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Research/Review papers:

1.      Thakur D and Chander M 2017 Use of social media for livestock advisory services: The case of WhatsApp in Himachal Pradesh, India August  The Indian journal of animal sciences 87(8)(NAAS:6.6)

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23.   Jena, A., Chander, M., Sinha, S. K., Joshil, P., Singh, D., & Thakur, D. (2018). Extension Service Delivery through Mobile Veterinary Units (MVUs): An Appraisal. Indian Journal of Extension Education, 54(1), 186-190.

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 Books Published :

 1.Devesh Thakur and Mahesh Chander.(2012) Gender factor in access to livestock based information in India An appraisal in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh  Lap Lambert Academic Publishing ISBN: 978-3-8484-8600-7 Total Pages:118

  2 .Devesh Thakur and Pranav Kumar 2015 Livestock Entrepreneurship Management New India  Publishing Agency  ISBN :9383305657, 9789383305650 Total Pages:204

3. Devesh Thakur and Mahesh Chander .2019 . Social Media tools in Agricultural Extension:Lessons from an Experimental Study Jaya Publishing House ,New Delhi ISBN :978-93-88668-29-3

4. Pranav Kumar Amandeep Singh and Devesh Thakur .2019. A handbook for Dairy Entreprenuers. New India   Publishing Agency,New Delhi ISBN:978-93-87973-49-7

Book Chapters:

Sharma M K, Thakur D and Verma H K. 2018. ICT Initiatives for Livestock Extension. In Book entitled “Advances in ICT in Agriculture” by Panda C K, Paswan A and Singh S R. New Delhi Publishers. ISBN No. 9789386453341.


1.      Thakur D and Sharma M K. Practical Manual VEE Unit I for BVSc & AH 3rd year students Under New VCI Curriculum 2016.

2.      Sharma M K, Thakur D, Thakur A and Panda A K. Compendium of Lecture in Hindi on Dairy Farming delivered in training on the job role “Dairy Farmer-Entrepreneur”.

3.      Sharma M K, Thakur D, Dinesh K and Panda A K. Compendium of Lecture in Hindi on Poultry Farming delivered in training on the job role “Small Poultry Farmer”.

Academic Blogs:

1.      Devesh Thakur (2016) Social media as an agricultural extension tool .Global forum on Agricultural Research ,FAO ,Rome

2.      Devesh Thakur(2016)An Expert-backed WhatsApp group that works for Farmers, Guest Blog, Global forum on Agricultural Research ,FAO ,Rome

3.      Thakur Devesh (2017)  When local knowledge brings innovation: A cattle farmer with a different approach Global Forum for Agricultural Research, Rome.

4.    Mahesh Chander,Devesh Thakur and Adesh Kumar Verma(2015)Can CSR Funds  Strengthen Indian livestock sector ? Agricultural Extension South Asia Blog 53 October

5.     Mahesh Chander and Devesh Thakur(2016) Informal Education needs in Dairying & livestock sector ,Agricultural Extension South Asia Blog 56 April.

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