Department of Veterinary Microbiology

51 MVSc 04 PhD

Students Passed

International: 06 National: 23

Awards & Fellowships Conferred by our Faculty

Completed: 23 ( 626.59 Lakhs)

In Operation: 05 ( 1181.1 Lakhs)

Research Projects

International Fellowships: 06

National Fellowships: 03

Gold Medals :01

Awards: 03

Student’s Achievements

Who Are we

The department of Veterinary Microbiology was one of the six composite departments that were initially established to start the Veterinary College in July 1986. The department had four major disciplines at that time i.e. Veterinary Microbiology & Immunology, Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary  Parasitology and Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health. Later on, an independent Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Immunology was created w.e.f. 1.7.1991.                                          

            Since 1992, this has department attained the status of a post-graduate department to the M.V.Sc. level and from 2005 to the Ph.D. level. The main objectives of the department are to impart training to undergraduate (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) as well as postgraduate students in the field of Veterinary Microbiology that comprises general and systematic studies of microbes, their immunological and biotechnological studies, experimental animal studies and prevention and control of infectious agents. The department has well equipped Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Immunology and Molecular Microbiology laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research work. Till the year 2021-22, 51 M.V.Sc. and 04 Ph.D. students have completed their degrees in Veterinary Microbiology.

            The Animal Disease Investigation and Research Laboratory (ADIRL) of the department provides services of investigating animal disease outbreaks of various infectious diseases/ conditions in Himachal Pradesh, CST profiling of infectious agents and consultancies about treatment, prevention and control of livestock disease to farmers and field veterinary staff. The department has developed research excellence in niche areas like animal chlamydiosis, fish diseases, pasteurellosis and vector borne infectious diseases. The department has completed 23 research projects worth 6.26 crores from various agencies like USDA, DBT, DST, NATP, ICAR, NAIP, NICRA and Dabur Ayurvet Pvt. Limited and currently 05 projects are in operation.

Our Strengths

  • Faculty with international research experiences
  • Contemporary teaching and research infrastructure for cutting edge research experience to the postgraduate students.
  • Research expertise on Animal pasteurellosis, chlamydiosis, Capripox viruses, pet viral diseases and vector borne diseases.
  • Post graduate students research on important aspects of livestock infectious diseases using modern molecular biology/biotechnology tools.
  • Nationally and internationally well placed post graduate alumni from the department.

Our Faculty

At Main Campus

Dr. Rajesh Chahota

Professor and Head

Area of Expertise: Veterinary Microbiology

Research Interests: Intracellular microbial
pathogens of animals, climate change and vector borne diseases. Working on animal chlamydiosis,brucellosis, capripox viruses, rickettsiosis, VBDs and
diagnostics development.


Dr. Mandeep Sharma


Area of Expertise: Veterinary Microbiology

Research Interests: Veterinary Microbiology, Immunology & Biotechnology


Dr Subhash Verma


Area of Expertise: Veterinary Microbiology

Research Interests: Mol. Microbiology/host-pathogen interaction/vaccines/cancer

Dr Prasenjit Dhar


Area of Expertise: Veterinary Microbiology

Research Interests: Viral diseases of pets and companion animals, fish diseases

Technical & Office staff

Technical Staff

1.Sh. Satish Kumar Guleria

2. Sh. Naresh Sharma

3. Sh. Shruti Prakash

4. Sh. Kushal

Office Superintendent (EC)

Jr. Tech.

Lab Helper


Courses & Training Modules


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