Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Kullu at Bajaura

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Our Strengths

  • Scientists of all disciplines are available in the KVK, Research stations and ICAR institutes in the district hence, it is a technically sound knowledge resource centre.
  • The centre has E- connectivity to harness all the benefits of communication technology.
  • This KVK is situated on national highway and has good approach.
  • The Kendra has two farmer’s hostel having capacity to provide boarding and lodging facilities to 60 farmers at a time, well equipped labs, demonstration units (polyhouse, dairy, beekeeping unit, vermicompost, crop demonstration unit, natural & organic farm along with nutri- garden) and two training halls with modern audio-visual teaching aids.
  • KVK is fully equipped with a soil testing laboratory and the same facility is being used by the Kendra to guide and create awareness regarding importance of soil testing and soil health.

Success Stories

Diversification Through Off-Season Vegetable Production:

         KVK has assessed and refined various technologies and also prepared technology modules based on recommendation domains for different agro-ecological situations. For the quality production of vegetables, availability of healthy nursery, KVK has established large number of the farmers as entrepreneurs for nursery rising. Efforts have resulted in considerable increase under off-season vegetables in the district from 301 ha in 1995-96 to 7000 ha in 2019-20 The productivity of the vegetables as a whole has also increased almost two folds from the last 15 years reaching to 199.2 q/ha. Net income of the farmers in the district has increased to many fold (1.5 to 2 lakhs/acre-average land holding of farmers) and subsequently their standard of living has improved.

Enhancing Farm Income through Integrated Farming System approach – A case study of Kullu valley

         Mrs. Veena Bharti is successful women Agri-entrepreneur and a sedulous and an ingenious farmer who is always keen to adopt new ideas and technologies. Initially, she used to grow only wheat, maize and local pulses by adopting traditional methods, however with the support of KVK and other agencies (Agriculture, horticulture, Animal Husbandry), she incorporated all the major components of Integrated farming systems for diversified agriculture for enhancing her farm income. Now, she is a role model for other agri-entrepreneur women in the district for adopting Integrated farming system and presently also the Pradhan of Gram panchayat

Beekeeping as an Enterprise:

    Kendra is imparting various skill-oriented training programmes for youth of the district on beekeeping to earn their livelihood.  Sh. Kehar Chand has become a source of inspiration to other farmers in Kullu district. Middle pass Sh. Kehar Chand of Sharan village in Nagar block started bee keeping with 50 Apis mellifera bee colonies in 2011 when he came in contact with Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bajaura (Kullu). He obtained vocational training in bee keeping from KVK, Bajaura during the year 2011 and today he is extracting quality honey from over 250 bee colonies. He provides colonies of honeybees for efficient pollination purpose on rental basis to the orchardists, particularly apple and stone fruits (almond, peach, plum, apricot, cherry etc.). Colonies are rented out to orchardists @ Rs. 600 to 700 per colony (depending upon colony strength) per flowering season and getting additional income. On an average, he is earning Rs. 5.6 lakh /-per annum from the sale of raw honey and bee colonies. Inspired by Sh. Kher Singh  six  youth of district also started commercial beekeeping after acquiring the training from KVK and are getting handsome amount of money.

Entrepreneurship through Secondary Agriculture

         To encourage value addition of underutilized fruits & vegetable as an entrepreneur for rural women, KVK mobilized women self help groups. Ms Brikmu Negi and Mrs Lata  are leaders of such group who are  also working as master trainer for KVK activities. Fifteen women self help groups are working under their leadership. KVK is guiding and providing technical help and support to these groups. Trainings and practical demonstrations were specially provided to groups by the KVK to improve skills and expertise Seasonal and is procured from the surplus and other locally available material which is cheaper as well accessible to the entrepreneur. Different kinds of pickles and variety within the same product are the specialty and mastery of the entrepreneurs. After making the observation it becomes quite clear that the entrepreneur who had a meager earning of Rs 300 to 400 per month is earning about Rs 6000-10000/- per month now, which is really commendable. Their monthly contribution, has added to a handsome deposit, which is utilized to meet their financial needs and solve business problems.

Our Faculty

Dr. K.C. Sharma

Programme Coordinator

Area of Expertise: Vegetable Science

Research Interests: Vegetable Production

Dr. ChandraKanta Vats

Principal Extension Specialist

Area of Expertise: Home Science

Research Interests: Food Science and Nutrition

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Rana

Assistant Scientist

Area of Expertise: Pomology

Research Interests: Orchard Management


Dr. Subhash Kumar

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Soil Science

Research Interests: Soil Fertility and Chemistry

Technical & Office staff

Technical Staff

1. Sh Raj Pal Singh

2. Sh. Roop Das

3. Sh. Vikram

4. Pardeep Kumar

Computer Programmer

Farm Manager

Programme Assistant

Sr. Asstt.

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