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Onsite training to farmers of tribal districts of Kinnaur and Lahaul & Spiti



Distribution of medicines / materials to the farmers in tribal areas :




Participation in State Level Cattle Fair (Nalwar)--2010 at Sundernagar



Participation of experts in Trainings :

(Training to SSB personals)


Diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases

Examination of clinical samples:

Clinical samples (Faeces, blood, urine, milk and skin scrapings) obtained from sick animals are examined to provide confirmatory diagnosis.

Clinical Camps:

Staff members of the department participate in clinical/ animal health camp where clinical cases pertaining to medicine discipline are diagnosed and treated.

Disease outbreak and emergency services:

Department also attends disease outbreaks among the livestock of the state, in addition to odd hour and emergency services at the door step of the farmers.

Extension lectures:

Staff members of the department deliver extension lectures to the farmers of the state during short term extension trainings (dairy, poultry, rabbitory etc.) organised by the Directorate of Extension Education.

Radio talk:

Through radio the farmers are educated and apprised about management and control of diseases of livestock.

Consultancy and Emergency services:

These services were provided to the farmers either in the clinics or at the door step, tele medicine consultancy as & when required.

Services to livestock farm:

Services are provided to the CSK HPKV Livestock farm.



  •  4 outside funded research projects completed.

  • Various diseases prevalent in the state were diagnosed and management provided.

  • 24 M. V. Sc. students completed their master programme.

  •  22 training/ refresher courses organized / participated.

  • About 258 extension lectures delivered.

  • 67 disease outbreaks in different species of livestock at various parts of the state were attended.

  • More than 100 research papers published.

  • 80 research papers presented at various conferences.

  • Staff members received 18 national awards.

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