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Last Updated: September 10,2018

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As per Section 31 of University Act, the Comptroller is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor of the university for all matters pertaining to the accounts of the university including the preparation and presentation of the budget and statement of accounts. The Comptroller is to:

  1. Ensure that expenditure not authorized in the budget is not incurred by the University except by way of investment; and

  2. Disallow any expenditure not warranted by the terms of any Statutes or for which provision is required to be made by the Statutes but has not been so made.

  3. The Comptroller is the Member Secretary of the Finance Committee of the university.

Further Statutes 3.6 (2) of the University contains the following provisions with regard to the powers and duties of the Comptroller:


  1. he shall be the custodian of such property of the University as securities, title deeds, cash and other liquid assets of the University and shall maintain complete records of all such properties;

  2. he shall regulate all accounts and effect internal inspection of accounts on all the University campuses and research stations;

  3. he shall communicate to the Officers authorized to incur expenditure on behalf of the University, their annual and supplementary allotments from the budget allocation under respective heads of accounts;

  4. he shall bring to the notice of the Vice-Chancellor financial irregularities, if any, that might have occurred in the University

  5. he shall consolidate monthly and annual accounts of the university;

  6. he shall be responsible for presenting the annual accounts  and balance sheet of the University to the Statutory Auditors for examination and certification by them;

  7. he shall ensure that the budget of the University is prepared in time and is submitted to the Vice-Chancellor and that the financial sanction  are obtained in time;

  8. he shall see that the income and receipt due to the University are collected and that all payments are made promptly;

  9. he shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the preparation of development plans of the University;

  10. he shall act as the Member-Secretary of the Finance Committee of the University;

  11. he shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the preparation of development plans of the University;

  12. he shall ensure that the dealing with the Government, the authorities responsible for auditing the accounts of the University, commodity Committees and other aid granting agencies regarding financial and accounts matters are maintained properly;

  13. he shall perform such other functions and duties as may be assigned to him by the Vice-Chancellor.

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