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 (As Amended on 11-04-2017)

                 The association is a non-political organization of the teachers of Dr. GC Negi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences primarily concerned with professional, social, cultural and moral upliftment of the teachers working in the field of veterinary and animal sciences in CSK HPKV, Palampur.  The details regarding the governance of this association are as under:-



1(a). Name of the association: Veterinary and Animal Sciences Teachers’ Association abbreviated as “VASTA”.

1(b)  Logo: “VASTA” has adopted a logo (see annexure) to be used by the office of VASTA and shall denote the identity of Association at all platforms and in all communications. 


2.       Head-quarter: The headquarter of the association will be at College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, HPKV, Palampur, Distt. Kangra, (H.P.)-176062


3(a).  Date of formation of association: 11th January, 1993.

3(b).  Date of adoption of Logo: 11th April, 2017.


4         Definitions: As regards the terms used:

a.       College: Means Dr. G.C. Negi  College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Palampur, H.P.

b.      University: Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur (HP)-176 062 abbreviated as CSK HPKV.

c.       Association : Means, Veterinary & Animal Sciences Teachers association (VASTA), CSK HPKV. Palampur (H.P.)

d.      Teachers : Means faculty members of this University actively engaged in teaching, research and extension activities in the fields of veterinary and animal sciences.


5         Objectives:

a.       To strive to improve the teaching research and extension efficiency of members of the association.

b.      To strengthen professional brotherhood amongst the members.

c.       To work for the welfare of the teachers and their professional upliftment.

d.      To act as custodian for the rights of the teachers.

e.      To strive for maintenance of better teacher-taught relationship.

f.        To seek justice against discrimination, oppression, and exploitation of the members through democratic means.

g.       To secure better service conditions for the members.


6         Membership:

a.       The membership will be open to all the teachers/scientists working in the field of Veterinary and Animal sciences of CSK HPKV.

b.      The teachers to be enrolled as the members of the association are required to apply on a prescribed from after payment of requisite membership fees, which is to be renewed annually failing which he/she ceases to be the member of the association.


7         Membership fee:

a.    The annual VASTA membership fees (one calendar year) shall be Rupees 700-/- (seven hundred) only. The treasurer shall make necessary arrangements for the collection of fees and shall publish the list of active and functional VASTA members by 31st of March every year.


b.    The renewal of membership should be done as soon as a call in this regard is made by the treasurer (not later than the month of March every year). Any left out member, owing to any reason, if later on wish to become a part of VASTA shall have to deposit the full amount irrespective of the fact of remaining days in the calendar year, provided he / she was an active member, with valid membership, in the year immediately preceding to the year in question for membership. Else he / she have to pay re-admission fees of Rs. 100-/- along with the annual membership fees.


c.        New appointees will be enrolled any time after their joining in the disciplines / department.


d.    In a situation, which demands additional finances, the executive committee can raise the same from the members.


8         Rights:  All the bonafide members will be treated as equal irrespective of any consideration and every member will ipso facto have an equal right to franchise and to attend the meetings of the general body of the association.


9         Office bearers: a) The association will have an executive committee comprising of five/elected members as mentioned below:

i)                    President

ii)                   Vice-President

iii)                 General Secretary

iv)                 Joint-Secretary

v)                  Treasurer   


b) The members of the executive committee will be elected as per the election procedure (10) given below.


c) The tenure of the executive committee will be for one year.


d) The President and the Gen. Secretary may co-opt a maximum of two members of the general body to the executive/sub-committee/adhoc committee for a specific purpose.  However, such co-opted members will not have the right to franchise in the meetings of executive committee.



10.    Election procedure:

a)      Elections will be held as per the election process agreed to by the general body. If required guidelines may be taken from the notifications of University/HPKV Teachers’ confederation.

b)      The elections will be conducted through secret ballots.

c)       Any bonafide member of the association before the announcement of election process will have the right to contest for any office after filling his nomination on a prescribed proforma.



11.   Functions of the executive committee:


a.       The executive committee shall be responsible to the general body.

b.      At least 2 days prior notice along with agenda items is to be given for holding the executive committee meetings.

c.       The quorum for the executive committee meetings will be 2/3rd of the total strength.

d.      In case of any emergent situation the executive committee can take decision by majority vote.


12.   Duties of office-bearers:  The duties of the office bearers are as under:

a.       President:   (i) Shall preside over all the meetings of executive committee and general body.  

Iii) He will be the principal executive and administrative head of the Association and enjoy all the powers delegated to him by the general body to discharge his duties efficiently.

(iii) He will have casting vote in crucial decisions of the general body/executive.


b.      Vice President: The Vice-President will perform the duties of president in the absence

of the later.


c.       General Secretary:  Shall be in charge of the association secretariat and all relevant records.

 He shall call meetings in consultation with the President and make necessary arrangements for smooth functions of the Association.


d.      Joint Secretary:         The functions of the Joint Secretary will be to assist the General

Secretary in the smooth working of the Association and discharge his duties in his absence.


e.      Treasurer:   The treasurer will:

i.                 Hold all the assets of Association on its behalf.

ii.                   Receive payments and gifts on behalf of the Association and collect annual subscription from members.

iii.                  Make authorized payment on behalf of the Association as indicated in rule 15.

iv.                 Responsible to maintain all accounts of the association and present the same to the president whenever required to do so.

v.                   Prepare the budget and submit audited report of income and expenditure to the general body in its annual meeting.

vi.                 In addition he will perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the executive committee from time to time.



13.    Meetings of the General Body:


a.       At least 3 days notice is to be given and circulated to the members for holding general body meeting. However, The President in consultation with the General Secretary may convene the general body meeting on a shorter notice also. Information regarding holding up of the meeting may be circulated either by written notice or by e-mail and any other electronic / internet media capable of taking up the required information up to the end-user.

b.      The quorum for such ordinary meetings should be 50% of the total members.

c.       It will be obligatory for the executive to convene general body meeting on written requisition of one fourth of total membership of the general body.

d.      The annual general body meeting will be held in the month of Jan. every year to present annual reports of general secretary and Treasure before the beginning of election process for the new office bearers.  In addition there will be at least one general body meeting in a semester.

e.      The general body will have the right to drop a member of the E.C.  at any time whose conduct is detrimental to the association by 3/4th majority of the regular members of the association.

f.        For making any written public statement the President, General Secretary or other office bearers shall not use the Association Office without the prior approval of executive committee.


14.   Auditors: The general body shall appoint two auditors amongst the members every year to audit the accounts of the Association.


15.   Amendment in the constitution:  Any amendment in the constitution is to be done by the General body of the Association by simple majority of the total valid membership of the association (Excluding those who are abroad or in other states of India owing to some special assignment of long term nature). The proposal for effecting amendment in the constitution will be submitted to the executive committee duly signed by 1/5th of the membership or may be brought by the executive committee at its own. Same shall be put before the general body for discussion and approval or rejection.


16.   Miscellaneous:

a.       Any matter not embodied in the constitution can be decided by the General body/Executive Committee (To be endorsed by the general body within 15 days).

b.      The funds of the Association will be deposited in scheduled bank in the name of the Association duly approved by the Association.

c.       The bank accounts will be operated jointly by the Treasurer and General Secretary.

d.      All expenses are to be counter signed by the President and approved by the executive committee.


17.   Resignation and Vacation of office:                Any vacancy arising as a result of transfer / resignation /death of an office bearer shall be filled in by co-option from the members of executive committee for the remaining part of the tenure of the association.


The constitution was 1st approved / accepted in the general body meeting of the association held on 16.1.1993 and subsequently amended in the General Body meetings of the Association held on 30.1.1997 and further. Last amendments were incorporated on 08-12-2016. The latest amendments however are incorporated and come into force w.e.f. 11.04.2017 after approval from the general body.   





Dated : 11.04.2017                                                                                                                      General Secretary

                                                                                                                                        (Dr. Ankur Sharma)






                   (Dr. Subhash Verma)







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