About the Department

 The Department of Animal Nutrition has been established with the primary aim to undertake teaching, research and extension activities since 29.06.1991, as a consequence of the trifurcation of the erstwhile Department of Animal Production into:

i)                  Animal Breeding, Genetics and Biostatics

ii)              Animal Nutrition

iii)           Fisheries

The Department of Animal Production had been renamed from Department of Animal Sciences w.e.f. 18.03.1987 in the newly established College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences in this University. The Department of Animal Sciences had been established since 01.03.1974 and earlier that it was an Animal Scinece section in College of Agriculture, PAU, Ludhiana/Agriculture Complex, HPU Shimla since 1967. At present the department is very well established and is comparable to all the major departments of the University