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Last Updated:
December 20, 2022


Farmers Associated/Trained: 63281

Farmers Case studies Achievements

Protected Cultivation of vegetables and flowers for livelihood security of the farmers in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh

         KVK Mandi up-scaled the protected cultivation technology in the district through various extension programmes.

         The area under protected cultivation has increased up to about 50 ha till date in the district.

         Presently, about 2000 farmers have adopted protected cultivation as a vocation for self employment and earning Rs. 150000 to 400000 from 500 m2 area. 


 Eco-friendly management of fruit fly pest in Vegetable crops

         In Himachal Pradesh, fruit flies are the most serious pests of cucurbitaceous vegetables and also of solanaceous vegetables.

         These Fruit flies cause huge economic losses to the tune of 35 Ė 80% in different areas of the state.

         CSKHPKV, KVK Mandi experts developed Palam fruit fly trap and up-scaled this technology among the farmers.

         The technology has been adopted in about 1000 ha vegetable growing area in the state, resulting in direct additional returns to the tune of Rs. 2.40 crore per annum, apart from saving of about Rs. 40 lakh on account of reduction in pesticide applications.

         Further reduction of pesticide applications reduced pesticide load in the environment and the trap could be a viable option in the organic ecosystem.

Agri-preneurship development through exotic vegetable cultivation in Mandi district

         Mandi district is endowed with great variation in agro-climatic conditions ranging from sub-humid sub tropical to wet temperate

         Exotic vegetable cultivation was emphasized by KVK Mandi by providing sound technical backup to the farmers

         These vegetables are grown and exported to the neighbouring states with a lot of demand for these vegetables

         Exotic vegetable cultivation have secured the livelihood of the marginal & small farm families

         Sound technical backup by KVK experts, the area under exotic cultivation has increased to about 500 ha  in the district. 

         Presently, about 1200-1500 farmers of Karsog, Seraj, Gohar, Drang, Sadar, Sundernagar and Balh have adopted exotic vegetable cultivation as a vocation for self employment and earning income between Rs. 250000 to 312500 /ha annually.

Adoption of Paddy cultivar HPR 2612 in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh

         KVK Mandi up-scaled the new early maturing paddy cultivar (HPR-2612) through various extension programmes.

         HRR 2612 (Palam Basmati 1) has been emerged as a better option for the rice farmers of the district under irrigated transplanting conditions.

         With the initiative of KVK, this variety has spread to about 2000 hectare area in the district resulting in additional estimated net returns to the tune of Rs. 2.27 crores to the farmers in the district.

         In view of wider response, this variety has vast potential for its adoption and could be further intensified effectively in place of other basmati/ non basmati areas of the State.

         The seed of this cultivar was also supplied to Sikkim by the KVK, Mandi where this cultivar has also performed well.

Adoption of yellow rust resistant HYV Him Palam Gehun 2 (HPW-368) of wheat

in Mandi district

         Him Palam Gehun 2 (HPW-368) was up-scaled through FLDs in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Front line demonstrations were conducted during the five consecutive years (2016-17 to 2020-21) in different villages of the district.

∑         The results revealed that this variety provided grain yield 31.40 to 33.60q/ha which was 18.75 % higher than the farmerís practice.

∑         Economic analysis of demonstrated technology in comparison to farmerís practice revealed that on an average, a net return of Rs. 27029/ha was obtained under the demonstrated technology which was significantly higher than the farmerís practice.

∑         The horizontal spread of the technology in the both the district was observed to the extent of about 5000 ha.

KVK-ATMA collaboration for up-scaling of Natural Farming

         KVK and ATMA collaborated to upscale the natural farming in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

         In this model, the farmers sponsored by ATMA are being imparted skill trainings on natural farming. Some of the trained farmers have been designated as Master trainers which are further motivating other fellow farmers to adopt natural farming.

         ATMA department has also provided incentives to these Master trainers to establish natural farming resource centres where the natural farming formulations are prepared and further sold to the other farmers.

         KVK Mandi supplied about 20000 Palam fruit fly trap for the management of fruit flies in cucurbits, tomato and guava to all the districts of the state and its results were found to be very encouraging for the management of fruit flies which otherwise was difficult to manage under organic/natural farming.

         Capacity building programmes for ATMA extension personnelís was also organized

         about the use of Palam fruit fly traps in field conditions.

         At present,  about 1150 ha of area has been covered under natural farming in the district covering nearly 25000 farmers.

KVK Mandi-NGO collaboration for promoting vocal for local

         To promote the concept of vocal for local, CSKHPKV, KVK Mandi joined hand with Himalayan Gaurav trust which is a non government organization formed by two innovative social workers with its head quarter at Chauntra in district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh.

         The rural women associated with the trust were motivated for value addition of locally available fruits and vegetables which otherwise going waste due to lack of technical knowhow.

         KVK, Mandi experts imparted skill trainings on processing of food items to the leaders of the groups.

         These trained members then acted as master trainers and are involved in imparting trainings to their fellow members in the village level. Various value added products like Jam, Chutney,

         Pickles and amla burfi, murrabba, candy and traditional products like barian, seera etc. are being prepared on large scale by these groups.

         At present 170 Women Self help Groups of Chauntra, Sarkaghat, Gohar and Drang block of Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh with members of about 4000 farm women are involved in the value addition of locally available food items. These activities have secured the livelihood of rural women.