NAIP 1005 44

National Agricultural Innovation project 3 (Project code 30036) :Project period is 4 years ( Project duration Septemeber 2009 to 31 March 2013).  Total outlay of the project is Rs 889.68 lacs

Livestock Component

Project Title:

Harmonizing biodiversity conservation and agricultural intensification through integration of plant, animal and fish genetic resources for livelihood security in fragile ecosystems

Mission of The Project:

Harmonizing plant, animal and fish biodiversity conservation and agricultural intensification for livelihood security in eco fragile zone of District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.


bulletAssessment, documentation and valuation of on-farm agro-biodiversity for livelihood and food security.
bulletAssessment of economic potential of target species vis-a-vis cost and effect of conservation.
bulletDevelopment of an information management system to facilitate planned interventions for conservation, sustainable utilization of targeted species/populations and enhanced market access.
bullet"Adding value" to targeted species/populations through technological interventions for enhancing rural livelihood security.
bulletCapacity building in agro-biodiversity management for livelihood security
Last Updated; 29-6-2011