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Last updated: 24.08.2017

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Media Protocol for the staff at CSK H.P. Agriculture University, Palampur

1.     The staff should work on the philosophy of ‘Each employee is an Ambassador of the University’ and his behavior with the internal and external public should be always in line with this thinking.

2.     No employee will bypass the channels of sharing information within the system and all official information sharing is to be done by the approved authorities.

3.     For interaction/ sharing of useful information to highlight the University, it is to be done through Media Cell only.

4.     All such matter which spells out Policy/Instructions or which concerns any emergent situation/agitation etc is to be approved by the competent authority before it is released to the Press.

5.     Press can be invited to the University/KVKs/RRSs only with the consent of competent authority.

6.     Usually, Press is not to be invited to routine functions/programmes.

7.     KVKs can issue routine  Press Releases on their activities highlighting the KVK/University with a copy to Director of Extension Education.

8.     No  employee is to be highlighted unless he has brought laurels to the University

9.     All previous orders regarding interaction, furnishing information about achievements, giving news to press, electronic or social media with the permission of appropriate authority as conveyed by Office Order    No.QSD.2-6/2015-CSKHPKV(GA)  Vol X/-35193-288, Dated 13 July 2017; Office Order    No.QSD.1-24/2011-CSKHPKV(GA) Vol IV/-10506-95,  Dated 16 Feb 2015; Office Order No.QSD.2-6/2011-CSKHPKV(GA)/Vol.IX/10788-10892, dated 24 Feb 2014  and       Statutory Provisions 8.1(7) & 8.1(10) and 8.1(15) CSKHPKV, Statues, 1988 are to be observed diligently.