Directorate of Research

  • 2015-16:       340
  • 2016-17:       380
  • 2017-18:       389
  • 2018-19:       386
  • 2019-20:       311

Research Publications

AICRPs               33

Adhoc                 74


Research Projects

AICRP Best Centre Awards:

  • AICRP on Weed Management
  • AICRP on Forage Crops
  • AICRP on Honey Bees and Pollinators

State Innovation Award:

  • Him Palam Fruit Fly Trap
  • An Innovative Vegetative Propagation Technique for Capsicum, Tomato and Cucumber Production

Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research

Director's Message

The Directorate of Research under CSKHPKV is a main research management unit to cater the overall prosperity and sustainability of hill farming community. The mandate is fulfilled by means of independent and coordinated research through network of research centers established all over the state in various agro climatic zones that results in developing commodity and location specific technologies needed by farmers, stakeholders and end users. The university has adequate laboratory facilities and excellent infrastructure with eight research stations for support of all its endeavours. Hills have certain advantages over plains. They have vast wealth of natural resources – natural vegetation, fertile soil, forests, pastures, lakes, and snow-clad mountain peaks. Hills are also the sources of perennial life-giving waters to the plains. All these resources must be properly utilised and harnessed for faster development of hills and hill people. On the other hand the region have a comparative advantage over plains for production of off-season vegetables, vegetable seeds, temperate and tropical fruits, medicinal plants and other high value crops. Agriculture has to go hi-tech in the twenty-first century for significant increase in output and income of farmers to ensure food security with minimum drudgery. Farmers require information related to the most appropriate technological options, management of technologies, including optimal use of inputs, changing farm system options (natural farming, mixed farming and diversification, climate change, animal husbandry, fisheries), The University is trying very hard to develop appropriate technologies through various research projects for benefitting farming in the state. In our endeavour for excellence there is always a scope for improvement and we are ready to accept constructive criticism and valuable suggestions.

Our Initiatives

  • Efficient technology & Expertise for crop improvement
  • High- tech Molecular Cytogenetics & Tissue Culture Lab providing facilities for cutting edge research in innovative spheres
  • Opened new horizon in the sphere of Doubled Haploidy Breeding & Chromosome Engineering and taking in this area amongst all the agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes of the country
  • Multilocational and Niche based evaluation facility at various Research Centres in the entire State & Off season facilities at the centres located in the tribal areas
  • Addressing the crop varietal development issues in a systematic manner covering varied agroclimatic regions of the Hill State
  • Established linkages with world renowned Labs
  • Extending facilities and high- tech expertise to other Institutions/ Universities
  • Attracting fellowships and adhoc projects from various national and international agencies
  • Recognition of the work at national and international fora
  • Placement of students in reputed Institutes/Universities/MNCs

Our Director and other Officials


Director of Reseach


Contact: 9418291095, 01894230406

Dr. Sharda Singh

Associate Director (Research)


Dr. A.K. Panda

Associate Director (Research) Veterinary


Dr. P.C. Sharma

Editor- HJAR

Technical Staff

Sh. P.C. Kaundal

Asstt. Director (M&E)

Dr. G.D. Sharma

Farm Manager

Sh. Piar Chand Kaundal

Technical Asstt. Gr-II (Field)

Support Staff

Personal Staff

1. Sh. Baldev Singh Chandel

2. Sh. Manohar Lal

3. Mr. Basu Dev

4. Mrs . Nrimala Devi

Personal Assistant


Sr. Assistant



Personal Staff

1. Sh. Surinder Katoch

2. Sh. Satish Kumar

3. Smt. Anjna Devi

4. Smt. Himani Devi

5. Sh. Shashi Bhusan

6. Sh. Sarwan Kumar


Sr. Assistant

Sr. Assistant

Sr. Assistant

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