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The KVK Berthin came into existence in September 2000 as a re-mandated KVK and later became regular KVK w.e.f. April, 2004. The Bilaspur district lies between 31012’30” and 31035’45” North Latitude and between 76023’45” and 76055’40” East Longitude in outer Himalayas. The Berthin lies on the road connecting Bilaspur with Deot Sidh  (The famous Holy Shrine of Baba Balak Nath Ji) at a distance of about 30 kms from district headquarter.

Our Strengths

  • Quality seed production of different pulses and their popularization/ demonstrations
  • Soil nutrient testing and crop wise fertilizer Recommendation
  • Promoting zero budget/natural farming, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, dairy management and sericulture
  • Year round vegetable cultivation including exotic vegetables and tuber crops.

Our Krishi Ambassadors

Sh. Hariman Sharma Apple variety ‘HRMN-99’– a ray of hope for non-traditional areas

Mr Hariman Sharma purchased some apples from local market in the year 1998 and after consuming them, he disposed the seeds in his backyard. A year later, he noticed some apple seedlings emerging out there and finally one plant survived. In 2001, he observed some fruits on that tree. As an innovative farmer, he could sense that this apple tree bearing fruits in a warm area, like his village situated at 550 m above mean sea level, was unprecedented and extraordinary. So he preserved this plant and next year he took out some branches and grafted on a plum tree as no apple tree was available there. The grafting was successful and started bearing good quality fruits after three years. During 2004-05, he brought crab apple seedlings from Shimla and grafted his apple on them. He has been an active member of Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bilaspur from 2010 to 2013. The variety does not require much chilling hours and has been named as ‘HRMN-99’, after his ‘Hariman’.

Sh Parkash Chand: Successful Pulse Grower

Sh. Parkash Chand, is a progressive farmer of the village Badgaon in district Bilaspur of Himachal Pradesh. He owns 3.2 hectares of total land, out of which 1.44 hectare is net cultivable. Prior to intervention of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bilaspur, he was doing traditional maize- wheat farming on this 1.44 hectare land and was getting production of 15.3 q of maize and 11.5q of wheat crop. The net return from this 1.44 hectare land were rupees 28153.94 per year only. In the year 2015, Sh Parkash Chand visited KVK campus at Berthin and while having exposure to KVK farm, he was happy and impressed by the blackgram crop grown at farm. He got a yield of 2.56 q per demonstration of blackgram and 3.6 q per demonstration of chickpea crops, respectively. The net return were rupees        16040.72 from black gram crop and rupees 15001.81 from chickpea crop from 0.4 hectare area, amounting to total of rupees 31042.53 per year, which were quite higher than from maize – wheat cropping pattern from the same area.

Sh Shyam Lal Thakur: Integrated Farming system studies in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh

Sh Shyam Lal Thakur (57 years old) has farming experience of 31 years. He belongs to Village Karot, PO Dhoba, Tehsil Sadar, District Bilaspur, H. P. He is having total land holding of 5.6 hectare. Upto 2001-02, traditional maize wheat cropping system was followed. There was a huge problem of monkey menace and as a result the farmers of the locality were abandoning their cultivable lands. But due to innovative nature, it started tuber crops i.e. elephant foot yam and colocasia cultivation on small scale as an alternative to combat this problem. Within 2-3 years, he shifted traditional crop cultivation to integrated farming system. Among vegetables, elephant foot yam is cultivated in an area of 1.25 hectare and produced 310 quintal corms for vegetable purpose and 33.0 q for seed purpose. He is earning annual net income of Rs 3,58,900 with the B:C ratio of 4.17. Besides this, he is acting as marketing manager by purchasing produce from local growers and selling it in the mandis located within and outside the state. Among other vegetable/tuber crops, colocasia, ginger and turmeric are also grown by the farmer on small scale. His net return and B:C ratio from there crops are Rs. 11,600, 19,500, 17,000 and 2.38, 2.18, 3.13, respectively.

Sh. Jagdish Chand Self employment through mushroom cultivation

After completing higher secondary part II in 1986, Jagdish Chand Verma spent 2-3 years in New Delhi in search of job. He got soap making training from Integrated Training Centre (Industries), Nilokheri during 1990-91, but due to lack of financial support, he could not be able to establish his own unit. He is having a total land holding of 4.0 hectare, out of which 2.1 hectare is under cultivation. In September 2008, he got seven days mushroom cultivation training at ICAR- Directorate of Mushroom Research, Himachal Pradesh and stared button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) cultivation with 10 bags in 2009. He was guided to expand his business in mushroom cultivation for bright future. He slowly raised his mushroom unit upto 200 bags during 2015. He has earned net return of Rs 1,84,000 during a period of five months

Sh. Sant Ram: Innovative Organic Grower

Sh. Sant Ram is a well known orchardist of Samleta village of district Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh, having 1100 plants of mango, 250 plants of banana, 400 plants of sandalwood (chandan) and 75 plants of litchi. Due to undulated topography his land was not suitable for cereals or other food grain crops and so he decided for growing horticultural crops. But there were many old mango trees of local varieties, which were not economical. Sh Sant Ram learned grafting technique in 1985 and since then grafted all existing mango trees with Dasheri, Langra, Amarpali, Mallika, Chousa and Safeda, fazari varieties on these old mango plants in their natural conditions and has now an orchard with 1100 mango trees. He is earning net profit of rupees 2.0 lakhs per year from this mango orchard. He has also extended his grafting expertise to Jamun, Aonla, Litchi, etc.               

Sh. Ajay Ratan: Natural Farming Progressive Farmer

Ajay Rattan had worked as assistant engineer for 10 years before adopting natural farming. A resident of Ghumarwin in Bilaspur district, Rattan initially did farming like others but rising cost of inputs left him with very less profit margin. In search of low cost farming techniques, he started studying the “Subhash Palekar model of natural farming” and adopted it. Today he is earning handsome income from his two hectares of land and others are also following him. He said that for natural farming, indigenous breed cow is required

Smt. Jagtamba Devi: Livelihood generation of under privileged women through processing

Mrs. JagtamaDevi who adventured to start her own small scale enterprise-Shivam, SHG. This 60 year old 10thpass women is native of Gawaon village, Block-Jhandutta . In 2006 she got a chance to get training at KVK, Bilaspur. In 2006 she got a chance to get training at KVK, Bilaspur. Slowly she came to know about need based different long & short trainings of KVK. She took training in preservation /value addition of fruits vegetables & pulses. Despite having no financial backup, she started her enterprise with Rs10, 000 and has now an annual income of Rs 5 lakh at present.

Our Scientists

Dr. Suman Kumar

Programme Coordinator

Area of Expertise:Plant Pathology

Research Interests: Plant Pathology

Mrs. Seema Shah

Extension  Specialist (Home Science)

Area of Expertise: Human Development

Research Interests: Value Addition of fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses.

Dr. Gourav

SMS (Soil Science)

Area of Expertise: Soil Fertility and Chemistry

Research Interests: Nutrient Dynamics in soil supplied through fertilizer and organics, Integrated Nutrient Management


Dr. Manpreet Kour

SMS (Vegetable Science)

Area of Expertise: Vegetable Production and Protection

Research Interests:

Vegetable crop Management & Breeding


Ms. Dixa Tanotra

SMS (Agrometeorology)

Under DAMU

Area of Expertise:  Agrometeorology

Research Interests:

Climate Change and its effect on Crop Production

Technical & Office staff

1. Sh. Sanjay Kumar

2. Sh. Balak Ram

3. Sh. Krishan Kumar

4. Sh. Ramesh Kumar

5. Sh. Jagdish Chand

6. Mr. Nikhil Rana






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