RKVY Project

Major activities under RKVY Project of capacity building

• The project has a mandate of providing on campus and off campus capacity building training on clinical skills and development of website for web based consultancy.

• A schedule for training 75 Veterinary officers up to March, 2013 has been approved by the Director AH and the target of the same has been achieved.

• A CPD practioner kit for field practice consisting of assorted material has been made and distributed to all the trainees to enable them to practice during filed visits/hospitals.

On campus trainings

• Four (4) super cluster trainings of 8 Veterinary officers have been organised covering 10 districts of the state.

• 7 (seven) field group trainings of 6 veterinary officers each have been organised covering 10 districts of the state.

Web based consultancy portal

• The creation of web portal namely www.consultvetpalampur.org for online consultancy is in progress.

• The printing of book on Continual Professional Development: A Guide for Veterinary Practitioners is in progress.

Procurement of equipments

• The approved equipments are being purchased and some of the purchases are mid way.

Off campus trainings

• The schedule for off campus training is ready and will be commenced from Mid June, 2014.

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