowship for Ph.D. (1986-89)

  • Dr Akhilesh Singh awarded Fellow of Indian Phytopathological Society (1995)

  • Dr Akhilesh Singh is a member of REC of National Research Centre for Seed Spices, Ajmer w.e.f. 2009.

  • Dr (Ms) Daisy Basandrai awarded Best poster award was given for the paper entitled, “Variation in Botrytis  cinerea populations from Western Australia causing Botrytis Grey Mould of chickpea presented in the on February, 14-16, 2009.

  • Dr (Ms) Daisy Basandrai nominated as member Monitoring team for MULLaRP group of crops (Rabi and Kharif, 2008-2011, Hissar, IARI New Delhi, Bawal), Project Coordinator, MULLaRP (ICAR) 2009 in International Conference on Grain Legumes, held at IIPR, Kanpur,2009.

  • Dr (Ms) Daisy Basandrai nominated as Referee for the Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Journal of food legumes, ICAR in 2004 onwards.

  • Dr (Ms) Daisy Basandrai nominated as Member of the National team who visited ICARDA, Aleppo Syria to interact with legume breeders of ICARDA regarding improvement of Indian Lentils under ICAR- ICARDA collaborative project ICAR in 2006.