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Crop diversification through vegetables

Eco-friendly management of fruit fly in cucurbits

Popularization of pulse cultivation amongst farmers of Una district


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Who Are we

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Una was sanctioned by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) vide letter No. 5-2193-KVK-AE-II, dated 20.10.1994. Consequently, it started functioning in January 1995 under the administrative control of CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur (HP) from a rented building. The present Laboratory-cum-Office building of KVK at village Rampur was inaugurated on April 20, 2002. It is located on Una-Santoshgarh road just two kilometers away from district headquarter.

Our Strengths

  • Land- 19.17 ha
  • Office-cum-laboratory building                  
  • Seed hub building
  • Soil testing laboratory                   
  • Crop production unit
  • Multipurpose training centre                      
  • Poly house
  • Residences for staff (5)               
  • Vermi-compost unit
  • Dairy unit

Success Stories

Sh. Ramesh Thakur used to practice traditional farming by cultivating wheat and maize with very little profit. He attempted to boost his income by diversifying to vegetable crops viz. okra and brinjal with little success. He established contact with KVK in 2005 and got technical guidance on scientific cultivation of vegetable crops through various training programmes, scientists’ field visit and frontline demonstrations on improved technologies. After KVK intervention, he started cultivating cucurbits, tomato, and Kharif onion on his farm. However, he faced problems of pests and diseases in successful cultivation of these vegetables. The KVK recommended him some environment friendly technologies like use of Palam Traps (25/ha) against fruit flies, pheromone traps (25/ha) for tomato fruit borer, newer and effective fungicides like azoxystrobin (2.5g/ lt.) for late blight in tomato and post emergence herbicide oxyfluorfen (0.15-0.35 ml/lt.) in onion. These technologies helped him in tackling fruit flies in cucurbits, fruit borer and late blight in tomato, weeds in onion and enabled him to enhance his overall farm profit

Smt Naresh Kumari heads Krishak Mahila Samooh, a Self Help Group (SHG) engaged in making vermicelli and wheat dalia to supplement meager household income of women members. This SHG came in contact with KVK during routine training programme organized in their village in the year 2013. Interaction with the SHG revealed that the members were unable to realize the desired increase in income through the ongoing activities of making vermicelli and wheat dalia. Then, the Home Scientist of KVK Una suggested the SHG to venture into value addition of seasonal vegetables particularly tomato. Training programmes and method demonstrations on preparation of various value added products of tomato were organized for the members of SHG in their own village. Subsequently, the SHG members were also imparted vocation training on value addition at KVK making them proficient in marketing besides equipping them with technical skill of preparing sauce, chutney, puree and tomato powder.

Smt. Tara Devi, is one amongst successful dairy farmers of the district. Keeping a couple of dairy animals has always been a part of her life. Earlier she had two local buffaloes and a Jersey cross cow each producing 3-4 liters of milk/day. After getting some technical knowhow from the Department of Animal Husbandry, she purchased two buffaloes of Murrah breed in 2014. She came in contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra Una in 2018 during a one day training camp organized in her village. She felt motivated and decided to expand her dairy business. Thereafter, she also attended vocational training camp on dairy farming organized by KVK Una. Subsequently, she started following scientific dairy management practices. At present, she owns 5 buffaloes, 2 heifers and 2 Jersey cows. During the course of awareness and vocational trainings, Smt. Tara Devi got enlightened on some practical aspects of animal breeding, feeding, health care, quality milk production and marketing. Demonstrations on preparation of balanced concentrate feed using locally available ingredients, azolla cultivation and urea treatment of straws were given which helped her to cut the cost of feeding by 15-20 per cent. Besides this, KVK also provided seeds of improved varieties of oats and maize under front line demonstrations for round the year production of green fodder. Her farm was also covered for vaccination under National Animal Disease Control Programme by KVK Una in 2019.

The family of Smt. Kiran Rana practiced subsistence conventional agriculture in their l.0 ha irrigated and 3.0 ha rain fed land with a very little profit till 2015 when she came to know about the concept of natural farming in a programmes organized by Department of Agriculture. There she learnt about multiple benefits of natural farming viz. negligible expenditure on inputs, gradual improvement in soil fertility making it more sustainable, healthy produce etc. Therefore, she decided to switch to natural farming and contacted Krishi Vigyan Kendra for further guidance. The scientists of KVK Una visited her farm and assessed the overall situation. She was advised to rear cows of Indian breeds to meet requirements of cow urine and cow dung for natural farming. Also, she was asked to get the farm soil tested for nutrients and accordingly diversify into cultivation of pulses, oilseeds and some vegetables like turmeric, ginger etc. Acting upon the advice, she purchased a couple of cows and modified her dairy unit for automatic collection of cow urine. Afterwards, KVK conducted method demonstrations on preparation of formulations like Jeevamrit, Beejamrit, Neemastra etc. was at her farm.

Our Scientists

Dr. Yogita Sharma

Programme Coordinator

Area of Expertise: Home Science

Research Interest: Food Science

Dr. B.N. Sinha

Senior Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise: Vegetable Science

Research Interest: Protected Cultivation

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise: Entomology

Research Interest: Economic Entomology


Dr. Parveen Sharma

Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise:  Forestry

Research Interest: Medicinal Plants


Dr. Deepali Kapoor

Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise:  Animal Science

Research Interest: Veterinary Parasitology


Dr. Meenakshi Saini

Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise:  Agronomy

Research Interest: Crop Production

Technical & Office staff

Technical Staff

1. Sh. Ashwani Garg

2. Sh. Piar Chand

3. Sh. Amarjeet Singh




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