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Last Updated: March 30, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/113 Dated: 30 March, 2017


CSKHPAU veterinary scientists organize Infertility treatment camps in remote villages of Shimla


Palampur 30 March. A team of veterinary scientists of CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University organized four infertility treatment camps in remote villages of district Shimla, recently. These camps were organized by the scientists from the Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Dr G.C.N College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences(COVAS), under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) project in collaboration with H.P. State Animal Husbandry Department at Dewat (Chopal), Kedi (Nerwa), Sainj (Theog) and Ratnari (Kotkhai) villages of District Shimla.

Around 160 cows suffering from infertility problems were examined and treated in these camps. Scientists collected uterine discharge samples from infertile cows to study the bacterial and fungal infections causing reproductive diseases. Blood samples were also collected from these animals to study minerals, biochemical and hormonal profile for detailed investigations and also to study causes of abortions in cows of these areas. Free medicines were distributed to the farmers. Data were also collected from the staff working in these institutions regarding certain obstetrical interventions in cows reared in this part of the state. The team was led by  Prof. Madhumeet Singh, Head-cum- Principal Investigator and included  Dr. Pravesh Kumar , Mr. Vijay Rana and Mr. Rakesh Kumar.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor has appreciated the efforts of scientists in serving the livestock keepers in remote areas of the State.

Meanwhile, the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, COVAS, conducted continuing education workshop  on "Veterinary Emergency and critical care". Around fifty post-graduate and internship students along with faculty participated in the workshop. Dr.  Matthias Frank, Chief Surgeon, Klienetierklinik, Germany; Dr. Antonio Borelli, University of Turin, Italy and Dr.  Matteo Olimpo, University of Turin, Italy were the key speakers and trainers. The workshop primarily focused on the diagnostic and therapeutic management of emergent and critically ill patients. Dr Adarsh Kumar, Head of the department, Dr Mandeep Sharma,Dr SP Tyagi and Dr Amit Kumar also addressed the trainees.





Last Updated: March 29, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/112 Dated: 29 March, 2017


World Renowned Scientist at CSKHPAU

Possible to increase crop yields to feed ever increasing population: Dr.Gurdev Singh Khush

Palampur 28 March.  Dr.Gurdev Singh Khush, an internationally acclaimed farm scientist delivered a talk on "Biotechnology for food security" at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.

"The father of Green Revolution in Rice" as he is called, said that it was a challenge to increase present food production to feed  the ever increasing population. He told that by 2050, food production requirement would increase by fifty percent than the present levels and biotechnological tools like tissue culture, molecular marker technology, application of genetic engineering and allied disciplines   can help to increase the production. He told that development of crop varieties with higher yields, closing production gaps, etc were the mantras to increase production in decreasing  farm lands.  Dr. Khush, who is member of US National  Academy of Science and Adjunct Professor, University of California,  told that there will be less water, less land and  less labor and the farm scientists would have to redraw their plans with new scientific interventions like re-engineering photosynthesis to develop physiologically efficient rice, making plant inset-pest resistant  with plant genetic engineering, controlling   weeds through development of herbicide tolerant crops, transgenetic control of  insects and rice transformation to make it grow in submerged and drought  prone areas, etc.

Dr Khush, who is credited   for helping  in development of  more than 300 rice varieties which occupy more than sixty per cent area under rice cultivation in the world,   said that most of the rice eating poor population was  facing acute deficiency of iron and Vitamin A but  biotechnology has been able to enrich certain rice varieties with mineral and vitamins with introduction of  useful genes  from different organisms in the rice plant.

Dr Gurdev Singh Khush,  recipient of twelve honorary doctorates from top universities including Cambridge university ,  also advocated cultivation of genetically modified  crops to reduce hunger and malnutrition . He said that certain lobbies were working against GM crops  despite the fact that leading scientific academies of the world including  FAO has certified that these  crops have no danger to human health or environment. He also answered to many questions by students and scientists.

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor felicitated Dr Khush on behalf of the university and expressed his gratitude to him for visiting the university and interacting with scientists and students. He said that indiscriminate use of chemicals has sent warning signals to the policy makers  and soil health related issues should be solved by the farm scientists.

Dr.S.K.Sharma, a former Vice-Chancellor,  said that the country has not more than 2.5 percent resources of the world but around fifty percent of the world population to feed. He also advocated GM crops to increase the crop production. Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education, and Dr.Ashok Kumar, OSD to Vice-Chancellor also expressed their views.

Earlier, Dr Khush visited Deptt of Crop Improvement, Agricultural Biotechnology, Advanced Multidisciplinary Veterinary Services and  Farmers' Capacity Building Centre and  will also visit Research Station of the University at Bajaura in Kullu.

University statutory officers, scientists and students from all the constituent colleges attended the programme.

Dr Khush interacting with students and scientists

Dignitaries on the dais

Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial honoring Dr Gurdev Singh Khush

A view of the audience



Last Updated: March 28, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/111 Dated: 25 March, 2017


SAC meetings at KVK,Dhulakuan and KVK,Una

 Frequent interaction between farmers & scientists essential for transfer of technology: Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial

Palampur 25 March.Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK H.P. Agriculture University has asked the Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK) extension specialists  to lay more frontline demonstrations on such crops which were predominant in their respective districts. He was chairing Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)meeting  of KVK), Dhaulakuan, near Paonta Sahib(Sirmour) today.While appreciated the farming community of district Sirmour, the Vice-Chancellor underlined the importance of regular interaction between farm scientists and farmers for effective transfer of technology. While underlining the importance of zero budget and organic farming, he asked them to gradually increase the area under organic farming. He also discussed the importance  of Desi cow to propel this type of farming which was very suitable for Himachal Pradesh. He said that animal husbandry was an integral part of hill farming and the farming community should come forward to produce more milk to increase their income. He advised the farmers to grow high value cash crops like European vegetables as these have high demand in metros. The Vice-Chancellor said that the farmers should supplement their farm income by mushroom cultivation, bee-keeping and such other avocations. Prof Sarial informed that KVK, Dhaulakuan  has been directed to lay more on-farm trials on cereals, pulses and oilseeds to motivate the farmers to take up farming of such crops on larger scale. He asked the farmers to be in touch with Krishi Vigyan Kendras and Research Stations of the university to get latest information and guidance about scientific farming. "Time to time discussions with scientists helps in resolving farm related problems", he added. He also asked the staff to help Self Help Groups as such groups need to be supported keeping in view their importance in rural economy.  Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education, underlined the need for crop diversification and  judicious use of pesticides in order to prevent damage to the natural eco system. He appreciated  the team of KVK for extending best services to farming community of the district in close association with the various line departments and development agencies. He also elaborated about various extension education activities of the university. Dr R.S.Jamwal, Director of Research, asked the farming community to make use of new technology to increase crop yields. He said that ginger should be included in researchable issues on zero budget farming. Dr Akhilesh Singh,  Programme Coordinator, KVK, Dhaulakuan presented achievements of KVK and proposed action plan for the next year.

District level officers of agriculture and allied departments and progressive farmer-members namely Shri Kundan Singh Shastri, Sh Ravi Swaroop, Smt Jaswinder Kaur and Smt Shakuntla Chauhan also actively participated in the deliberations. Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor visited experimental farm of KVK and Regional Research Station and interacted with staff. SAC of KVK, Una was also held yesterday where Prof.Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, asked farmers to grow  aromatic paddy variety Pusa-1121 which was excellent for export purpose. It will increase their income. Dr.P.K.Mehta , Director of Extension Education; Dr.R.S.Jamwal, Director of Research and Dr.A.R.Khan, Programme Coordinator  also expressed their views. Progressive farmers of the district and officers from development departments were present in the SAC meeting.





Last Updated: March 16, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/107 Dated: 16 March, 2017



Farm varsity to help farmers in protecting their intellectual property rights: Prof A.K.Sarial

 Palampur 16 March . An awareness workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Challenges" for the faculty and post graduate students was organized at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.  Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial , Vice-Chancellor, while inaugurating the workshop, said that his university would extend all help to the farming community to protect their intellectual property rights (IPRs) as they were the ones who have since ages conserved the traditional crop varieties helping the scientific community to develop modern crop varieties.

The Vice-Chancellor while speaking on the genesis and importance of  "Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Right Act 2001 (PPV&FRA)" said that it was a  unique act world over which has acknowledged the tremendous contribution of the farmers and protected their rights. He asked the scientific community and students to create awareness about this act among the stakeholders. He also highlighted the importance of IPR regime in agriculture, veterinary and allied sciences and informed that recently IPR cell has been reconstituted in the university by involving an expert from all constituent colleges. He underlined the need for protection of precious genetic resources through PPV & FRA and intellectual property assets of the university by filling patents and registering trademarks.

Prof Sarial detailed about various provisions of the PPV&FRA, Indian Seed Act 1966, National Gene Fund, Plant Breeder's Rights and Privileges of Farmers and asked participants to fully understand these from the experts.

Dr.R.S.Jamwal,  Director of Research, elaborated  about traditional crop varieties and land races of Himachal Pradesh and need to get theses registered. He informed that the university has framed its IPR policy also.

Dr.H.K.Chaudhary, Chairman, IPR Cell of the university, told that university has already taken initiative to get three patents registered by Indian Patent Office and has filed nine patent applications. He said that trade mark 'Him Palam' has been got registered. Dr.J.K.Sharma, Nodal Officer, PPV&FRA; Dr.K.D.Sharma, Member Secretary, IPR Cell; Dr Sudhir Kochar an expert on IPR and Dr.Ritika Kanwar, Scientist, H.P.State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (SCSTE) spoke on IPR issues and challenges.

Around 125 scientists and students attended the workshop jointly organized by the university and SCSTE.








Last Updated: March 10, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/106 Dated: 10 March, 2017

Empower farming community with digital literacy: Prof.A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSKHPAU

Palampur 10 March. To catch up with digital India campaign of  the Govt. of India,  CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University has submitted a project worth Rs. Eight crore  to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research for the  automation of the institution . This was disclosed by Prof.A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, during a closing ceremony of two days training program on  'digital exchange of data and information' under networking of multi- institutional cold desert (CODER) program projects of the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that useful and quality information should reach farmers in the quickest possible manner to enable them to increase their production in the farms. The farming community must be digitally empowered in technology by digital literacy. He said that the initiative of the government to provide broadband connectivity in all Panchayats in the next three years would have major impact in the farm sector as delivery of services will be transparent and rapid for farmers and rural India residing in 2.5 lakh villages.

Prof A.K.Sarial also launched 'CODER network mobile App' to provide information to all stakeholders of the CODER project. He expressed the hope that it will help in quick delivery of technologies for the socio-economic upliftment of poor and disadvantaged sections of the society. It has been developed by Dr Atul, Project Director (Coordination) and Dr.Pranshuta, Research Associate of CODER network project. Dr Atul told that the University was monitoring and evaluating the work of 14 CODER projects in five states including Himachal Pradesh for which this App has been developed. Dr Suresh Gautam, Principal Investigator told that five principal investigators and their staff took part in the training.

Mr.Satish Kumar, Registrar; Dr Kamlesh Singh, Dr. R.K.Agnihotri and Dinesh Badiyala, all Deans and Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director(Information & Public Relations) were present during the programme.


Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial with trainees and others




Last Updated: March 09, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/105 Dated: 9 March, 2017

Prof A.K.Sarial exhorts scientists to empower farmers with new technology to increase production & double their income


Palampur 8 March. Research and Extension Council meetings were held at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today. Prof.A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, chaired both the meeting and asked scientists to accept the emerging challenges and help farmers to increase production with high value crops from decreasing farm land. "For this, the farmers should also come forward to empower themselves by working in cohesion with government and private agencies to utilize available technology," said Prof Sarial.

The Vice-Chancellor informed that the university had played a significant role in improving economy of small and marginal farmers. Impetus has been given to develop useful technology and all out efforts would be made to double the farmers' income as envisaged by the Prime Minister. "Around a dozen enterprises have been identified in this regard and proposal has been submitted to the government", told Prof  A.K.Sarial. The university has developed and transferred technology in agriculture, animal husbandry, etc to the concerned departments and farmers. All eight Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs)  were  working with full vibrancy and work has been initiated on zero budget farming at KVK, Una and KVK, Kullu. He told that Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute (ATARI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has sanctioned Rs. Six lakh each to all KVKs for demonstration of integrated farming system. Mini Soil Testing Lab facility has been provided to six KVKs. Prof Sarial also underlined the importance of judicious use of water, post harvest technology and marketing , beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, poultry, animal husbandry, etc. and said that feedback mechanism should be improved to incorporate useful inputs in research and extension education programmes of the university.

Dr. Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, informed that eleven improved varieties of different crops like wheat, rice, barley, linseed, tomato, etc have been released and nine new technologies have been recommended for their use by the farmers of Himachal Pradesh. Research projects worth Rs.43 crore were  in operation and projects worth Rs.185 crore have been submitted to various funding agencies. He also elaborated about research achievements in the areas of agricultural sciences, veterinary and animal sciences, home sciences and basic sciences.

 Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education, told that all trainings were being reoriented in consonance with Agricultural Skill Council of India to enhance the quality and impart specific measurable skills in various farm sectors. He said that all KVKs of the university organized awareness programmes on "Pradhan Mantri Fasal Vima Yojna" and around 700 farmers were trained in poly house technology in the recent past. "Twelve villages have been adopted under "Mera Gaon, Mera Gaurav" programme", added Dr Mehta.

Members of Research Council and Extension Councils namely Mrs Usha Kiran Chopra, Dr.R.K.Malik, Dr.Yudhvir Bhardwaj, Dr.N.K.Kaundal, Dr.Chamanjit Kapoor, Deans  Dr Kamlesh Singh, Dr.Dinesh Badyala, Dr R.K.Agnihotri, Dr Ashwani Basandrai and  Dr Promila Kanwar and  progressive farmers  Mr.Partap Negi, Mr.Karam Singh and Mrs Veena Chaudhary, etc also actively participated in the meetings. Registrar Mr Satish Sharma, Comptroller Mr. J.M.Awasthy, Programme coordinators of KVKs and Associate Directors of Research Stations of the University also participated in the meetings.




Last Updated: March 08, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/104 Dated: 7 March, 2017


CSKHPAU distributes Gaddi Goat Breeding Bucks to the Progressive Gaddi Goat Farmers

Palampur 7 March. CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University provided 14 Gaddi breeding bucks to different progressive goat farmers of Himachal Pradesh, here today. The bucks were provided under the ongoing All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Goat Improvement (Gaddi Field Unit) for breed improvement of the existing Gaddi goats of the state  running in the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (COVAS).

Dr. R.S. Jamwal, Director of Research, who distributed the bucks on behalf of the university, appreciated the project team for their hard work under migratory field conditions for the benefit of tribal farmers and advised them to fully utilize the potential of the breeding bucks being provided to them. Dr. R.K. Agnihotri, Dean, COVAS, underlined the utility of the project to the farmers. Dr. P.K. Dogra, Principal Investigator of the project, told that this project was  being implemented under the umbrella of Central Institute for Research on Goats located at Makhdoom, Mathura. He informed that about 1000 pure Gaddi goats have been registered under the project which was being implemented under migratory field conditions by providing strategic breeding, feeding and health control inputs. These bucks have been raised by the Palampur centre after two stages of selection and scientific management and were  intended to  bring about overall breed improvement of the Gaddi goats. Dr.Munshi Kapoor, Assistant Director , Deptt. of Animal Husbandry , Dr YP Thakur, Head of the Department and Drs. Varun Sankhyan, Parveen Sharma and Rajesh Thakur, Project team members, also interacted with farmers.




Last Updated: February 27, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/102 Dated: 27 February, 2017


Workshop  on Protection of  Plant Varieties & Farmers Rights Act for KVK Staff


Help farmers in registration of traditional crop varieties under PPV&FRA: Prof A.K.Sarial


Palampur 27 February . An orientation programme on Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers' Right Act (PPV&FRA) was organized for all twelve Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs) of  Himachal Pradesh at  CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today.Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial , Vice-Chancellor, while inaugurating the orientation programme, said that a lot of research has been done and KVKs need to play an active role to take new research findings to the farmers' field. He said that since ages, the farming community has conserved the traditional crop varieties helping the scientific community to develop modern crop varieties. "PPV&FRA 2001 was a unique act world over which has acknowledged the tremendous contribution of the farmers and protected their rights", said Prof Sarial and asked KVKs to create awareness about this act among the stakeholders. He also asked them to help farmers in registration of traditional crop varieties and applying for awards.The Vice-Chancellor also detailed about various provisions of the PPV&FRA, Indian Seed Act 1966, National Gene Fund, Plant Breeder's Rights and Privileges of Farmers and asked KVK staff to fully understand these so that farmers were educated properly. He said that intellectual property must be recognized and protected from commercial exploitation by others than those who invented or conserved it. Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education, informed that regional biodiversity fair will be organized in near future. He said that KVKs were plying an active role to make farmers aware about PPV&FRA. He elaborated about traditional crop varieties and land races of Himachal Pradesh and need to get theses registered. Dr.Preeti Mamgain, Senior Scientist from Agricultural Technology Application Centre (ATARI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Ludhiana said that 30 awards have been instituted for the farmers under PPV & FRA. Dr.S.K.Gupta, Joint Director, UHF, Solan and Dr.V.K.Shamra, Principal Extension Specialist also expressed their views. Dr.J.K.Sharma, Nodal Officer, PPV&FRA; Dr.H.K.Chaudhary, Head, Deptt of Crop Improvement and Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Jt. Director (Information & Public Relations) were present during the inaugural ceremony. Around fifty programme coordinators and scientists from eight KVKs of the host university and four KVKs of  UHF, Solan took part in the orientation programmes which was jointly organized by ATARI, ICAR, Ludhiana  and Directorate of Extension Education, CSKHPAU.







Last Updated: February 20, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/101 Dated: 19 February, 2017

International conference on canine and feline cardiology


Seek help of veterinarians for early diagnose and treatment of pet diseases: Dean, COVAS

 Palampur 19 February. A three days international conference on canine and feline cardiology concluded at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, here today. Delivering his valedictory address, Chief Guest Dr. R.K.Agnihotri, Dean, Dr G.C Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (COVAS), asked  pet owners to regularly get their pet animals checked-up from veterinarians for early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  He said that heart diseases in companion pet animals were  common, complex and devastating to the owners and were  silent killers yet regular visits to veterinarians ensured early detection and treatment.The Dean  said that heart diseases were  being diagnosed with increasing modality and were  an important health problem in dogs. Since cardiac diseases could be detected and treated so owners should take their pets to veterinarians for giving long and healthy life to their pets.

Dr. R.K.Agnihotri told  that the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology offered high quality of clinical care to the patients and has emerged as a centre for specialized trainings and tertiary referral facility.Dr. Adarsh Kumar, Professor and Head-cum-organizing chairman, informed that around fifty delegates from India and abroad took part in the conference. A variety of issues of clinical importance pertaining to veterinary cardiology were discussed. The renowned international experts on Veterinary cardiology, Dr.Clarke E Atkins from North Carolina State University and Dr. Marissa Ames from Colorado State University, USA gave hands-on training to delegates on echocardiography and other diagnostic techniques. Dr.Milind Hatekar, International Coordinator from VOF expressed that they were  looking forward to organize more such continuing education programs at Palampur. The valedictory function was attended by University officers, heads and scientists.





Last Updated: February 14, 2017


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No. QSD/MC/100 Dated: 10 February, 2017

Technology and Machinery Demonstration Fair

Adopt Farm mechanization  to reduce drudgery and increase production: Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial

Palampur 10 February. CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University organized a Kisan Mela at Jalag, around 25  KMs from here today.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, as Chief Guest, while addressing the farming community from the local and surrounding villages, told that farm mechanization can play an active role to reduce farm drudgery and increase production from ever decreasing farm land. He said that his university has developed improved farm machines and tools suitable for the hilly terrain of the state. He said that it was a challenge for the farm officers and scientists to double the income of farmers which they need to accept and come out with technologies to strengthen socio-economic status of farmers. He also spoke on the importance of organic farming, quality of school education, women empowerment, animal husbandry etc and asked farmers to get advice of scientists for scientific farming. As a former student of local Government school, he also shared his reminiscences. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the role of farm women and exhorted the youngsters to adopt modern farming.


Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education said that youngsters need to adopt farming for the prosperity of their families. He said that a large number of trainings were organized on farm based avocations at the university and its Krishi Vigyan Kendras and farmers should come forward to learn new skills  of modern farming.


Dr.Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Director of Research, told that research work was on going on farm machinery and tools, poly-houses, renewable energy, ergonomics and safety in agriculture, post harvest technology and such technology can certainly boost farm production.


Dr.D.K.Vatsa, Head of Agricultural Engineering department, told that as per the instructions and support from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, such Technology and Machinery Demonstration Fairs have been organized today all over the country. He elaborated about small farm tools to reduce drudgery.


Drs.J.K.Sharma,R.S.Rana,Rakesh Gupta and  Radhna Gupta  also elaborated about farm mechanization.


Mrs Ritu Dhiman, local village Pardhan, Sudarshan Singh, Kamlesh Rana, O.P.Dhiman,Sirmour Katoch and Gurbachan Singh also spoke and honoured the Vice-Chancellor. Dr.Hirday Paul Singh,Joint Director Information & Public Relations, Agriculture; Officers from the State Department of Agriculture and  villager  also actively took part in the Mela. More than five hundred farmers evinced interest in the Technology and Machinery demonstration exhibition. They also sought answers to their farm related problems from the scientists.


Vice-Chancellor visiting exhibition




Local villages honouring Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial




A view of the dais and participants



Last Updated: February 09, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/99 Dated: 09 February, 2017



CSKHPAU helping farmers to supplement their farm income: Prof A.K.Sarial


Palampur 9 February. "CSK H.P. Agriculture University was making every effort to help farmers to supplement their farm income", said Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor while inaugurating a six days training programme on mushroom cultivation for fifty farmers, here today.


The Vice-Chancellor said that to realize the vision of Prime Minister to double the income of farmers, concerted efforts were required. The University was helping the farmers to adopt farm based avocations like mushroom cultivation, bee-keeping, poultry, fishery, floriculture, vegetable cultivation,  medicinal and aromatic plants, nursery production, dairy farming, poly-house cultivation, plant protection, organic agriculture etc. so that their income was increased. He asked the farmers to supplement their income by getting trained in such avocations. Prof Sarial said that skill development programmes through trainings and demonstrations to the young aspiring farmers and entrepreneurs help them in various income generating professional activities. He also assured them to solve their farm related problems. Prof Sarial said that he himself would like to pay a surprise visit to some of the farmers who get training to see if they had taken up the work or not.

Dr.P.K.Mehta, Director of Extension Education said that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the University and Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Foundation to train five hundred farmers of Himachal Pradesh in September, last year. Ever since,  around 400 farmers had been trained in seventeen trainings in addition to other regular trainings at Directorate of Extension Education. He said efforts were made to enable farmers to understand integrated agriculture so that some of them may even adopt start up programmes in agri- entrepnurship. Extension specialists Drs Suresh Gautam, Desh Raj Chaudhry, Vinod Sharma, Luv Bhushan  and Dr Hirday Paul Singh, Jt. Director (Information & Public Relations) were present during the inaugural ceremony. Some of the farmers also gave feedback about the status of agriculture their villages. Fifty farmers from the villages of Panchrukhi and Lambagaon blocks are taking part in the training.






Last Updated: February 02, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/98 Dated: 02 February, 2017

CSKHPAU to implement Rs. 50.35 lakh project for three villages of Baijnath

Palampur 2 February. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR has sanctioned a project worth Rs. 50.35 lakh on "Transfer of improved farm production technologies for enhancement of rural livelihood security amongst the farm households of Kangra district of Himachal  Pradesh" to CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvaviadylaya.

The project has been approved  under "Farmer's First Programme" and funded under Krishi Vigyan Kendra scheme of ICAR to  the Directorate of Extension Education of the University. According to Dr. P.K. Mehta, Director Extension Education, the project will be implemented in Deol, Dharer and Sail villages of Tehsil Baijnath of the district Kangra. The farmers will be educated about improved farm production technologies and they will be provided improved agro inputs. Dr. Suresh Kumar Gautam will be Principal Investigator and Drs. D.R. Chaudhary and Pawan Kumar Sharma will be the Co-Principal Investigators of this project.

Prof.  Ashok  Kumar  Sarial, Vice-Chancellor while appreciating the efforts of the Directorate of Extension Education for getting this project sanctioned, said that the innovative project will enhance the livelihood security of the farmers.



Last Updated: January 31, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/97 Dated: 31 January, 2017


CSKHPAU notifies two percent enhanced DA to its staff & pensioners


Palampur 31 Jan. CSK H.P. Agriculture University has enhanced the rate of Dearness Allowance (DA) from the existing rate of 125 per cent to 127 per cent with effect from 1 July, 2016 in respect of the employees of the University on the analogy of H.P. Government. As per the notification issued today, this  additional installment of DA of two percent shall be paid in cash with the salary of January payable in February and arrears with effect from July to December, 2016  shall be credited in the GPF account of the employees depending upon the availability of funds.

The University has also issued notification for enhanced rate of Dearness Relief from 125 per cent to 127 per cent to the pensioners and family pensioners w.e.f July 2016.

Prof. A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, has thanked the Government of Himachal Pradesh for providing funds to the University from time to time.




Last Updated: January 28, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/96 Dated: 28 January, 2017


Vice-Chancellor inaugurates four smart class rooms in COA


Palampur 28 January. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University inaugurated four smart class rooms in the College of Agriculture, here today.

 These class rooms are part of Lecture Theatre-cum-Examination Hall and are funded by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to the tune of Rs.2.25 crore. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated that the new classrooms were equipped with modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, computers, microphones, etc. Four class rooms have seating capacity of approximate 500 students. There is potable water facility, attached toilets and one independent academic room also.

Dean Dr Dinesh Badiyala, Estate Officer Er A.K.Chadha, Executive Engineer Er.Ashok Sood, Architect Ashwani Sharma, officers, teachers and students were present during the inaugural ceremony.




Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial inaugurating smart classrooms in the College of Agriculture



Vice-Chancellor Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial taking a round of the new facilities and students and other present on the occasion





Last Updated: January 27, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/95 Dated: 27 January, 2017


Republic Day celebrated with enthusiasm at CSKHPAU


Palampur 26 January. The 68th Republic Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at CSK H.P. Agriculture University here today. Despite heavy rain and cold weather, a large number of staff and students attended the ceremony. Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor took salute from the impressive parade by the NCC cadets. Later, in his address, he underlined the importance of this historical day and asked the students and staff to serve the nation selflessly. He said that the University will continue to work for the socio-economic development of farming community of Himachal Pradesh. He also appreciated the NCC cadets and Students' Welfare Organization for the ceremony. For the first time, NCC girls wing of the University took part in the parade and a school band from a private school, Chachiyan Nagri also performed alongside NCC contingent of the University.

University staff and students took part in the Republic Day celebrations.







Some pics of the Republic Day celebrations in the University





Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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No. QSD/MC/94 Dated: 12 January, 2017

National Youth Day at CSKHPAU


Palampur 12 January.  National Youth Day was celebrated at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while addressing the students and teachers, underlined the importance of the day and told that this day was being celebrated throughout the country to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand since 1985. He elaborated   about the immense role of Swamijee in spreading the philosophy of India world over. He asked the younger generation to imbibe the   teachings of Swami Vivekanand.

The Vice-Chancellor said that it was imperative to double the income of farmers in next five years as envisaged by the Prime Minister and directed Heads of all departments in the constituent colleges to submit a concrete proposal on it within a week's time. He emphasized the commitment of the University to help farmers in their socio-economic development.

On this occasion, the Department of Agricultural Economics organized a talk by Prof. H.R.Sharma, Dean, Central University of Himachal Pradesh on "Doubling Farmers' Income".  Dr Sharma highlighted the need to increase the gross income of farmers through increased productivity, reduced input cost, farm diversification, reduction in post harvest losses and remunerative prices.

Some students of the constituent colleges also spoke on the life, philosophy and teachings of Swami Vivekanand.

Dr.Dinesh Badiyala, Dean, College of Agriculture; Dr Ashwani Basandrai, Dean, Post Graduate Studies and  Dr Ashok Kumar, OSD to Vice-Chancellor were present in the function. University teachers and students also attended the programme.

NCC cadets of the university celebrated the day by educating the shopkeepers and general masses of three villages namely Bharmat, Tanda and Banuri about various methods of cashless transactions. Village Pardhans were also present on the occasion.


A view of the dais and audience

Vice-Chancellor expressing his views, 




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Inter-college Youth Festival concludes with cultural extravaganza at CSKHPAU

Palampur 11 January.  A two days inter-college youth festival concluded with cultural extravaganza at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while appreciating the winners of various cultural events, appreciated the students for maintaining and sustaining rich cultural heritage of  Himachal Pradesh and presenting it beautifully in their various performances. He said that despite a busy academic schedule in professional college of his University, the students were full of creativity and talent. The Vice-Chancellor extended his best wishes to the team who will represent the university in inter-university youth festival to be held next month. He also lauded the efforts of Students' Welfare Organization for organizing the festival.

Earlier, Dr Kamlesh Singh, Students' Welfare Officer, informed that around 250 students from four constituent colleges took part in nineteen cultural, literary, theatre and fine arts competitions.

Overall, the College of Agriculture  teams were adjudged first in nine cultural and other events like  Quiz, Extempore, One Act Play, Skit, Mime, Mimicry, Light Vocal Indian, Patriotic Song, Group Song and the College of Home Science teams bagged first position in  Debate, Clay Modeling, Cartooning, Rangoli and the teams of College of Basic Science  were adjudged first in  on- the- spot painting, collage and poster making whereas teams of Dr.G.C.Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Science were declared first in  folk dance, mono-acting and elocution competitions.

All the statutory officers, teachers, non-teachers and students attended the concluding ceremony.


Students giving performance in folk dnce completions

 Prof. A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor addressing the students and others  




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Vice-Chancellor Prof A.K.Sarial inaugurates inter-college Youth Festival

 Palampur 10 January.  "Those who perform on stage also have good chances to excel in life", said Prof. Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, while inaugurating inter-college youth festival at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

The Vice-Chancellor said that extra-curricular activities were an essential component of academic activities which enable students to exhibit their talent and creativity. He advised that all students must take part in any of the cultural or sports activity to have a feeling of comradeship, brotherhood, oneness and develop a sense of belonging. He told that some initiatives have been taken for the overall development of students' personality and sharpen their competitive skills. Already, a mechanism has been put in place where some of the teachers have volunteered and taking extra classes to prepare the students for various national level competitions. He expressed the hope that such efforts and hard work were bound to bear fruits.

Earlier, Dr Kamlesh Singh, Students' Welfare Officer, said that around 150 students from four constituent colleges will be taking part in nineteen cultural, literary, theatre and fine arts competitions like dances, songs, one act plays, skits, debates, poster making, clay modeling,  etc. A team to represent the University for National Level Youth Festival will be selected based on the performance of students.

All the statutory officers, teachers, non-teachers and students attended the inaugural ceremony held in the University auditorium.

Prof. A.K.Sarial, Vice-Chancellor lightening the lamp and addressing the participants


 A view of the audience   



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No. QSD/MC/91 Dated: 02 January, 2017


CSKHPAU Vice-Chancellor's New Year Address to Staff & Students

Prof A.K.Sarial asks staff to make 'excellence' a buzz word in their assigned duties

Palampur 2 January. In his new year address to teachers, non-teachers and students Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, Vice-Chancellor, CSK H.P. Agriculture University has asked its staff members to make 'excellence' a buzz word in their assigned duties.

During his address here today, the  Vice-Chancellor said that much has been done last year yet a lot of accomplishments were to be made this year to serve the farming community effectively. He told that work culture must be improved so that the assigned mandate of teaching, research and extension education is carried out outstandingly. Prof Sarial informed that the university need to follow National Ranking Framework criteria of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for state farm universities and teachers should work hard and put extra hours so that students win maximum fellowships and attain top positions in competitive examinations conducted by the ICAR and other national and international institutions. Recently, the university has made efforts to guide and prepare students for such competitions by designating a programme director and four coordinators for providing students coaching, counseling and placements services. Students' advisory system has been strengthened and they will be provided wide academic exposure. He declared that forty posts of teachers will be filled-up soon besides appointing 24 new head of departments. 

Prof Sarial told that each faculty member should write a wining research project  to seek funding and a committee has been constituted on project formulation to guide faculty members to improve the quality and  presentation of projects before funding agencies. He told that 25 research projects worth Rs. Seven crore were sanctioned after his joining in August last year and 69 projects worth Rs. 177 crore have been submitted for funding to various funding. He said that on-going research projects will be effectively monitored.  He asked each faculty members to have at last one adhoc research project.

Prof Sarial appreciated the extension education activities and told that 514 training programmes were organized with the participation of around 18000 farmers and technologies on the aspects of protected cultivation, mushroom cultivation, apiculture, floriculture, etc have been disseminated besides formations of Self Help Groups throughout the state. He also appreciated media for highlighting and making public aware about his major initiatives for the students, staff and new ventures like automation of offices and cashless working in the university.

He said that three new student hostels will be constructed and court cases will be reviewed for mutual settlements to save time and money for the employees and the university. He asked the comptroller to make all out efforts to get additional grant of Rs. 47 crore to meet out the requisite financial needs of the university.

Later, Vice-Chancellor hosted tea to those students and staff members who have qualified for national competitions, won national awards or submitted research projects worth crore or more and who were rated outstanding in their work.

Statutory officers, teachers, non- teachers and post- graduate students attended the address by the Vice-Chancellor.