Department is implementing the Animal Husbandry aspect of world bank GEF funded NAIP Component- 3 project entitled “Harmonizing biodiversity conservation and agricultural intensification through integration of plant, animal and fish genetic resources for livelihood security in fragile ecosystems”in District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh.                                                                                                       for more info..........


(Project team members with migratory sheep farmer in Dhauladhar ranges over loking Kangra Valley)

Technological Interventions:

(Project Team members visiting Bharmour- Tribal region in the month of May 2010 and having village level meeting)

Expect Outcome

Consortia partners (Consortium Leader, Consortium Principal Investigator and CoPIs)

 NBPGR, NEW DELHI (Lead Institute)
Website:  Fax: 011-25842495

NBAGR, KARNAL Animal Husbandry (Consortium Partner) Phone:0184-2267918 Fax: 0184-2267654

CSK HPKV, PALAMPUR - Animal Husbandry Component(Consortium Partner)

Dr. Alok Kumar Sharma, 
CoPI Professor-cum-Head,
Mob: 09816053819

Dr. S.Katoch (Animal Nutrition)

Team Member Cum Assistant Professor



Dr. Devesh Thakur (Vety Extension)

Team Member Cum Assistant Professor


Dr. B.G.Mane, (LPT) Team Member Cum Assistant Professor

Dr Pardeep Sharma (Vety Medicine) Team Member Cum Assistant Professor