Ph. D. students:

Sr.     Name                                      Title                                               Year

1.       Smt. Bharati Thakur        Hydrobiology and fishery of the                 1996

                                                Poon Khud, a tributary of River Beas.

2.       Smt. Indu Sharma           Studies on histology & histochemistry        1999

of pituitary gland of a few cyprinid

Fishes with reference to breeding behavior.

Undergraduate dissertations:

Sr.     Name                                      Title                                                Year

1.       Sh. Mohinder Singh         Economics of fish faming in Hilly

 areas.                                                       2003

2.       Sh. Yudhbir Singh           Breeding of mirror carp in H.P.                 2003

3.       Sh. Manav Guleria           Economics of common carp seed

                                                production.                                              2004