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(1) Teaching :

a. This department is providing on and off campus practical exposure to undergraduate, postgraduate and internship students through diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases, which serve as random study sample of the diseases of livestock, pets and wild species prevalent in the state.

b. All support in the form of manpower, infrastructure, equipment, medicines, reagents and chemicals to carry on this activity is provided by this department. Computer facility with LAN has been installed for efficient teaching, maintaince and review of clinical records.

c. Courses offered: Following courses (17 numbers) are being offered and taught by clinical and paraclinical faculty of the college-

a.  Veterinary Clinic Practice                                             VCP-411 (0+5)
b.  Veterinary Clinic Practice                                             VCP-421 (0+5)
c.  Veterinary Clinic Practice                                              VCP-511 (0+5)
d.  Veterinary Clinic Biochemistry & Laboratory Diagnosis      VLD-411 (0+1)
e.  Veterinary Clinic Biochemistry & Laboratory Diagnosis      VLD-421 (0+1)
f.  Compulsory Internship Programme                                 Six months

(2) Extension:
a. Treatment of OPD Clinical cases: Routine and referred clinical cases pertaining to surgery, medicine and gynecological are treated.
b. Organization of Clinical camps: The department is providing clinical services at the door step of farmers by organizing clinical camps in every part of state including far flung tribal areas.
c. Clinical Diagnostic facilities available: X-ray, ultrasonography, endoscopy, laparoscopy, image intensifier, ECG, electocautery, inhalant anaesthetic machine, multiple para monitor, blood gas analyser, blood biochemical analyser, blood cell counter, haemodialyser etc.
d. Emergency Services: Emergent services are provided round the clock including Sunday and holidays. Major emergencies like Colic, intestinal obstruction, dystocia, uterine/vaginal prolapse, obstruction of oesophagus/ intestine, hernia bloat/tympany,snake bite , and burns are attended by the concerned department.
e. Indoor facility: This department is also providing the indoor ward facilities. The emergency cases are admitted and there is facility for the farmers/ animal owners to stay.
f. Diseases Outbreaks: The faculty members are also attending the diseases outbreaks (viz., haemorrhagic septicemia, PPR, sheep and goat pox) in the tribal as well as different parts of the state with the help of para-clinical departments.
g. Consultancy services: Consultancy services to the livestock owners are being offered commonly by  the faculty on personal visit or on telephone. This has become very popular amongst farmers in the far flung areas and has helped them in taking proper measures for health and production related problems of their livestock and pets. Farmers of DRDA projects in Kangra, Solan, Hamirpur, Mandi and other parts have been benefited a lot through telephonic consultancy. Radio and TV Talks on current animal health and other related problems are delivered by Dharamsala and Shimla stations.Telephonic and personal visit consultancy is being offered directly or through Directorate Extension Education or at Telephone No. 01894-230381.Lecture cum demonstrations are also given to the field officers para veterinary staff and farmers of the state from field point of view.
Community Services:
Blue Cross Society of (H.P.) recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India is actively carrying out Community Welfare Services through this department in which faculty and student volunteers are participating. The society is regularly involved in animal birth control activities (ABC), deworming, vaccination etc., in every part of the state.
Wild Life Activity: The department is in liaison with Wild life wing of state and regularly providing consultancy and emergency services to the wild animals as and when required.
Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory cum Exhibition Van: Itís a source of providing expert diagnostic services in the different parts of the state. It is well equipped with the diagnostic laboratory. There is facility for blood, urine and faecal examination. The van is also provided with the multiple para-monitor and surgical equipments.  

(3) Research:
This unit is serving as potent source of applied research material from  clinic and  field which is being submitted to concerned para clinical department for further processing reporting and publishing. The routine clinical samples viz., swabs, blood, milk, skin scrapings etc. are sent for further investigations and they act as a source for the research to post graduate students.