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Last Updated: March  7, 2012


Awards and Honours

Name of faculty member

Name of award/ Honour

Year of award/ honour


Dr. Pankaj Sood

Best paper award “Effect of phagostimulants and UV protectants on the efficacy of granulosis virus against P. brassicae”

February 18-20, 2010

National conference on Plant Protection in agriculture through Ecofriendly techniques and traditional farming practices’ organized by ARS Durgapura (SKRAU- Udaipur), Durgapura (Jaipur)


Dr. Pankaj Sood

Best paper award for the paper entitled “Evaluation of some biopesticidal alternatives for the management of insect pests of kharif rajmash, Phaseolus vulgaris L. under dry temperate conditions of north western Himalayas”

November 19-21, 2010

National symposium on perspectives and challenges of integrated pest management for sustainable agriculture’ organized by Indian Society of pest management and economic Zoology, Solan (Dr YSPUHF- Nauni (Solan)