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Last Updated: June 06, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/234 Dated: 06.06.2018


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CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University pensioners get financial benefits worth Rs 17 crore


Palampur 6 June. CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University has released almost all pensionary benefits to its retired employees which were pending for last several years. This is in addition to regular pension. This was disclosed by a University spokesman here today

Financial benefits to the tune of Rs 17 crore have been released to its pensioners by the University ever since the joining of Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor in August 2016. Prior to that even monthly pension disbursement was not regular. Prof Sarial took initiative to resolve the long pending issues of the pensioners as there were cases as old as of the year 2004.  Many of the pensioners have expressed their gratitude to him as their cases were not taken by any association or any individual. The Vice-Chancellor has ensured that all pensioners, especially low paid employees, regularly get pension as they are needier than others.

In the last almost two years, retirement gratuity amounting to Rs 12 crore 90 lakh has been paid and arrears to the tune of Rs. 03 crores 47 lakh have been released. Similarly, there was long pending liability of medical reimbursement of Rs 77 lakh which has been cleared.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, has thanked the Chief Minister and the State Government for providing additionality of Rs 80 crore during last one and half year to the University enabling regular salary with all due benefits like interim relief and dearness allowance to regular employees and pensioners with all due benefits including medical reimbursement to its pensioners. He said that university has taken up all pending issues of pensioners on priority with an open mind and tried to provide them relief. A large number of pensioners like Messers Kanwarjit Singh, K.C.Rana, R.S.Gupta and family members of deceased professor Dr.G.S.Sethi have sent letters of gratitude to the Vice-Chancellor as their more than a decade old pension or medical bill cases were resolved with a positive outlook as such cases were not taken up by any representative of the pensioners  despite their repeated requests to them.

The Vice-Chancellor said that some pending liabilities of employees and pensioners like commuted value pension will be released as soon as additional grant is received from the government as the case has, already, been taken up. He said that he was concerned and committed for the growth of University and welfare of all including students and its serving and retired staff. A healthy academic environment has been created in the University since the adoption of new resolution of "Respect work, work hard and create work culture".





Last Updated: May 28, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/232 Dated: 29.05.2018


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Research Council Meeting at CSKHPAU


     Efforts made to make research more farmer centric: Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice Chancellor

Palampur 29 May. "Research programs at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture university have been made more farmer centric", informedProf. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while chairing a research council meeting, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor told that research emphasis has been on the issues like stray cattle, ill effects of agrochemicals and escalating costs of farm inputs, zero budget natural farming (ZBNF), etc. He informed that efforts have been made that post graduate research was also location specific, need based and focussing on the needs of farmers and the state. He said that to make the research farmer oriented, project formulation and screening committees have been constituted at various levels to screen the research proposals and make them more farmer oriented. "Climate change has brought some new crop and animal diseases into Himachal Pradesh, so it is essential to conduct more research on such inspect-pests and diseases", he added. Prof Sarial said it was necessary for the scientists to provide viable and easy to adopt solutions to the existing and new emerging problems of farmers and livestock keepers. The Vice-Chancellor told that an amount of Rs. 3.00 crore has been allocated for establishment of Gurukul (Kurukshetra) model of ZBNF in the University to carry out research activities on this aspect.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial said that doubling the farmers income was possible with collaborative efforts of all concerned. He said that it was important to increase area under irrigation, popularization of farm based twenty models developed by the university and sincere adoption of such models by the farmers. He told that the university will hold animal husbandry officers workshop in near future. 

Dr Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, told that since last meeting of the council in March, last year the university has developed a wheat and soybean variety each and one variety of paddy has also been released by central varietal release committee. The University has also developed and established two new protocols and has developed a new poultry variety "Himsamridhi" suitable to backyard poultry farming in hills. He also elaborated about all major research activities in the university and its research stations.

Dr.P.K.Aggarwal, Assistant Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, said that useful improvements  to existing science and technology were needed.

Eminent Scientist Dr Anupam Verma suggested that university must be a forerunner in its dominant new research areas like ZBNF, plant protection etc. supported by status papers. He advised that technology like use of acoustics to manage monkey menace be tested. He suggested that wheat should not be grown but local varieties of rice like red rice be grown in H.P.

Other members like university registrar, comptroller, all deans, some heads and associate directors, Mr Satpal Mehta, Director-cum-Warden Fisheries; Messers Narinder Kumar from Pangi and Mukesh Kumar from Chachiot, both progressive farmers and Mr Ashok Kumar, social worker from Chintpurni also actively participated in the meeting and discussed several issues related to the farmers of the state. Dr Pawan Kumar Mehta, Dean, College of Agriculture thanked all. Among the 28 member of the council, twenty-seven members attended the meeting.





Last Updated: May 28, 2018

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The Vice-Chancellor dedicates new facility for the poultry farmers


Palampur 25 May. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University inaugurated a new housing facility of "Brooder- cum- Grower House" at Dr G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, here today.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor said that the new facility will strengthen the existing infrastructure for poultry at the university and enhance the capacity to distribute more number of chicks to the farmer in coming times. This facility will also enable supply of grown up birds to the farmers particularly in extreme weather conditions in high altitude areas where higher maturity is seen in winters due to cold stress.

The new building worth Rs. 20 lakh has been constructed under the All India Coordinated Research Project on Poultry Breeding through the grants received from Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Besides, Dr Y.P.Thakur, Principal Investigator of the Project, Er.A.K.Chadha, Estate Officer and other statutory officers, heads and scientists were present during the inaugural ceremony.


Last Updated: May 26, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/230 Dated: 25.05.2018


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Interaction programme with  out -going B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture


Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, asks the students to excel in life


Palampur 26 May.Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor,CSK H.P. Agriculture University  has asked the students to excel in life as their performance after obtaining graduation from any college of CSKHPAU, reflects quality of education and training. He was addressing the students of out-going B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture at the College of Agriculture during an interaction programme today.

 The Vice-Chancellor said that in the recent past, massive efforts have been made to improve the quality of education and "culture has been introduced in agriculture" to make it face the new challenges. He said that rigorous training in the budding years helps in making students self-reliant and strong to face the future. He said that the aim of education was to make students think beyond self and family. He asked them to serve the society with dedication and always try to pay back to the alma mater and society. He also elaborated about the efforts made to prepare them for competitive examinations which have made the university number two among all SAUs and farm institutions in the country as reflected in ASRB annual report. He also assured them to make Experiential Learning(ELP) and Rural Agricultural Work Experience(RAWE) programmes more fruitful and useful by removing some bottlenecks like providing students' farm produce marketing place, timely disbursal of stipend, etc. Prof Sarial wished them bright future.

Dr Pawan Kumar Mehta, Dean, COA told that the out-going batch of 70 students was very first under Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojna (READY) under the ICAR and appreciated the students for their hard work, discipline and enthusiasm. He said that ELP and RAWE programmes were conducted at five KVKs under a strict monitoring system and attention was for the all-round development of students’ personality. Drs Suresh Upadhyay and G.D.Sharma also elaborated about the four year stay of students in COA. All students were provided opportunity to share their experiences and give feedback with future. Heads and scientists of COA were present during the programme.






Last Updated: May 25, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/230 Dated: 25.05.2018


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Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial underlines the importance of scientific training to the farmers


Palampur 25 May. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University has underlined the importance of scientific training of farmers to improve their knowledge.He was addressing participants and scientists during the concluding ceremony of a three days training programme on "Para veterinary training of mountain women partners involved in goat and poultry rearing" for 24 farm ladies.

The Vice-Chancellor said that backyard poultry farming and small-scale goat farming require low investment and provide better returns in a short duration. Such farm-based avocations were good source of income and a source of quality protein to the farm families. He elaborated about the efforts of the university to double the farmers income by developing twenty agriculture based models and asked them to adopt such models to increase their income.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial while appreciating the role of farm women in agriculture and livestock rearing, said that they need specialised trainings as they perform many farm operations. He said that despite heavy workload of scientists, they were regularly conducting trainings and workshops to enlighten the stakeholders, so it was imperative that genuine farmers were sent for such highly specialised trainings. He also asked the farmers to be in touch with farm officers at Block level and university specialists at Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs). He asked the farmers to take advantage of some new schemes of the government like "Mukhymantri Bakri Palan Yojna" for increasing their income.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension Education, told that the university and its KVKs were conducting a large number of trainings in collaboration with line departments, NGOs, etc to benefit the farming community.

Dr Y.P.Thakur, Head, Department  of Animal Genetics and Breeding told that the 24 women from different villages from Mandi and Kangra districts  were provided training on different aspects of scientific livestock rearing especially goat and poultry keeping so that they can improve the production and income from the livestock.

Dr. Devesh Thakur and Dr. Varun Sankhyan told that during the training, exposure visits were also conducted to dairy farm, poultry farm, feed plant, poultry hatchery and milk plant. Shri Sukhdev Premi from Rural Technology and Development Centre, a Palampur based NGO, thanked the university for collaborating to conduct the training.

The Vice Chancellor also distributed certificates to the trainees.

Dr Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, heads and scientists were present during the concluding ceremony.


A view of the dais





A view of the trainees


Vice-Chancellor distributing certificates to trainees





Last Updated: May 21, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/228 Dated: 20.05.2018


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World Honey Bee Day celebrations at CSKHPAU

Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial emphasises  conservation and commercialization of Honeybees


Palampur 20 May. World honey bee day was celebrated by CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University at its Bee Research Station(BRS), Nagrota Bagwan, around 25 Kms from here, today. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, in his address to the bee keepers, students and scientists, said that there was great economic viability of commercial bee keeping in Himachal Pradesh. He underlined the importance of conservation and commercialization of honeybees for honey production and pollination.

The Vice-Chancellor thanked National Bee Board, Govt of India  for sanctioning  a project worth Rs.1.25 crore for setting up facilities for integrated bee development centre.He said that it will enable the BRS to establish diagnostic laboratories for testing honey, hive products and  bee diseases.He told that with another research project worth Rs.46 lakh by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, skill development facilities on bee keeping for educated youth, especially B. Sc Agriculture students, will be set up.Both facilities will be of immense help to the bee keepers as their major problems related to scientific bee management will be solved. He said that honey of hills was known for its high quality because of the diverse bee flora but there was need to popularise our trade mark in the market. 

Prof Sarial told that BRS was the oldest research station in the country established in 1936 and has done tremendous work in bee keeping, especially introducing high yielding Italian honey bee Apis mellifera in the India in 1964.There were more than fifty thousand bee keepers in the country producing around sixty million ton honey. He informed that his university has developed twenty agro-based models, including bee keeping which can enable farmers to double their income. He said that the honey bees were indispensable to mankind and the importance of bees cannot be undermined. He assured the farmers to extend all help in scientifically solving their major problems like bee diseases and predators to increase their income. 

Guest of honour Prof R.C.Mishra, a known Apiculturist, underlined the role of honey bees and pollinators in the country. He sought subsidy on honey containers. Dr.Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research said that honey bees have immense potential as pollinators and special efforts were required to use them effectively in different crops.Dr R.S.Chandel, Head, Department of Entomology highlighted the importance of this day for farmers and scientists and said that this day was being celebrated world over from this year onwards.Mr Mange Ram,Deputy Director,Khadi Village Industry Commission was also present and  Dr Surinder Kumar also expressed his views

An interaction session was organised for the progressive bee keepers, students and scientists. The chief guest also honoured twentry progressive and innovative bee keepers.

Pic caption: A view of dais and farmers and the Chief Guest honouring progressive bee keepers








Last Updated: May 09, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/227 Dated: 09.05.2018


Agricultural Officers' Workshop on Kharif  Crops


Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial exhorts farm officers and scientists to educate famers about improved technology 


Palampur 9 May.  Agricultural Officers' Workshop on Kharif  crops  was held at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.  Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while inaugurating  the workshop, asked farm officers and scientists to educate  farmers about the new scientific technology while providing improved seeds.

The Vice-Chancellor said that merely forty percent technology has percolated to the farmers' fields and they need to be made aware about new innovations and all those techniques which can enable them to increase their crop production. He said that practical solutions to the existing and new emerging farm problems were required and for that regular field visits and interaction was needed. He said that average yield of some pulse and oilseed crops was higher in Himachal Pradesh than the national average hence such crops need more emphasis in the crop production plans. He informed that research has proved that crop yields for some crops produced under organic agriculture system were giving almost similar yields to inorganic system and were fetching better price. Similarly, Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) should be popularised and the university was conducting research on it.

Prof Sarial also discussed issues like climate change, water conservation, crop diversification and expected more financial support from the Govt. to conduct research on localised problems faced by the farmers, livestock keepers, etc. He also congratulated the farmers, officers and scientists for getting Krishi Karman award for the State at national level for the fourth consecutive  term.

Dr Desh Raj, Director of Agriculture, H.P. told that  farm inputs like  seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, implements, etc.  have been arranged adequately for the ensuing Kharif season. He told that the many schemes and programmes have been strengthened and modified to benefit the farming community. A provision of Rs 25 crore has been made for encouraging ZBNF. He  sought review of recommendations made from time to time.

Dr Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, elaborated about major research achievements. He told that 125 research projects worth Rs. 3782 lakh were in operation in the university.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension Education, told that three books known as package of practices of Rabi, Kharif and Vegetable crops have been updated and published after six years. He also told that  electronic media was being used to reach the farmers.

The Chief Guest Prof A.K.Sarial also released three publications namely Package of Practices for  Kharif  Crops, Package of Practices for Rabi Crops and Package of Practices for Vegetable Crops.

Around 150 farm officers from all over the state and university scientists took part in the workshop. Drs. Ravinder Singh Rana and Pawan Kumar Sharma also spoke on the occasion. Some progressive farmers also took part in the discussions. University officers were also present in the inaugural ceremony.

Pic caption: , Vice-Chancellor releasing the publications


A view of the dais


A view of the participants


Vice-Chancellor releasing the publications





Last Updated: May 07, 2018

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CSKHPAU athletic meet closing ceremony 


Additional Chief Secretary Dr Shrikant Baldi asks staff and students to help in raising  the income of farming community


Palampur 6 May. Dr Shrikant  Baldi, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary (Finance, Planning and Agriculture), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh has asked the staff and the students to help in raising the socio-economic status of the farming community. Dr Baldi, as Chief Guest, was addressing the students and staff after awarding the winners of annual athletic meet at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

Dr Baldi, while appreciated the university for its various achievements complimented the university for organizing athletic meet. He told  that sports were an integral part of quality education as the fit body keeps minds healthy which helps in delivering to the public including farmers. The Chief Guest said that the scientists of the university need to work on the concept of zero budget natural farming to mitigate the ill effects of excessive use of chemicals. He said the farmers need support from the university to increase their income and expressed the hope that the meritorious scientists and talented students will always come forward to solve the problems of farmers.

 Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while thanking the Additional Chief Secretary for gracing the prize distribution ceremony informed about major achievements of the university in the areas of academics, research and extension education in the recent past. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the students of the University for their hard work, discipline and their spectacular achievements in national level competitive examinations.

 The Vice-Chancellor expressed his gratitude to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and Dr Shrikant Baldi for being considerate to the financial and other requirements to enable the university to discharge its mandate and duties towards the farming community and students.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Goel, Students' Welfare Officer, told that more than 150 students, including around sixty girls took  part in two dozen track & field and throw & jump competitions like races, shot put, long jump, discuss throw, etc.

The College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (COVAS)  bagged the running trophy and the College of Agriculture (COA)  remained runners-up. Among the boys Ankit (COVAS) and Kshitij (COA) were  bracketed as best athletes among boys and  Anjali (COA)   was adjudged    the best athlete among girls. The spectators also enjoyed musical race for the women staff and students and tug of war for the teachers and students. COA won 25 medals, COVAS won 22 medals, COHS won 14  and COBS won 12 medals. Kehar Singh  won 100 Mtrs race among non-teachers and  Dr Neelam Sharma was winner of musical chairs competition. Teachers won tug of war and were also awarded by the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest also honored the staff who conducted various events in the athletic meet.

Statutory officers, staff and students attended the closing  ceremony.






Last Updated: May 05, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/225 Dated: 05.05.2018



Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial inaugurates University   athletic meet


Palampur 5 May. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, was Chief Guest in the inaugural ceremony of the annual athletic meet at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today. While declaring the meet open, the Vice-Chancellor said that the students of the university have excelled in academic activities and brought laurels at the national level but they also need to perform well in sports, athletics and cultural activities with the same spirit.

Prof Sarial said that various athletic competitions test the stamina and endurance of participants and also help in strengthening the bonds of comradeship, understanding and mutual respect. He asked the Students' Welfare Organisation to draw a plan so that maximum number of students were involved in such activities. He suggested that some interesting sports activities should be organized for the staff also.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Goel, Students' Welfare Officer, told that more than 150 students, including around sixty girls were taking part in two dozen track & field and throw & jump competitions.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kuamr Sarial awarded some of the winners.

Statutory officers, heads, scientists, non-teaching employees and students were present in the inaugural ceremony. Dr Shrikant Baldi, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Himachal Pradesh will be the Chief Guest in the closing ceremony tomorrow.

Some of the results of forenoon events : 1500 Mts(Men) Suvek Jaswal(COBS), Aditya(COBS) Akash Verma(COHS) were declared first, second and third respectively.

200 Mts(men): Ankit Gupta( COVAS), Rushikesh Mane(COA), Tarun Sharma(COA) were declared first, second and third respectively.

200 Mts(women): Anjali(COA), Diwanshi Thakur(COHS), Akanksha Awasthy(COBS) were declared first, second and third respectively.

Short Put(Men): Abhishek Bansal(COVAS), Vishal Bhardwaj(COBS), Vishal Sharma (COHS) were declared first, second and third respectively

Short Put(women): Shruti Saklani(COBS), Arushi Kanwar(COVAS), Astha(COHS) were declared first, second and third respectively.









Last Updated: April 28, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/224 Dated: 28.04.2018


World Veterinary Day celebrated enthusiastically at CSKHPAU


Shri Virender Kanwar, Minister of Animal Husbandry, asks scientists to provide solutions for monkey menace and abandoned animals


Palampur 28 April. World Veterinary Day was celebrated enthusiastically at Dr G.C.Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (COVAS), CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today. Shri Virender Kanwar, Minister of Animal Husbandry Fisheries, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj was Chief Guest. In his address, the Minister said that animals have been useful to society since ages. He said that indigenous cattle breeds were known for their high quality milk with unique medicinal properties like A2 protein. He called animals as ATMs for the farming community but regretted that people were abandoning animal husbandry and agriculture. He told that all BPL families in the State will be linked to livelihood mission.

Shri Virender Kanwar asked the University scientists to work on providing solutions for monkey menace and abandoned animals which had become a threat to the farming .He also asked the university to test the quality of feed available in the market as there were reports that it was also one of the reasons to make animals un-productive. He said that cow sanctuaries will be made and farmers will be provided with high quality milch animals. The Minister said that animal husbandry facilities will be strengthened in the State including animal ambulance at door step of the farmers. He also announced regular recruitments of veterinarians and consideration of increasing grant to the COVAS.

Dr A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while lauding the efforts of veterinarians in the treatment and welfare of animals, said that animal husbandry sector can play a pivotal role in doubling the income of farmers. He told that this day helps to promote the veterinary profession and reiterates the importance of professional towards the clients. He discussed the issue of abandoned animals and asked the students and professionals to think over the problem and provide practical and viable solutions. He asked the Minister to provide liberal grant to COVAS to work on various problems being faced by the livestock keepers. Prof A.K.Sarial also discussed issues like importance of native cow in zero budget natural farming, extinction of local cattle breeds, making abandoned cattle productive by rehabilitation in 'Gaushalas', etc. and appreciated the academic, research and extension education achievements of COVAS.  

Dr Mandeep Sharma, Dean, COVAS, elaborated about the achievements of his college and informed that 795 students have passed out at graduate level, 392 students have done masters degrees and 36 students have done Ph.D degree since inception of the college in 1986.

Dr Y.P.Thakur delivered a special lecture on "The role of the veterinary profession in sustainable development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety". Dr Shivani Katoch, President, Veterinary and Animal Sciences Teachers Association (VASTA) informed about activities of his association. 

The Chief Guest released six publications and also awarded 17 students who won prizes in various competitions organized to mark the occasion. Earlier, the Minister visited the veterinary clinical complex and sought information about the on-going activities. The Vice Chancellor accompanied him during the visit.

The programme was jointly organized by COVAS and VASTA. Dr Dinesh Krofa conducted the proceedings. In the early morning, Prof A.K.Sarial flagged off the mini marathon, 'Run for animals'.

Besides Dr R.K.Agnihotri, Dean, Post Graduate Studies, other statutory officers, heads, scientists and students of the university, officers from the State Department of Animal Husbandry also participated in the celebrations. Miss Indu Goswami, President, State BJP Mahila Morcha was also present on the occasion.











Last Updated: April 27, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/223 Dated: 27.04.2018


Group Meet of All India Coordinated Research Network on Potential Crops


Shri Shanta Kumar asks scientists to revive the glory of traditional crops with useful research


Palampur 27 April.  Shri Shanta Kumar, Member Parliament, as Chief Guest, inaugurated "Group Meet  of  All India Coordinated Research Network on Potential Crops" at CSK H.P. Agriculture  University, here today. While addressing a galaxy of scientists from all over the country, Shri Shanta Kumar asked them to revive the glory of traditional crops with useful research and transfer of its technology among farmers and other stake holders.

He told that that it was essential to conduct research and make general masses aware about the importance of all such traditional crops which had been an essential part of daily diet, decades back. He said that it was difficult to find pure indigenous cattle breed in the country and same was fate of highly nutritious traditional crops which have become extinct or were on the verge of extinction. He said that instead of taking lot of decisions and making announcements, useful technology should be transferred to the farmers' fields. He lamented the neglect of agriculture which has   resulted in extremely stressful conditions among the farmers forcing many of them to commit suicide. He appreciated the organisers for discussing underutilized but otherwise very important crops for the common farmers and general masses.

Dr.S.K.Sharma, a former Vice-Chancellor who was guest of honour, told that it was possible to transfer useful genes of traditional crops to other crops through biotechnological tools.  Similarly, value addition can also enhance their popularity. He said that such crops were full of micro-nutrients, mineral, carbohydrates and fibres and less prone to insect pest attacks so need to be popularised by enhancing research work.     

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, called underutilized crops like   Buckwheat, amaranths, chenopodium, adzuki bean, faba bean, etc. as "crops of the future" and informed that such crops were easy to grow in neglected and marginal lands. He told that his university has developed three high yielding varieties of Buckwheat, one variety of ricebean and research work on one variety each of chenopodium  and adzukibean was in progress. He also informed about academic, research and extension education activities.

  Dr.D.K.Yadva, Assistant Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) said that issues like seed production, quality, economic viability to increase production, awareness among consumers, etc need attention of all those scientists who were working on potential crops in sixteen network and other centres on these crops.

Dr Kuldeep Singh, Director, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) told that nutritional deficiency, especially protein malnutrition and iron deficiency among the masses have resulted in many new age diseases. Potential crops can help to supplement our diet with such essential elements and were easy to grow due to climate resilient characteristics.

 Dr B.S.Phogat, Network Coordinator, presented a detailed report of All India Coordinated Research Network on Potential Crops. He said that such crops contribute to sustainable agricultural production.

Dr.R.S.Jamwal, Director of Research also expressed his views. Dr.Neelam Bhardwaj, Organizing Secretary, told that in two days meeting technical sessions will be held on varietal improvement, crop production and protection, quality aspects, nutritional quality, value addition, etc.

Some publications were also released by the Chief Guest Shri Shanta Kumar.The University statutory officers, scientists and students attended the inaugural ceremony.









Last Updated: April 25, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/222 Dated: 24.04.2018


Conference concludes on "Doubling the farmers' income: Challenges and strategies"


Adopt "Farmer centric approach" advises Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial ,Vice-Chancellor


Palampur 24 April. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK H.P. Agriculture University has advised the scientists to adopt "farmer centric approach". As Chief Guest of the valedictory function of two days conference on "Doubling the farmers' income: challenges and strategies",  he was addressing the delegates and university scientists, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that implications of research need to be kept in mind along with its practicability. As around sixty percent technology has not reached the farmers' fields so the scientists need to introspect and reframe their strategies. He said that technological interventions can certainly help farmers to increase their income yet involvement of all stake holders was required. He discussed the issue of indiscriminate use of chemicals in the crops and expressed the hope that zero budget natural farming (ZBNF) will enable farmers to produce healthy food and drastically reduce cost of production.

The Vice-Chancellor also advised the young scientists and students to help in stopping the 'Brain Drain' and serve the nation with dedication and commitment. He also advised them to be more interactive with farmers.

In his presidential remarks, Dr.K.R.Dhiman, former Vice-Chancellor, Dr YSP University of Horticulture & Forestry, Solan suggested increasing utilization of rain water and increasing irrigation facilities to double the income of farmers. He said that political will, bureaucratic support, technological back up and involvements of farmers can do wonders for Doubling the income of farmers (DFI).

Dr Tilak Raj Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi told that Niti Ayog has come up with many useful suggestions like marketing reforms, market demand based minimum support price etc. which can help the farmers.

Shri Suraj Bhardwaj, National Convener, Agri Vision informed about the activities of his organization.

Dr Sanjay Sharma, Organizing Secretary, Dr N K Sankhyan, President, Agricultural Scientists Forum,Dr Janardan Singh and Dr Pardeep Kumar informed that the experts have deliberated on various issues concerning DFI including High Tech Agriculture, Crop Diversification, Natural Farming and Sustainable Animal Husbandry in the conference. 

The Chief Guest awarded winners of declamation contest and poster competitions. Aditya Sharma, Akshita Awasthy and Jasmeet Kaur got first, second and third prize respectively in declamation contest and twelve participants including Ankita Sharma, Shailash Sood, Asma Jasmeen and  Varun Sankhyan were adjudged first in four categories of poster making competitions.

The University statutory officers, scientists and  students attended the concluding  ceremony.


A view of the dais


A view of the delegates



Chief Guest awarding the winners




Last Updated: April 23, 2018

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No. QSD/MC/221 Dated: 23.04.2018


Conference on "Doubling the farmers' income: Challenges and strategies"


Agriculture Minister Dr Ram Lal Markanda exhorts scientists to accelerate research and extension work on doubling the farmers' income  


Palampur 23 April. A two days conference on "Doubling the farmers' income: challenges and strategies" was inaugurated by Dr Ram Lal Markanda, Minister of Agriculture, Tribal Development and Information Technology at CSK H.P. Agriculture University(CSKHPAU) , here today.

While addressing around 300 delegates, the Minister asked them to accept the challenge to double the farmers' income(DFI) by conducting research on this aspect and transferring the relevant technologies to the farmers. He said that the government of Himachal Pradesh will extend all possible help to the scientists and farm officers to raise the income of farm community. He told that the agricultural budget has been raised to Rs.687 crore  and a number of new schemes have been launched in the state to accelerate the growth of agriculture. "Since the agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry sectors can help farmers to double their income so the government has strengthened these departments by increasing the budget and launching many new programmes for it", the Minister informed. He said that zero budget natural farming (ZBNF) will also help farmers to drastically reduce input cost and asked both farm universities to accelerate research work on it.

Dr Ram Lal Markanda said that government has simplified the procedures to enable the farmers to purchase power tillers and tractors, adopt organic and zero budget natural farming, solar fencing, solarised drip irrigation system and many other such programmes which will help them to reduce their drudgery and increase their income. Projects worth Rs 178 crore have been sent to Govt of India for approval which will further boost agriculture sector in the State. He appreciated the University for using WhattsApp and social media for farm extension work.

In his presidential remarks, Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, informed that his university has identified twenty agriculture based models which can enable the farmers to double their income in the next five years. He told that Rs three crore have been provided for  ZBNF to the university and  recently the department of organic agriculture has been renamed as Deptt of Organic Agriculture and Natural Farming. Work has been initiated to establish a ZBNF Centre, whose foundation stone was laid by the Governor   of Himachal Pradesh in the presence of Chief Minister on 29 January, this year. He said that time has come to think beyond food security and plan and work for income security of the farmers. He told that increasing productivity, lowering the cost of production and increasing the price of farm produce can help in doubling the income yet it was a challenging job for all concerned.

He expressed his gratitude to the Minister and Govt of Himachal Pradesh for additional grant of Rs Thirty crore and permission to fill up faculty positions. Dr.Hari Chand Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Dr YSP University of Horticulture & Forestry, Solan delivered a key note address. He  suggested increasing area under irrigation, mix cropping system, improved pulse varieties, increasing production of vegetable and temperate fruits, farm mechanization, farm based  avocations like bee keeping, mushroom cultivation, quality fodder, medical plants, etc  and also suggested  measures like land consolidation, contract farming, cooperative farming , etc for DFI.

Dr Brahma Singh, a former director with DRDO said that DFI was a complex but achievable by involving the farming community .He discussed issues like marketing, subsidies, etc. and asked for development of infrastructure, technological intervention, policy matters and institutional mechanism for DFI.

Dr Nagesh Thakur, former president of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, suggested that the scientists must pay back to the society by their devotion to their profession and useful research.

Dr Sanjay Sharma, Organising Secretary, Dr N K Sankhyan, President, Agricultural Scientists Forum and  Dr G.D.Sharma also expressed their views on the conference. A young agricultural professional Shri Sunil Dutt from Anuhi (Nagrota Surian) area was honoured on the occasion and a souvenir was also released.

Former MLA Shri Dullo Ram, University statutory officers, scientists, students and officers from the State Deptt. of Agriculture  attended the inaugural ceremony. The conference has been jointly organised by the university, Agrivison Himachal Pradesh and Agricultural Scientists Forum.




A view of the dais and delegates






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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/219 Dated: 09.04.2018


Possible to increase productivity and production of Maize :Prof A.K. Sarial, Vice-Chancellor


Palampur 9 April. "There is  huge potential to increase productivity and production of maize crop",  said  Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor CSK H.P. Agriculture University (CSKHPAU)  during the concluding session of  Annual Maize Workshop.

The Vice-Chancellor informed that the India ranked  as fifth largest consumers of maize in the world. It was an important cereal crop in India.While giving an insight of different aspects of maize research in India and challenges in maize productivity, he pointed out that despite increase in the productivity it is far below the world maize productivity. He asked the scientists to increase the production and productivity through mitigating climate change, increasing area and judicious use of agro-chemical for doubling the production of this 'queen of cereals'. He also asked the scientists to conduct experiments on organic and natural farming on this important crop.

 It was mainly grown in kharif season under rained conditions in Himachal Pradesh. It provides food security to sizeable population of this hill state besides which it is also used as poultry and animal feed. It was cultivated in an area of 296 thousand hectares with production of 784 thousand tonnes and productivity of 27 quintal per hectare. Although area under maize has not increased but there has been substantial increase in the production from 445.3 thousand tonnes to 784 thousand tonnes. This has been possible due to better input delivery system, adoption of improved production technologies, high yielding hybrids and spread of maize cultivation in new high productivity areas.

He appreciated the university scientists for developing and recommending number of maize composites and hybrids for various uses and production technologies for maize, baby corn and maize-based cropping systems. The university research station, Bajaura has done pioneer work on baby corn production technology in public sector.

Dr.I.S.Solanki, Assistant Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

Dr Sujay Rakshit, Director, Indian Institute of Maize Research (IIMR), Dr.R.S.Jamwal, Director of Research, Dr.Dr.D.R.Thakur, Associate Director and Dr.S.K.Guleria, Principal Scientist also addressed around 200 delegates from   all over the country.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension  Education, Dr.K.C.Sharma, Program Coordinator, Krishi  Vigyan Kendra and scientists from the university also participated in the three days workshop jointly organized by the IIMR, ICAR, and the CSKHPAU at its research station, Bajaura. On this occasion, five publications were also released.




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No. QSD/MC/218 Dated: 06.04.2018


Ample scope for increasing tea production: Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial


Palampur 6 April. "There is ample scope for increasing production and improving quality of Kangra tea",  opined Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor CSK H.P. Agriculture University after formally initiating the plucking of fresh tea leaves of the season in the university tea garden, here today. The Vice-Chancellor said that with new improved technology and mechanisation tea production and processing can be improved. He told that the tea leaves plucked during 'first flush' from April to June were regarded best tea due to its flavour and aroma.

The Vice-Chancellor told that out of around 2300 hectare area under tea cultivation in the State, the quality tea was produced from approximately 1100 hectare area only and if intensive efforts were made to rejuvenate the remaining area the present production of 10 lakh Kilograms can be doubled. He asked the scientist to educate the tea planters about value addition to fetch more income. The Vice-Chancellor told that out of  25 hectare area under tea cultivation, the university was selling organic certified green and black tea  worth Rs. Two lakh every month. Remaining twenty hectare area will also be rejuvenated in near future. He asked the farmers to concentrate more on organic tea production which has more demand in the market. Prof Sarial suggested to the nine students of BSc. Agriculture (Hons) undergoing experiential learning in the Deptt of Tea Husbandry and technology to adopt abandoned and neglected tea gardens in the area and rejuvenate such gardens as entrepreneurs.

Dr.R.S.Jamwal, Director of Research, said that  the university has developed Kangra Asha and Kangra Jawala  tea crop varieties. Kangra tea was known for its flavour and quality but  most of the tea planters need to be educated about marketing strategies. Dr.M.S.Pathania, Head, Department of Tea Husbandry and Technology and Dr.Gopal Katna also expressed their views. Dr.Ashok Kumar, OSD to Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Hirday Paul Singh , Jt.Dirtector (Information & Public Relations) staff, employees and students were present on the occasion.




Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor initiating the tea plucking in the tea gardens,


A view of the staff and students


Vice-Chancellor addressing the staff and others





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No. QSD/MC/218 Dated: 05.04.2018


Security check post at Gate Number five of the university inaugurated


Palampur 5 April. Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, inaugurated a security check post at Gate Number five of the University today. He said that he agreed to inaugurate the small check post intentionally so that even the class four security personnel manning the post may feel at par with other employees as normally only big buildings are inaugurated. Registrar Shri Satish Kumar Sharma, Estate Officer Er A.K.Chadha, Asstt Engineer B.S.Jassal, Dean COBS Dr Manoj Bhargava, Other University Officers and staff of Estate Organisation was present during the inaugural ceremony.The check post has all the facilities like CCTV cameras, telephone and an attached toilet.It is situated on the main road near VVIP Guest House.Shri Devender Kumar Vyas, Security Incharge said that all security staff felt elated at the kind gesture of the Vice-Chancellor.









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No. QSD/MC/217 Dated: 04.04.2018



Programme on Disaster Management at CSK HPAU


Awareness and preparedness can minimize the losses in disasters: Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial


Palampur 4 April. To sensitize the university community on disaster management, an awareness programme was held at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, in his address, said that awareness and preparedness can minimise the losses in disasters. He told that an earthquake in the region in the year 1905 for a couple of minutes caused huge men and material losses. Since this region is prone to earthquake, so all inhabitants of this area should be made aware to prepare themselves to face such eventualities. He also appreciated the District Disaster Management Authority for organising awareness programmes.   

Mr Bhanu Sharma, Training and Capacity Building coordinator, District Disaster Management Authority, Kangra detailed about the earthquake and other disasters. Officials from the State Fire Service Department also gave a practical demonstration to all. A session of improvised techniques of rescue was also held in which postgraduate students studying e-course on disaster management participated.

Mr Satish Kumar Sharma, Registrar and other University officers, employees and the students participated in the programme.





Picturess of  awareness programme on disaster management





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No. QSD/MC/215 Dated: 22.03.2018


Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial conferred with Best Teacher Award at Haryana Agricultural University

Palampur 22 March. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, has been honoured with the Best Teacher Award at CCS Haryana Agricultural University (HAU). The award, consisting of Rs Ten Thousand, trophy and a citation was awarded to Prof Sarial by Prof K.P.Singh, Vice-Chancellor, HAU in an impressive ceremony. He appreciated the dedication and commitment of Prof Sarial towards the teaching profession and students. It was informed that Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, who was serving as Professor (Genetics & Plant Breeding) at HAU before his selection as Vice-Chancellor in August 2016, made significant contributions in teaching and research and motivated his students to opt for plant breeding as a result nine of seventeen gold medals of Agriculture College, Kaul, where he served were bagged by his students. Fifty percent of his advisees were selected for the International fellowships to pursue higher studies in high rank foreign institutions.

Even after assuming the administrative post of Vice-Chancellor, CSKHPAU, Prof Sarial has kept alive his passion for the teaching and guides two post graduate students in the College of Agriculture. He motivated the teachers to take extra classes to prepare the students for various national level competitive examinations. After his joining as Vice-Chancellor, the university attained the very first position among all 73 agricultural universities of the country as the highest number of 193 students qualified various national level competitive examination and 36 students got admission in prestigious national institutes for higher studies, last year. This year, eight students of the university were selected in prestigious Agriculture Research Service. Last year, for his outstanding contributions in the area of agricultural research, especially developing PUSA Basmati 1121 variety of rice, Prof. Ashok Kumar Sarial, was honoured with an award of Rs. One lakh,  a citation and a memento by the farming community, department of agriculture, Punjab and global institutes, Amritsar.  Prof. Sarial has also been awarded earlier a number of times at national level for his achievements. 


Prof A.K.Sarial receiving Best Teacher Award from the Vice-Chancellor, HAU





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No. QSD/MC/213 Dated: 12.03.2018


CSKHPAU veterinary scientists organize twelve infertility treatment camps in Kinnaur


Palampur 12 March. A team of veterinary scientists from the Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (COVAS), CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University,  organized infertility treatment camps in district Kinnaur from 4-11 Match. The  twelve camps were organised at Nako, Leo, Gyaboung, Ropa, Sunnam, Labrang, Kanam, Lipa, Asrang, Rarang, Rakcham and Chitkul villages in collaboration with H.P. State Animal Husbandry department under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna(RKVY) project to investigate various reasons of infertility in bovines of  Himachal Pradesh.

Prof. Madhumeet Singh, team leader, told that around 150 cows, yaks and their crosses suffering from infertility problems were examined and treated. The scientists collected blood samples from the animals to study minerals, biochemical and hormonal profile and also to study causes of abortion in cows of this area. Uterine discharge samples were also collected for detailed diagnosis of bacterial and fungal uterine infections in repeat breeding cows. Data were also collected from the staff working in these institutions to analysis the status and causes of abortions and also regarding certain obstetrical interventions in bovines in these areas. Free medicines were distributed to the farmers.  

During these camps, a special emphasis was given on recording reproductive abnormalities of Yak crosses (Churi/Dzomo) reared by farmers in this district. Samples were also collected from this species for further study. The other team members included Dr. Pravesh Kumar and Mr. Vijay Rana from the Department of Veterinary Gynecology and obstetrics.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor has appreciated the veterinary scientists for serving the livestock keepers at their doorsteps in remote and less accessible areas of the State.




Camps in progress in snowbound areas of Kinnaur





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No. QSD/MC/212 Dated: 08.03.2018


International Women's Day celebrated fervently in CSKHPAU


Palampur 8 March. International Women's Day was celebrated fervently in the College of Home Science (COHS), CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.

The students of constituent colleges participated in the debate on the topic, "Gender Parity Mindset" and a Poster Making Competition on the topic, "We can do it". Chief Guest Dr. (Mrs) Promila Kanwar, Dean, COHS, said that it was important to provide quality education to the girl child so that she becomes self-reliant and gains the confidence to face the world.She said that it was encouraging that a large number of girls were coming forward to study science and excelling in it.  Dr.(Mrs) Ashu Gulati, Senior Principal Scientist, Institute of Himalayan Bioresource  Technology delivered a keynote address. She told that in addition to turning 'houses' to 'homes' , the women were making enormous contributions in other areas including science and technology.  Two former students of the university Ms.Nidhi Rialch, who recently qualified Agricultural Research Service and Dr.  Anita, Assistant Professor, Central University of Haryana also interacted with the students of the college.

During debate competition, three judges Dr.O.P.Sharma, former Head, Indian Veterinary Research Institute Regional Station, Dr.Pragya Gupta, Professor of English and Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations) also expressed their views on this special day. Professor Dr.Y.S.Dhaliwal also spoke on the occasion.

The team of  Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Science(COVAS) comprising Kanika Singh and Pankaj Rana was adjudged firstand the team of the College of Agriculture(COA) comprising  Aditya and Shourya bagged the second position in debate competition. In poster making competition,  Sheetal from COA was declared first,  Shaheena and Shilpa, both from COHS bagged second and third position, respectively.

A view of the audience


A view of the dais



A view of the students receiving prizes





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No. QSD/MC/211 Dated: 05.03.2018


Palampur 5 March. Three students of CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University have qualified prestigious Agricultural Research Service (ARS) examination conducted by the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board (ASRB) and appointed scientists.


Anima Mahato

Anima Mahato  qualified  ARS in the discipline of Genetics and Plant Breeding and  was a student of Dr. H.K. Chaudhary during her M.Sc.



Devender Sharma

Devender Sharma also qualified  ARS  in the discipline of Genetics and Plant Breeding and  was a student of Dr. Satish Paul during his M.Sc.



Nidhi Kumari

Nidhi Kumari qualified ARS in the discipline of Plant Pathology and  was a student of Dr. P.N. Sharma during her M.Sc.


These students are currently  pursuing their Ph.D. in different universities including CSKHPAU. Besides these three students who brought laurels to the university, Tamna, Rahul Sharma and Anuj Sharma, B Sc Agriculture Honours passed out students, have qualified examination for Agricultural Officers in banks.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, has congratulated the students and their advisors for this accomplishment.





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No. QSD/MC/210 Dated: 03.03.2018



Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial asks farmers to adopt Zero Budget Natural Farming to optimally utilize local resources


Palampur 3 March. CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University organized a programme at villager Karnarthu, around 30 Kms from here today. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, inaugurated a fodder park and bank in the village and addressed the farmers. He asked them to make it a model for others to emulate and grow quality fodder under zero budget natural farming (ZBNF). The Vice-Chancellor told that ZBNF concept does not put any financial burden on them and the crops grown under this concept were more nourishing and beneficial to health. The Vice-Chancellor said that it was easy to grow crops under ZBNF as resources were locally available abundantly. He appreciated the university scientists for adopting around five hundred farmers in a cluster of villages in Baijnath block under Farmer First programme. It has benefitted them with farm inputs and improved technology to improve their economic status. He informed that the university has developed twenty farm models which can enable the farmers to double their income. He asked the progressive farmers and local representatives to motivate the farmers to adopt such models which can improve their crop and animal production. He also spoke on the need to increase milk production.

Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor lauded the efforts of 'Society for animal, human welfare and environment protection' which collaborated with the university and regional station of Indian Veterinary Research (IVRI) station to organize the programme. He expressed his happiness that for the last three years, the society was sensitizing the farmers of the area to grow green fodder for meeting requirement of their animals. For this purpose a demonstration plot of green grasses and fodder trees has been developed. He asked the society to continue farmer uplifting efforts in other areas too.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension Education, elaborated about various extension activities of the University and elaborated about ZBNF. Dr Mandeep Sharma, Dean, Dr G C Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, underlined the importance of Desi cow in the economy and health of farm families.

Dr.A.K.Panda, President of the society, told that the society was also giving coaching classes and computer education to the children of farming community. Drs Y.P.Thakur, J.P.Saini, P.K.Dogra, Jagtar Singh Guleria, Suresh Gautam, Desh Raj Chaudhary and  Pawan Sharma from the university and Drs R.Bhar,Gorakh Mal and Birbal Sharma from IVRI regional station also addressed the farmers. Mrs Geeta Devi, Pardhan of local panchayat, Mrs Shyama Devi, President of 'Mera Gaon, Mera Gaurav' society and a progressive farmer Naval Kishore also expressed their views.

Dr Ashok Kumar, OSD to Vice-Chancellor, Dr Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations) and some other prominent persons of the area were present on the occasion.


Prof A.K.Sarial,VC, inaugurating the fodder park at Karnarthu village


A view of the dais


A view of the dais farmers


Local children presenting a welcome song





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No. QSD/MC/208 Dated: 13.02.2018


Farmers  should make use of professional skills to increase their income:  Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial


Palampur 13 February. "Through skill development trainings, the farm university helps the farming community in increasing their income and they must make use of professional gains in their farms to increase crop production", advised  Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor while inaugurating a mushroom training programme in CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that his university was consistently working for the welfare of farmers and a large number of trainings were given anticipating that most of the trainees will improve their farm skills and adopt agri-based other avocations like mushroom production, bee-keeping, nursery production, dairy farming, poly-house cultivation, plant protection, organic agriculture etc. to supplement their income. He asked the trainees to double their income as envisaged by the Government and told that the university has developed twenty farm models which can help them in this direction.

Dr Atul, Director of Extension Education, informed that the training was sponsored by Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam(SJVN) Foundation. Thirty two such trainings were imparted benefiting 800 farmers. Dr.Suresh Gautam, Head, Deptt of Agronomy said that fifty farmers from various villages of  Panchrukhi development block were taking part in the six days training.

Dr.B.M.Sharma,Dr.Ashok Chaubey,Dr.Ashok Kumar and  Dr. Hirday Paul Singh were also present during the inaugural ceremony.  





Pic caption: A view of the dais and trainees; Vice-Chancellor with trainees and scientists







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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/207 Dated: 12.02.2018


Press Conference of CSKHPAU Vice-Chancellor


CSKHPAU to fill up 77 posts of teachers: Prof. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor


Palampur 12 February. CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University will fill up seventy seven posts of teachers, besides regularizing thirty five scientists working on co-terminus basis.   This was disclosed by Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, during a press conference,  here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that in its recent meeting, the Board of Management (BOM) has approved filling up positions of forty teachers and twenty three posts of teachers and fourteen posts of Subject Matter Specialists (SMS) for Krishi Vigyan Kendras have, already, been approved in previous meetings. Prof Sarial told that the BOM has approved regularization of 35 scientists and eleven non-teaching employees who have completed ten years of service and were working on co-terminus basis in KVKs. Nineteen Daily Paid workers who have been working in the university for more than a decade will also be regularised.  The Vice-Chancellor said that twelve new head of departments have also been appointed. He thanked the Chief Minister and Govt of Himachal Pradesh for strengthening teaching, research and extension activities, besides financial support from time to time.  "This will give impetus to the mandated activities in the University for the benefit of students and the farming community" opined Prof Sarial. He said that BOM has also approved filling up 18 posts of Laboratory Assistants and five posts under compassionate grounds.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial told that the effort has been made to provide all benefits to staff and houses have been year marked for the staff falling under essential services category. This will improve health services and functioning of hostels. Similarly the university staffs under new pension scheme have been allowed benefits as available to the staff in Govt of H.P.  Wages of contractual staff have been equated with such staff in the Govt. He told that pension cases as old as to the year 2004 have been solved.

The Vice-Chancellor said that eight certificate courses for six months duration will be started for the matriculates and drop-outs from plus one or two classes. The Govt will be requested to provide sponsorship or subsidy in their fee. The courses will be in the disciplines of organic farming, bee-keeping, poly houses farming, vegetable production, dairy, animal husbandry etc.

Around a dozen reporters representing various news-papers and news-channels participated in the Press Conference and interacted with the Vice-Chancellor. Dr Hirday Paul Singh, Jt. Director (Information & Public Relations) welcomed the reporters and Dr Ashok  Kumar, OSD to VC thanked them.









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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/206 Dated: 06.02.2018



Media Visit to the Department of Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics


Rendering specialized services to reduce incidence of infertility in Himachal Pradesh  


Palampur 6 February. The Media Cell of  CSK H.P. Agriculture University conducted a media visit to the  Department of Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Dr G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Science today. The media men visited different sections of the department and interacted with the scientists and also got an opportunity to see some of  the on-going treatment in the operation theatres.

Dr Madhumeet Singh, Professor and Head, assisted by  Drs. Amit Sharma and  Dr. Pravesh Kumar, both assistant professors, told that  besides mandated teaching, research and extension activities the department provides clinical facilities to the farmers of Himachal Pradesh in the areas of Infertility, Obstetrics and Andrology. It was informed that in last nine years, the department has bagged 10 research projects worth Rs. 385.5 lakh. The main emphasis of research has been to study the reproductive problems of cows and buffaloes reared by farmers and also of abandoned cows. The area of these studies has been entire State with an aim to conduct research on epidemiology, etiology, management and suggesting curative measures for various reproductive disorders prevalent in different agro climatic zones of Himachal Pradesh.

It was told that a need based and applied research was being conducted in the department for the welfare of cows. As a planned research programme, one of the very first projects in the department was to study reproductive health status of abandoned cows and efforts were made to treat these cows maintained in different ‘goshalas’ in different parts of H.P. It was concluded that the treatable percentage of abandoned cows was about twenty three. 

In an effort to improve the skill of personnel involved in Artificial Insemination (AI) programme of the state, refresher trainings were organized for working Veterinary Pharmacists. In recent past two different Rashtirya Krishi Vikas Yojna(RKVY) projects were bagged for human recourse development and more than 700 pharmacists were refreshed in 31 refresher trainings. Since very positive results of pharmacist trainings imparted have emerged so more such refresher courses and trainings on AI will be conducted.

Dr Madhumeet Singh informed that the department was rendering specialized services to the farmers for the  treatment of various reproductive disorders with an aim to reduce incidence of infertility.  Since last over four  years, scientists have organized 214 infertility treatment camps under RKVY projects in diverse parts of H.P. including more than 50 camps in tribal areas of Pangi, Bharmour, Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur and also some very remote locations like trans-giri villages of Sirmour, Dodra-Kwar (Shimla), Janjehli & Seraj (Mandi), Barsheni & outer Seraj (Kullu) and Kihar (Chamba) etc. Around 5000 animals (4000 cows and 1000 buffaloes) have been examined and treated in these camps.

It was informed that emphasis is given in recording reproductive abnormalities of Yaks and their crosses (Churi) reared in tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh. During post-treatment follow-up of treated animals it was recorded that around 70 percent cows have been treated successfully. Around 1000 blood, uterine discharge and fecal samples have been collected from cows and buffaloes for detailed investigations of various diseases. Area wise mapping of reproductive ailments through clinic-gynaecological examination, nutritional deficiencies through blood investigations, parasitic infestation responsible for reproduction problems and microflora (bacteria and fungi) responsible for uterine infections is being done. These camps will continue in future also.

In last few years this department has emerged as one of the first choice to the veterinary students for their post-graduate studies. Presently, 13 students are perusing their post-graduation (M.V.Sc.) and two students are continuing with their doctorate also.

Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations) thanked the correspondents representing various newspapers for taking part in the media visit.










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Media Cell

Press Release

No. QSD/MC/205 Dated: 03.02.2018


Awareness Programme on Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Right Act


Need to recognise and award farmers for conserving  landraces: Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor  


Palampur 3 February. "It is praiseworthy that farm ladies are playing a very significant role in agriculture and an encouraging trend that a large number of girls are coming forward in agricultural education", said Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while addressing the farmers and scientists after inaugurating a training-cum-awareness workshop on  Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Right Act 2001(PPV&FRA) at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that India was among eight bio diversity centres in the world and there were three bio-diversity spots in our country among the thirty four bio-diversity spots in the world. Since the  farmers were the real custodian of landraces and germplasm which they have improved and conserved since ages so they need to be recognised and rewarded for this gesture. Hence, the Govt of India has enacted PPV&FRA and also established Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Right Authority at New Delhi under PPV & FR Act 2001. Northern Himalayan Region branch office of Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Right Authority (PPVFRA) was opened at the university, last year. While lauding the farmers for conserving traditional varieties and landraces, he asked them to avail services of branch office so that all traditional crop varieties were registered and they get long term benefits. He told that his university has recently helped Chamba farmers to register three traditional maize varieties.

Prof Sarial said that his University was, already, organizing awareness camps about this unique act to the farmers and five such awareness camps will be organised in the next two months. The farmers were given awards to the tune of Rs Ten lakh for saving and preserving such crop varieties. He said that many companies were using such varieties with a trade name and earning money whereas real custodians were not getting due benefit. He asked farm officers to make farming community aware about the importance of PPVFRA act so that rich Himalayan bio resources were protected.

Mr Bihari Lal, Member of the board of PPVFRA, said that the authority was sensitizing the farmers about the importance of natural agro-biodiversity and helping them and scientists by registering such biodiversity with the authority. Prof A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, honoured him on behalf of the university.

Dr.Atul, Director Extension Education told that the programme has been organised by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Kangra with the help of Agricultural Technology Management Agency(ATMA).He asked farmers to have a live link with the university scientists.

Dr J.K.Sharma, Nodal Officer, PPVFRA in the University also expressed his views on the importance of PPV&FRA .

Dr.S.C.Sharma, Deputy Registrar, PPV&FRA branch officer Palampur, Dr.Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, Dr Ashok Kumar, Officer on Special Duty to Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations), Dr.Vishal Dogra, Programme Coordinator , KVK, Kangra, Dr Sanjay Sharma and other scientists and officers from ATMA were also present in the inaugural ceremony.


A view of the dais


 A view of farmers


Vice-Chancellor honouring Shri Bihari Lal


Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial addressing the farmer




Last Updated: January 27, 2018

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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/204 Dated: 26.01.2018


Republic Day celebrated enthusiastically at CSKHPAU


Palampur 26 January. The Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, unfurled the National Flag and took salute from the NCC contingent of the university. He also inspected an impressive parade by the NCC cadets.

In his address, the Vice-Chancellor, recalled the supreme sacrifices of freedom fighters and importance of this historical day. He also elaborated about the tremendous progress of the nation due to the strenuous efforts of countrymen. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, also enumerated some recent  achievements of the University in the areas of academics, research and extension education and also spoke on the e recent initiatives like research and extension work on zero budget natural farming. He exhorted the staff to work diligently for the socio-economic development of farming community.

Later, in the  piping ceremony, Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor affixed the rank of Lieutenant on the shoulders of Dr Ankur Sharma, NCC Officer. The family members of Dr Ankur Sharma also joined the ceremony. The students of the constituent colleges presented cultural programme to commemorate the occasion. The band of Holy Mission School, Nagri also participated in the celebrations and the Vice-Chancellor awarded them with Rs Five Thousand for their impressive performance. Sweets were also distributed to all participants after the ceremony.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Goel, Students' Welfare Officer, Mr Satish Sharma, HAS, Registrar and other statutory officers, scientists, non-teaching staff and their family members also enthusiastically took part in the Republic Day celebrations which were held in the University playground for the first time.


Prof A.K.Sarial, VC, taking salute from the NCC contingent




Prof A.K.Sarial, VC inspecting parade and addressing the staff and students




The Vice-Chancellor performing the piping ceremony by affixing rank of  Lt  on NCC Officer Dr Ankur Sharma




Last Updated: January 23, 2018

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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/203 Dated: 23.01.2018


CSKHPAU notifies three  percent enhanced DA to its staff and pensioners



Palampur 23 January. CSK H.P. Agriculture University has enhanced the rate of Dearness Allowance (DA) by three percent from the existing rate of 134 per cent to 137 per cent with effect from 1 July, 2017 in respect of the employees of the University on the analogy of H.P. Government. As per the notification issued today, this additional installment of DA   shall be paid in cash with the salary of January   payable in February 2018. The University has also enhanced Dearness Relief (DR) to its pensioners and family pensioners from existing rate of 134 percent to 137 percent with effect from July 2017 and it will be paid with pension and family pension for the month of January payable in February 2018. Prof. A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, has thanked the Government of Himachal Pradesh for providing funds to the University from time to time





Last Updated: January 15, 2018

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Press Release

No. QSD/MC/202 Dated: 14.01.2018


Additional Chief Secretary (Finance & Agriculture) at CSKHPAU


Accelerate the growth of  agriculture : Dr. Shrikant Baldi, IAS


Palampur 14 January. Dr. Shrikant Baldi, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary (Finance & Agriculture) spent two days at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University and visited some of the departments in the constituent colleges to have first hand information about on farm experiments and other ongoing activities. Later, he held a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, statutory officers, head of the departments of the university and officers from the state department of agriculture.

Dr. Shrikant Baldi said that agriculture was an important sector and all concerned should make concrete efforts to accelerate its pace for the overall development of farmers and  farming in the  State of Himachal Pradesh. He asked scientists to think out of the box and come out with fresh proposals for the agricultural development. He said that the technical know-how available with the farm university should reach the farmers. "Even progressive farmers should be involved in some of the plans like foundation seed production programme," suggested Additional Chief Secretary. He also discussed problem of stray cattle and sought inputs from the scientists. He said that many problems can be solved with innovative ideas and concerted efforts by all the stake holders.

Prof Ashok  Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, said that eighty one percent of the state cultivable area was rain fed it was imperative to augment irrigation facilities to boost farm production. Similarly, adequate farm technology was available and there were a large number of government schemes yet hardly forty percent farm information percolates down to the farming community. He suggested that Krishi Vigyan Kendras of the university and field officers of State Agriculture Department could work together to transfer farm technologies to the farmers fields. Moreover, hilly and mountainous regions of the state have region specific problems. He detailed about the major academic, research and extension education activities in the university. He also informed about some of the recent initiatives like research and extension work on zero budget natural farming for which a project proposal to develop the Gurukul Kurukshetra model on 21 acres land is ready.

The Vice-chancellor assured the Additional Chief Secretary that his university will do everything possible for socio-economic development of farming community. He also expressed his gratitude to Dr Baldi for spending time with scientists to understand the working of the university,providing valuable suggestions and inviting proposals for the benefit of farmers.

Statutory officers and heads made detailed presentations and answered to various questions by Additional Chief Secretary. Officers from the state department of agriculture also took part in the discussions. Earlier, Dr Baldi spent time visiting various departments in the college of agriculture and college of veterinary and animal sciences. He sought in depth information from the scientists. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, was with him throughout the visit.

Dr Shrikant Baldi  also attended the Lohri celebrations  with the university students and appreciated them for organizing the event away from their homes and preserving the cultural heritage of the region.


Dr. Shrikant Baldi, ACS(Agri) and Prof A.K.Sarial


VC during a late evening meeting with the scientists




Dr. Shrikant Baldi during his visit to some of the departments, Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial is also with him.






Media Cell  

 No.QSD/MC/201/01 Jan 2018


CSKHPAU Vice-Chancellor's New Year Address to Staff


Prof. A.K.Sarial asks staff to work relentlessly for the welfare of farming community


Palampur 1 January. "Respect work, work hard and create work culture" exhorted  Prof  Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, during his New Year address to the staff of  CSK H.P. Agriculture University , here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the farming community of Himachal Pradesh would continue to be in the focus in all university plans in the current year and all staff members, as a well knit team, need to perform better in the mandated areas of academics, research and extension education. While appreciating the teaching and non-teaching employees for their remarkable work and achievements in the preceding year, he said that all-out efforts should be made to better the socio-economic status of the farming community of Himachal Pradesh. Similarly, the students would be provided all opportunities to excel in their studies and research work.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed his satisfaction that the University continued its glorious tradition of ragging and smoke free serene campus He told that due to collective efforts of the hard working staff , the university attained the very first position among all agricultural universities of the country as the highest number of 193 students qualified various national level competitive examination and 36 students got admission in prestigious national institutes for higher studies. One hundred fifty students got employment including 96 Agriculture Development Officers and Veterinary Officers. Prof A.K.Sarial told that 343 students were conferred degrees during 14th Convocation held last year and the Chancellor of the University had publically applauded the congenial academic environment and work culture of the university. He said that ever highest number of around 13600 candidates applied for B.V.Sc. & AH and B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture programme for about 150 seats in both the degree programmes signifying the importance and popularity of these programmes. The university developed eleven crop varieties were released besides a poultry breed. Around 1150 quintal seed was also produced. Sincere research and extension efforts were initiated to encourage Zero Budget Natural Farming which will be further strengthened this year. He said that twenty farm based models were formulated which can enable the farmers to double their income by 2022.All such models will be popularised this year. Last year, a large number of Skill Development Trainings for the farmers with the support of public and private sector were started.

The Vice-Chancellor also expressed his gratitude to the State Government, ICAR and other funding agencies enabling the university to fulfill its given mandate. He also disclosed about the efforts made for the welfare of staff and told that process to recruit around three dozen teachers will be initiated soon.

Later, Vice-Chancellor hosted tea to those staff members and the students whose work has been outstanding, won national awards or who have brought research projects more than Rs. fifty lakh each.