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    March 09, 2020



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This department  came into  existence as a section of  Animal Science  department in College of Agriculture  from 1975 till 1987.

Since inception of College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences it was merged with it and renamed as Animal production  and remained  as composite department till 1991. In year 1991 it has been carved out  as an independent department and named as Animal Breeding and Genetics. This department was also entrusted with the responsibility to cater the teaching  of Livestock production and management.

The Livestock Production and Management  department was separated out in 1999 on the recommendations of Veterinary Council of India and   the present department was renamed as Animal Breeding, Genetics and  Biostatistics. Since then the department  is taking care of Under Graduate  and Post Graduate  teaching in the subject besides research and extension. Thereafter the department was named as Department of Animal Breeding Genetics & Biostatistics and in the Year 2011, again the department renamed as Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding.

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