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Last Updated: November 29, 2021



Awards / Honours


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Name of award / honour

Year of award / honour


Dr Ajai Srivastava

Best  AICRP Scientist (Entomology)


IIRR,  Hyderabad

Dr  P K Sharma

Best  AICRP Scientist (Entomology)


IIRR,  Hyderabad

Dr (Mrs.)  Vijay Rana

DR Appreciation Letter

2013 - 14

CSKHPKV, Palampur

Dr S K Rana

DR Appreciation Letter

2013 - 14

CSKHPKV, Palampur

Dr Sandeep Manuja

DR Appreciation Letter

2013 - 14

CSKHPKV, Palampur

Dr (Mrs.) Vijay Rana

Fellow ,Society for Advancement of Wheat Research


IIWBR, Karnal

Dr Sachin Upmanyu

Best AICRIP Center Award – Plant Pathology


IIRR, Hyderabad

Dr Daisy Basandrai and

Dr Ashwani Basandrai

Best Poster Award – 2nd


AICRP on MULLaRP  at PAU, Ludhiana

Dr Sachin Upmanyu & Dr Sandeep Manuja

Best Poster Award


CSKHPKV, Palampur

Dr  Ajai Srivastava

(Student Research)

Best Oral Presentation


NBAIR, Bangalore

Dr (Mrs.) Vijay Rana

Zonal Councilor (North Hill Zone), SAWBAR, ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal



Dr Ajai Sriastava

Outstanding Scientist Award  during  2nd International Scientist Awards on Engineering,  Science and Medicine   


VDGOOD Professional Association.

 Dr Ajai Sriastava & Team

Get awarded Genome Savior  Community Award for red rice farmers of Rohru


 PP&FRA, New Dehli


Red rice farmers of Rohru get award

Palampur, November 11

Red rice farmers of Rohru received Rs. 10 lakh Plant Genome Saviour Award from Union Agriculture Minister Narinder Singh Tomar at a function held in New Delhi.

Varsha Sharma, Pradhan, Leela Vati, Dipna Mehta sent the Red Rice Farmers Society and Dr. Ajai Srivatava, Scientist In-charge Rice and Wheat Research Centre, Malan, and Ram Krishan, Subject Matter Specialist (SMS), Jubbal were present to receive the award worth Rs. 10 lakh, a citation and a memento.

Prof H. K. Choudhary, Vice Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, conveyed his greetings to the farmers and appreciated the efforts of the University scientists to extend technical support to the farmers to bag the award.

He said this is India’s highest award for the farmers, given in recognition of their contribution in conserving and developing plant varieties. The Vice Chancellor assured the farming community of extending all assistance, guidance and support in such endeavours in the coming times too.


Ř  Patents awarded: 

A repellent agent and a process for the preparation thereof”

 Dodonea viscosa   

Patent No 317940

Date of grant:  08/08/2019 

Applicant: CSK HPKV, Palampur 

Inventor: Dr Ajai Srivastava


National and International Visitors to the Centre (2017-19)


·      Prof Ian Phillip King, Director WRC and Dr Jaswant Singh, Nottingham (UK)  on 1-4-2018

·      Dr. M.S.Saharan, Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology), IARI New Delhi on 13.09.2017.

·      Dr Ashwani Kumar, Librarian CSK HPKV Palampur  on 13-9-2017 and  7-3-2018

·      SDM, Nagrota Bagwan on 14-7-2017

·      Dr M C Kharakwal  Retd Geneticist IARI New Delhi  on 13-9-2017

·      Dr LV Subba Rao, PS, A P  Padmanabhan , PS Entomology,  Jawahar Lal Katara Scientist, Biotechnology on 21& 22 Sept 2017 (AICRP  Rice  monitoring Team,  IIRR,Hyderabad)

·      Dr N K Gupta, Director, HPSS&OPCA, Shimla on 27-9-2017

·      Dr G P Singh Director IIWBR, Karnal and Dr Ravish Chatrath on 25-11-2017

·      Dr Sukhwinder Singh ,CIMMYT Mexico on March 7, 2018

·      Director, IIRS, Dehradun on 7-4-2018

·      Dr D P Walia, Dr Dibakar Mahanta, Dr Sudhir, Dr Lokender Kumar  on 12-4-2018 ( AICRP Wheat Monitoring Team, IIWBR, Karnal)

·      Dr S. Jambhulkar, BARC, BARC, Mumbai in June- July, 2018

·      Dr Sanjay Marwaha, Director HPSS&OPCA, Shimla on 27.07.2018

·      Dr Desh Raj, Director of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh, September, 2018

·      Rice monitoring team visited on 20.09.20

·      Dr G.S. Katti, Head Plant Protection IIRR, Hyderabad  on 5.10.2018

·      Dr Sanjay Marwaha, Director HPSS&OPCA, Shimla on 8-10-2018

·      Hon’ble Vice-Chancelloer, Prof A. K. Sarial visited on 30.11.18

·      Dr Suman Bakshi, BARC, Mumbai

·      AICRP (Wheat & Barley) monitoring team visited on 11.04.2019

·      AICRP (Rice) monitoring team visited 28.09.2019

·      DR Yog Raj, Asia Head and Dr P. N. Singh from Bayer visited on 03.10.2019