University Office Orders, Notifications & other Misc. Information



               Notification regarding CAREER ADVANCEMENT SCHEME (CAS) w.e.f. 01.01.2009 (.pdf format)



Office Order regarding Career Advancement Scheme for Teachers/Scientists. (.pdf format)

1 18.09.2013

Notification regarding revised rules regarding upward movement of teachers & equivalent cadres  (.jpg format)


CAS Proforma (download in .doc format)





7 29.11.2017

Notification regarding CSKHPKV,Palampur Statues,1988(64th Amendment,2017) (.pdf format)

6 22.11.2017

Notification regarding creation of new cadre of Steno Typist in the University (.pdf format)

5 04.10.2017

Notification regarding Rules/Guidelines for advertisement and recruitment of all categories of non-teaching posts in CSKHPKV, Palampur (.pdf format)

4 11.08.2017

Notification regarding 14th Convocation to be held on 08.09.2017 (.pdf format)

3 07.08.2017

Notification regarding members of extension Council (.pdf format)

2 07.08.2017

Notification regarding members on the research council (.pdf format)

1 02.05.2017

Order regarding Section Officer/Superintendent of Dean Postgraduate Studies as PIO to the Office of the Dean Postgraduate Studies (.jpg format)






Addendum regarding Recruitment and Promotion Rules for the post of Laboratory Attendant in CSKHPKV (.jpg format)





21.08.2015 - Comprehensive Guiding Principles - 2015 for regulating the transfer of CSK HPKV employees



Notification regarding General Rule, Regulations and Instruction; Number of Seats for NRI and Fee for NRI/Foreign Candidates (.pdf format)



Notification regarding approved one month training module in Library Science to the aspirants in the University Library @ Rs. 5000/- per month (.jpg format)



Notification regarding grant of three tier pay scale in the combined cadre of Technician (.pdf format)



Notification regarding to enhancement of promotion quota from 10% to 30% for eligible Class IV employees for promotion to the post of Clerk by Limited Direct Recruitment (LDR) (.pdf format)



Notification regarding Advertisement for the Post of Clerk (under Limited Direct Recruitment) - Rejected Candidates (.pdf format)



Office order regarding transfer of Dr.Anil Kumar (.jpg format)



Notification regarding re-constitute the Editorial Board of Himachal Journal of Agricultural research (.jpg format)



Office order regarding the declaration of Dr.Naveen Kumar Principal Agronomist & Incharge, Vice-Chancellor's Technical cell as Contact Person thereof (.jpg format)



Appointment of Sons/daughters/near relations of Government servant who die in harness leaving his family in immediate need of assistance - Modification thereof (.pdf format)



Abolition of Affidavits -  Introducing Self Certification (.pdf format)



Office order regarding renaming of the dept.Tea Husbandry And Agroforesty to Tea Husbandry and Technology Vide letter No. QSD.3-67/14-CSKHPKV(Estt.)Vol.-III-11413-37. (.jpg format)



Circular regarding the Inter college Youth Festival feb 21st, 22nd 2015. (.jpg format)



Office Order regarding "The Right to Information Act 2005". (.jpg format)



Office Order regarding Print & Media Through single window system. (.jpg format)



Notification regarding the Approved the proposal to adopt the logo as "HIM PALAM". (.pdf format)



Notification regarding the recommendation of the Academic Council, the Board of Management Vide item No. 17 Proceeding of 157th meeting held on 20.01.2015. (.jpg format)



Notification regarding the recommendation of the Academic Council, the Board of Management Vide item No. 2.3 of its 107th meeting held on 05.02.2015. (.jpg format)



Notification regarding amended rules for various Gold medals notified vide notification No.2-3/79/CSKHPKV(GA)vol./24064-184 dated 03.04.2008 (.pdf format)



Office Order regarding "International Coordination cell(ICC)"  (.jpg format)



Notification regarding "Employees Retirement Farewell Fund" Rules (.jpg format)





Updated on December 26, 2014


CPS Holders Application Form for the allotment of Permanent Retirement Account Number (download in .pdf format)



32 26.12.2014

Notification regarding the enhance rate of dearness relief from existing rate of 90% to 100% w.e.f. 01.01.2014.(.pdf format)

31 20.12.2014

Office Order regarding the fee structure semester-wise and annually .(.jpg format)

30 20.12.2014

Office Order regarding rates of remuneration for paper setting, answer book evaluation, conduct of practical examination, comprehensive examination, thesis evaluation and thesis viva-voice examination in respect of undergraduate and postgraduate students of CSKHPKV. (.jpg format)

29 17.12.2014

Office Order regarding Removal from University Service-Dr.Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Scientist (Vety.Science),Livestock farm (Now Department of Instructional Livestock farm complex), Dr.G.C.Negi College of Vety.& Animal Sciences,CSKHPKV,Palampur. (.pdf format)

28 09.12.2014

Notification regarding adoption of Pension fund Regulatory and Development authority approved New Pension System (NPS) architecture in CSK HPKV (.pdf format)

27 30.10.2014

Regarding Sardar Patel's Birth Anniversary (31.10.2014): Spreading the message of Unity, Safety and Security. (.pdf format)

26 30.09.2014

Office Order regarding the payment of Non-Practicing Allowance (NPA) to the Asstt. Prof/Assoc. Prof. and Professors/equivalent (Vety. and Animal Sciences (.jpg format)

25 18.09.2014

Office Order regarding all officers/officials working at Palampur campus  assigned duties of 12th Convocation not to grant compensatory leave to the staff working under them in lieu of holidays falling on 13th and 14.09.2014 (.jpg format)

24 15.09.2014

Office Order regarding all offices located at Palampur campus will observe local Holiday  on 16.092014 on account of Seri Festival (.jpg format)

23 11.09.2014

Office Order regarding all offices located at Palampur campus will be remained open during the forthcoming holidays falling on 13.09.2014, 14.09.2014 and 16.09.2014 (.jpg format)

22 20.08.2014

Notification regarding enhancement of rates of Merit Scholarship and stipend (.jpg format)

21 20.08.2014

Notification regarding Discipline Committee (.jpg format)

20 16.08.2014

Notification regarding Person In-Charge of the Grievance Redressal Cell as Nodal Officer (.jpg format)

19 16.08.2014

Notification regarding revised discipline-wise cadre strength of teaching/scientific posts (.pdf format)

18 16.08.2014

Notification regarding University Anthem (.pdf format)

17 11.08.2014

Memorandum regarding Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Scientist (Vety. Science) was charge sheeted. (.pdf format)

16 25.07.2014

Notification regarding committees for University Convocations (.pdf format)

15 04.07.2014

Notification regarding Architect Unit under the Administrative Control of  the Registrar, CSKHPKV,Palampur (.jpg format)

14 04.07.2014

Officer Order regarding Shifting the work pertaining to outsourcing of manpower/labour be managed by the Registrar, CSK HPKV,Palampur (.jpg format)

13 26.06.2014

CPDU-Setting-up of Central Purchase & Disposal Unit - Issuance of detailed procedure/guidelines thereof. (.jpg format)

12 18.06.2014

CPDU-Notification regarding nomination of Dr. P K Mehta, Prof., Entomology and Dr. H K Chaudhary, Head, Crop Improvement, COA, CSK HPKV, Palampur as the Scientific  facilitators at the University level. (.jpg format)

11 28.04.2014

Office Order regarding designate Sh. Sudhir Sood, Assitant Engineer (Civil) as Public Information Officer for all the matters relating to Estate organization, CSKHPKV, Palampur. (.jpg format)

10 21.03.2014

Notification regarding the norms of preparation of Annual Report of the University (.pdf format)

9 12.03.2014

Circular regarding proposals for obtaining financial sanctions concerning purchases must be supported with information relating to existing stock position, source of funds and detailed justification for the purchase. (.jpg format)

8 28.2.2014

Office Order regarding pass on various communication and information, give news at their own level to the press and electronic media through the Public Relation Unit. (.jpg format)

7 28.2.2014

New Office Order regarding Central Purchase & Disposal Unit in Administrative Block (.jpg format)

6 24.2.2014

Office Order regarding Central Purchase & Disposal Unit in Administrative Block (.jpg format)

5 28.1.2014

Office Order regarding designate Dr. Naveen Kumar, Principal Agronomist, VC's Technical Cell, CSKHPKV, Palampur as Nodal Officer. (.jpg format)

4 24.1.2014

Proceedings of the meeting of the Committee constituted to revamp the Security System of the University held on 04.01.2014 at 4.00 PM under the Chairmanship of the Hon,ble Vice-Chancellor in his office Chamber (.pdf format)

3 20.1.2014

Office Order regarding Central Purchase & Disposal Unit in Administrative Block (.jpg format)

2 14.1.2014

Circular regarding Hon'ble Members of various Administrative/Academic bodies of the University visiting the CSKHPKV are not being properly attended to by the concerned Department/Unit. (.jpg format)

1 14.1.2014

Circular regarding unnecessary correspondence to the Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat (.jpg format)



16 29.11.2013

Circular regarding Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APPRs) (.jpg format)

15 21.11.2013

Officer Order regarding to order to re-designate the following  Technical Assistant Grade-I as Farm Manager. (.pdf format)

14 08.11.2013

Notification regarding to constitute the committee to allot the University advertisement on rotation basis. (.jpg format)

13 05.11.2013

Notification regarding Implementation of Constitution (85th Amendment) Act, 2001 and assignment of seniority to SC/ST Government servants on promotion by virtue of rule of reservation/roster (.pdf format)

12 02.11.2013

Office Memorandum - Appointment of sons/daughters/near relatives of Government servant who die in harness leaving his family in immediate need of assistance (.pdf format)

11 21.09.2013

Office Order - Re-constitute the Grievance Committee  (.jpg format)

10 04.10.2013

Himachal Pradesh Government Data Card Plan for Internet access  (.pdf format)

9 10.09.2013

Office Order - The instruction regarding procedure for routing papers/representations by the employee (teacher and non-teachers)  (.jpg format)

8 18.07.2013

Notification regarding ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization ......  

ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization (.pdf format)

7 18.07.2013

Notification regarding Academic Council vide resolution No. 17 of the proceedings of its 145th meeting held on 15.06.2013 .......  (.pdf format)

6 14.06.2013

Notification regarding to prescribe the composition of the Departmental Promotion Committees for ministerial & administrative categories and stenographic cadre.......  (.pdf format)

5 06.04.2013

Notification regarding The matter for identification of the multidisciplinary departments of the University was placed before Vice Chancellor and on the recommendations of the committee so constituted for the purpose.........  (.jpg format)

4 01.04.2013

Major recommendations on improvement of working conditions and strengthening of National Commission for the Scheduled Cast containing in its Annual Report for the year 2010-11 and 2011-12 regard (.jpg format)

3 28.1.2013

Notification regarding BOM 104th meeting held on 8.1.2013 (.jpg format)

2 10.1.2013

Office Order regarding to appoint the teachers/scientists as Head of Departments (.jpg format)

1 3.1.2013

Notification regarding information required "FOR USE BY THE CADRE REVIEW COMMITTEE" (.pdf format)



9 3.1.2013

Office Order regarding dealing of official Papers (.jpg format)

8 17.09.2012

Hiring of Vehicle (Trucks) (.jpg format)

7 13.09.2012

Circular -  Policy regarding permanent absorption of surplus staff taken on secondment basis by the State Govt. (.pdf format)

6 29.08.2012

Notification -  In order to check the quantity and quality of milk, the Vice-Chancellor, CSK HPKV, Palampur has been pleased to re-constitute a committee. (.jpg format)

5 02.07.2012

Notification -  regarding at the time of joining of Project Staff etc, an affidavit on a Stamp Paper of Rs, 5.00 as per specimen given overleaf. (.pdf format)

4 23.05.2012

Office Order - Adjustment on rotation basis for a period of one (.jpg format)

3 21.04.2012

Notification - Dr. Jagmohan Badiyal  Professor, Deptt. of Horticulture as member on the Research Council (.jpg format)

2 23.03.2012

CIRCULAR - regarding postpone mid term examination of all UG & PG programmes till 27.03.2012 (.jpg format)

1 19.03.2012

CIRCULAR - regarding postpone mid term examination of all UG & PG programmes till 22.03.2012 (.jpg format)



16 27.12.11

Office Order regarding voluntary retirement of Dr. (Mrs.) Kamla Kanwar, Sr. Scientist (Soils) No. QSD. 6-48/88-CSKHPKV (Estt.)Vol-II-82307-31 Dated: 26.12.2011 (.jpg format)

15 23.12.11

Notification regarding recognition, empanelment to private Hospitals/Health Institutions/diagnostic labs for under going treatment and medical reimbursement to the CSKHPKV employees/their dependents and pensioners on the same terms and conditions specified therein. No. QSD.5-6/90-CSKHPKV/(A/Cs)/- 81718-810 DATED 22.12.2011 (.pdf format)

14 14.12.11

Notification regarding List of empanelled institutions and the specialty area for which the institution is empanelled (Shree Balaji Hospital) No. QSD.5-6/90-CSKHPKV/(A/Cs)/- 80227-322 DATED 14.12.2011 (.pdf format)

10 15.11.11

Notification regarding the revised transfer norms of the University No. QSD.2-6/87-CSKHPKV/(GA)/- 74593-707 DATED 11.11.2011 (.pdf format)

9 12.10.11

Notification regarding hiring of vehicles for official work No. QSD.Bud.4-52/011/CSKHPKV/68114-206 Dated 07-10-2011 (.pdf format)

9 6.8.11

8 22.7.11

7 22.7.11

6 23.5.11

5 2.4.11

Notification No. QSD.2-8/04-CSKHPKV (GA)Vol.V/-20766-880 Dated 31-03-2011 (pdf format)

4 2.4.11

3 21.1.11

2 21.1.11

1 12.1.11