Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK), Lahaul and Spiti at Kukumseri

Who Are we

KVK, Lahaul and Spiti at Kukumseri was established as a re-mandated KVK at RRS, Kukumseri on 1st April, 2004 as. It was established as an independent and full-fledged KVK in the year 2006 with the appointment of full staff strength by the university.

Our Strengths

  • Scientists of four disciplines are available in the KVK, so it is a technically sound knowledge centre.
  • HAREC Kukumseri is in same campus
  • This KVK is situated near state highway and has good approach.
  • The Kendra has mini soil testing kit, demonstration units (vermicompost, protected cultivation and crop demonstration unit) and training hall with modern audio-visual teaching aids.
  • The climate and geographical conditions of Lahaul valley are best suited for off season vegetable cultivation, horticulture and seed production. Farmers are keen to adopt new technologies in these crops to gain monitory benefits.
  • There is a strong linkage with all the line departments of the district, Farmers’ Cooperatives, Yuvak mandals and Mahila Mandals to disseminate farm technologies effectively.

Success Stories

100% of net sown area of the district is irrigated. Farmers were using flood method of irrigation resulting into soil and nutrient loss in sloppy lands. KVK was first to demonstrate sprinkler irrigation in the district. KVK motivated farmers to apply water through sprinklers for higher WUE and prevent soil loss. Simultaneously GoHP started subsidy on sprinkler irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation system has spread in ~80% area in Lahaul valley.

KufriHimalini variety of potato was introduced after conducting on farm trials. It is being popularized in all three agro ecological situations of Lahaul valley. The variety is resistant to late blight of potato and 15-20% high yielding over KufriJyoti and KufriChandermukhi.

The area under pea crop which was 1696 ha in 2006-07 reduced to 1069 ha in 2018-19  because of the problem of  root rot wilt complex disease due to mono-cropping as the district has single cropping season. KVK popularized cauliflower and broccoli as alternate crops, now these crops are grown in 1489 ha area which was negligible during 2006-07. Profitability of the farmers has increased from 225000-250000 to 450000-500000 Rs/ha

Toria (Bhawani) and fodder oat (Palampur-1) for fodder augmentation as a second crop after harvest of pea. The cropping intensity in selected area in Pattan valley has now increased from 100% to 200%.

Our Scientists

Dr. Surender Kumar Thakur

Programme Coordinator

Area of Expertise:Soil Science

Dr. Lav Bhusan

SMS (Soil Science)

Area of Expertise: Soil Physics

Dr. Ramesh Lal


Area of Expertise: Economic Entomology


Dr. Kaushal Attri

SMS (Plant Pathology)

Area of Expertise: Vegetable Pathology


Dr. Radhika Negi

SMS (Veg. Science & Floriculture)

Area of Expertise: Vegetable Breeding

Technical & Office staff

Technical Staff

1. Sh. Saran Dass

2. Sh. Rajeev Katoch

Jr. Scale Stenographer/Clerk

Programme Assistant/ Farm Manager

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Programme Coordinator

CSKHPKV Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Lahaul& Spiti at Udaipur,

Distt-Lahaul& Spiti, Himachal Pradesh



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