Future Thrust
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Last Updated: November 29, 2021



Future thrust:

Issues and Strategies:

(1) Identification & registration of traditional quality rices of the State  ( 2011-2020)

(a) Incorporation of resistance to major diseases and insect pests

(b) Quality assessment

(c) Marketing of red rice.

(2) Development of Basmati genotypes (2011-2025)

(a) Development of photo insensitive, early maturing and blast resistant varieties of Basmati

(b) Incorporation of resistance to blast through marker assisted selection and other molecular breeding techniques

(3) Aerobic rice: Standardization and validation of aerobic rice technology.  (2011-2020)

(4) Development of drought tolerant varieties of wheat (2011-2025)

(5) Improving water use efficiency in rice-wheat system (2011-2020)

(6) Short duration varieties of wheat for late planting/contingent planning (2011-25)

(7) Identification of triticale genotypes for feed and fodder   (2011-2015)

(8) Management of emerging pests of rice & wheat with indigenous botanicals (2011- 2020)

 Crop improvement:

1. Development//introduction of early maturing, drought & cold tolerant and blast & bacterial blight resistant rice varieties/hybrids.

2. To identify high value rice varieties e.g. red rices, local scented/high quality rices out of the traditional rice  germplasm.

3. Development of high yielding and rust resistant wheat varieties for different sowing conditions.

4. Development of short duration, drought tolerant and rust resistant wheat varieties for late sown rainfed conditions.

5. Development and evaluation of wheat genotypes for nutrient use efficiency and organic farming.

6. Strengthening of wheat improvement programme through production of double haploids by chromosome elimination technique.

7. Integration of marker assisted selection in rice and wheat improvement.

Crop production:

8. Development of appropriate Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) technology for rice and wheat based cropping systems.

9. Standardization of production technology for aerobic rice and system of wheat intensification.

10. Development of technology for organic cultivation of wheat and rice based cropping systems. 

Crop Protection:

11. Development of appropriate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technology for rice and wheat based cropping systems.

12. Formulation and commercialization of indigenous botanicals against major insect-pests and diseases in rice and wheat crops.

13. Identification and exploitation of natural enemies for the control of rice folder and rice hispa in Himachal Pradesh.

14. Studies on the root-knot nematodes in rice-wheat ecosystem and its impact on yield.15. Studies on epidemiology and management of Septoria blotch of wheat.