Department of Physical Sciences and Languages

Who Are we

With the establishment of College of Basic Sciences in May, 1991, the Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Physics was created. In the year 2009, the department of Languages was merged with the department of Statistics, Mathematics and Physics and thus Department of Physical Sciences and Languages was formed. The Department is comprised of faculty pertaining to subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • English

            The department offers courses to Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate students of the constituent Colleges of the University. The department has no postgraduate programme but offers different courses to postgraduate students. The department also helps the students in their research work by guiding them for statistical analysis or digitization of data. The department has well equipped laboratories viz. Physics Lab., Statistics Lab. and Computer Lab. to cater to the practical needs of the students.

Our Strengths

  • Teaching
    • Undergraduate teaching of all constituent colleges
    • Postgraduate teaching in Computer Science and Statistics of all constituent Colleges of the University.
  • Research
    • Applied Statistics
    • Applied Physics
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Computer Applications
  • Extension
    • Display on Kisan Melas/Kisan Divas/University Museum
    • Lectures in the trainings on :
      • Statistics
      • Physics
    • Working with Computer

Our Faculty

At Main Campus

Dr.(Mrs.) Sharda Singh

Professor and Head

Area of Expertise: Applied Mathematics

Research Interests:  Applications of GIS-RS Technology in Resource Management 

Mr. Kapil Sharma

Asstt. Prof. (Computer Science)

Area of Expertise: Databases and Mobile Computing

Research Interests: Electronics

Dr. Sheela Thakur

Asstt. Prof. (Physics)

Area of Expertise: High energy physics

Research Interests: Spectroscopy


Dr. Manjula Sharma

Asstt. Prof. (Physics)

Area of Expertise:Nanotechnology

Research Interests: Material Science, Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites,  Energetic nanocomposites  

Mr. Arun Kumar

Asstt. Prof. (Statistics)

Area of Expertise: Statistical modeling

Research Interests: Non parametric inference

Dr Banti Kumar

Asstt. Prof. (Statistics)

Area of Expertise:Applied Statistics

Research Interests:Sampling theory

Technical & Office staff

1. Sh. Krishan Kumar

2. Mr. Rohan Rana

3. Mr. Navel

Lab Attendant




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