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Last Updated: October 01, 2015

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No. QSD/MC/56  Dated  1 Oct ,2015

Press Release

Media Visit to the Deptt. of Animal Nutrition


CSKHPAU supplying high  quality feed products to the farmers of H.P.


Palampur 1 October. The University Media Cell conducted a media visit to the Department of Animal Nutrition , Dr.G.C.Negi College of  Veterinary & Animal Sciences(COVAS), CSK H.P. Agriculture University, here today.

The reporters representing various vernacular newspapers and news channels attended the visit and interacted with Dr.R.K.Agnihotri, Dean, COVAS and department scientists and PG students. They were taken around the Metabolic Stall and its three units.

The reporters were informed that the revolving fund scheme in this department was started in the year 1994-95 with the seed money of Rs. 25,000 provided by the University for the manufacturing of the various feed materials with the objective to facilitate the supply of standard quality feed products like mineral mixture, uro-mol-min bricks, milk ration, calf ration, milk replacer, poultry mash, lab. Animal feeds and dog biscuits etc. on economical rates, to develop infrastructure in the department out of the funds generated, to provide hand on practice to the undergraduate and post graduate students.

The technology formulation and manufacturing of material was being transferred by participating in training program, exhibitions fairs and festivals. The major  materials  which were being produced included   Maintenance / milk production/pregnancy ration to the milk animals; Modified milk replacer/calf starter for grower calves; Area Specific mineral mixture/ Mineral mixture/ fortified mineral mixture; Protected protein ration for high yielding cattle; Different type of poultry feeds; Uromol-min bricks for cattle (Animal Chocklate); Dog biscuits; Probiotics; Complete feed block; Lab Animal Feeds; Any type of feed and feed supplement on demand; Silage; Sheep fed; Emu feed; Fish feed; Rabbit feed; Goat feed and Laboratory Animal feed

The total sale turnover of feed production Unit was Rs 2.84 Crore for the year 2013-2014, 2.20 crore for the year 2014-15 and  was likely to cross 2.20 crore at the end of current financial year.  The feed production unit has contributed in a big way from time to time since its inception towards meeting the financial liabilities of the University.

During the year 2014-2015, the department manufactured and sold 5955 quintal of cattle feed, 1625 quintal of Poultry feed, 7 quintal of Lab animal feed, 401 quintal of Area specific mineral mixture, 15633 UMMB and 30 quintal of Silage in Drums. Similarly during the year 2015 until today, 2344 quintal of cattle feed, 960 quintal of poultry feed, 4.5 quintal of lab animal feed, 482 quintal of Area Specific Mineral mixture and 29973 number of UMMB have been manufactured and sold.

The R & D products of the department were  catering mainly to the each and every livestock farmer of the state including tribal regions through a network of veterinary institutions of the State Department of Animal Husbandry as well as through NGO, Milkfed, KVK and ATIC of the University. The department has been mainly instrumental in development, production and supply of Area Specific Mineral Mixture based on the four  agro climatic zones of the state. The income generated from the Feed Production Unit has been spent for raising university infrastructure and to meet the financial requirements.

The departmental research projects have been undertaken for incorporation of Azolla, Apple-pomace and Sea-buckthorn by products (Sea-buckthorn Cake) - unconventional feed resources for inclusion in the cattle and poultry ration for economizing the cost of production. The research work is underway to study their effect of production, health and performance at different levels of substitution

The feed Production Unit has been facilitating livelihood of the local populace by employment generation in the feed Production by creating job of around 3000 man days every year. The feed Production unit not only caters to the livestock farmer of the State but Was  also providing quality feed and feed additives to the government Poultry farms throughout the State, the Wildlife National Park, Gopalpur and the Bull/ Cow farms under State government.

The reporters also interacted with Drs. Shivani Katoch, Daisy and Vinod Sharma. Dr.Hirday Paul Singh, Joint Director (Information & Public Relations) was also present during the Media Visit.





Dr.Hirday Paul Singh
Jt.Director(Info & PR)
CSK H.P.Agri.University
Palampur 176062