Future Thrust
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Last Updated: August 23, 2021


Future Thrust

   A.  Crop improvement:

   Collection, evaluation and maintenance of local maize, rapeseed-mustard germplasm from different parts of region vis--vis introduction of indigenous and exotic germplasm.

   Development of varieties of brown sarson, gobhi sarson, mustard and karan rai suitable for cultivation in different eco-systems

o     Brown sarson varieties with high yield, resistance against biotic & abiotic stresses

o     Gobhi sarson varieties with high yield, early maturity and quality

o     Mustard varieties with high yield, resistance against biotic & abiotic stresses

o     Karan rai varieties with high yield and early maturity

     Development of normal and specialty maize varieties / hybrids

     Production of nucleus/ breeder seed of improved varieties of rapeseed- mustard,     

     maize and linseed

    To provide facility for advancement of breeding materials of different     

 Agricultural Institutions/Universities at Kukumseri (Lahaul & Spiti)

     Transfer of technology to farmers through  Front Line Demonstrations


B.   Crop Production:

     Standardization of various agro-production techniques

     Diversification of location- specific cropping systems

     contingent crop planning through adoption of selected germplasm, spatial and  

     temporal arrangement to mitigate the changing climate


C.    Crop protection:

   Development of bio-intensive modules of Integrated Disease Management in Rapeseed mustard, maize and linseed

   Studies on the variability of major pathogens of  oilseed crops


D.    Crop quality:

  Screening of germplasm and elite breeding material for oil content, fatty acid profile and glucosinolate content

  Screening of Himalayan flora for induced resistance response against Alternaria  

brassicae and Albugo candida of rapeseed-mustard and investigation of  underlying biochemical mechanism

  Isolation and identification of chemical molecules from botanical extracts/essential oils having antifungal activity against Alternaria brassicae