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Last updated: 08.06.2021

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Media Protocol for the staff at CSK H.P. Agriculture University (including KVKs and Research stations), Palampur


1.       The underlying principle of all coverage should be to inform and create awareness.

2.       No coverage should cause any kind of panic or confusion among the public.

3.       Verify and cross verify all information prior to publication/broadcast/ telecast.

4.       Follow the golden rule: When in doubt, cut it out.

5.       You are responsible for ensuring that the information you post is accurate, unbiased and respectful of others.

6.       The purpose of campus-related social media accounts should be to support the University’s mission, goals, programs and events.

7.       Respect others views humbly.

8.       The staff should work on the philosophy of ‘Each employees is an Ambassador of the University’ and his/her behavior with internal and external public should be always  in line with this philosophy.

9.       No employee will bypass the channels of sharing information within the system and all official information sharing is to be done by the approved authorities.

10.    For interaction/sharing of useful information to highlight the University, it is to be done through Media Cell only.

11.    All such matter which spells out Policy/Instructions or which concerns any emergent situation/agitation, etc. is to be approved by the competent authority before it is release to press.

12.    Press can be invited to the University/KVKs/RRSs only with the consent of competent authority and there should be proper arrangement for media persons. If any media person visits at his own convenience, he/she is to be attended courteously.

13.    KVKs can issue routine press releases on their activities highlighting the KVK/University with a copy to Director of Extension Education. During all major programmes, official press release in Hindi and English with appropriate photographs in digital forms should be ready for proper coverage of the function.

14.    No employee is to be highlighted unless he has brought laurels  to the University.

15.    All previous orders regarding interaction, furnishing, information about achievements, giving news to press, electronic or social media with the permission of appropriate authority as conveyed by Officer Order No.1-24/2011-CSKHPKV(GA)Vol IV/10506-95 dated 16.02.2015, No. QSD. 2-6/2011-CSKHPKV(GA)/Vol.IX/10788-10892 dated 24.02.2014, No. QSD. 2-6/2015-CSKHPKV(GA)/Vol.X/35193-288 dated 13.07.2017 and Statutory provisions 8.1(7) & 8.1(10) and 8.1(15) CSK HPKV, Statues, 1988 are to be observed diligently.