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The department of Family Resource Management and Consumer Science imparts to the students vision of latest developments in the field of management of both human and non human resources. Students are provided with competence and skills in planning spaces (both interior and exterior) with ergonomical considerations. It aims to develop entrepreneurship management skills in terms of self employment and micro enterprise management. Hence, the mandate of the department is developing information for knowledge, skill and economic empowerment of women for quality living of families through:


  Under Graduate students of Community Science and Hospitality and Hotel Management

  Vocational Elective to Under Graduate students of College of Community Science

  Industrial Training to under graduate students of Community Science elective and Hospitality and Hotel Management degree programmes.

  Post Graduate students of College of Community Science


  Ergonomic Management of Drudgery of Hill Farm Women of Himachal Pradesh (All India Coordinated Research Programme)

  Different research studies in the post graduate programme

  National Environment Awareness Campaign by State Council of Science and Technology

  Drudgery Mitigation of Hill Farm Women through Improved Technologies



  By preparing and displaying material of rural masses interest in University Museum/Kisan Melas/Kisan Divas

  By giving radio talks on various topics pertaining to the department

  By imparting knowledge amongst the rural masses especially women by ways of lectures, demonstrations, field trials in the villages


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