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Northern Region's Landmark Training on Veterinary Emergency Response Operations

The Veterinary Emergency Response Unit, North Zone, Dr GC Negi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, CSKHPKV Palampur, hosted a significant "National Training of Trainers on Veterinary Emergency Response Operations” from December 13th to 16th, 2023. This milestone event in the Northern region focused on training six veterinary experts from Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences as Master Trainers. The organizers engaged over 25 veterinary and other experts from fire, forest, police, paramilitary services, and rescue teams.

The training comprehensively covered diverse topics including disaster management principles, animal rescue, rehabilitation, emergency treatment during disasters, necessary supplies such as medicines and rescue equipment, emergency nutrition, wildlife rescue, biosecurity, carcass disposal, among others. It featured various practical demonstrations encompassing fire safety, utilization of fire extinguishers, use of tracking and sniffer dogs, safe casualty transportation, rope techniques in search and rescue, safety protocols in mountainous terrains, and strategies for rescuing animals stranded in disaster zones.

Participants interacted with an experienced ITBP expert, gaining insights into real-life emergency scenarios. They also received demonstrations on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation at Gopalpur Zoo and observed the use of tranquilizing guns for animal restraint. Additionally, trust-building activities and disaster simulation exercises were conducted.

Trainees collected crucial data from nearby villages, pivotal for effective disaster management as part of preparedness and response operations.

During the valedictory function, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Dr. DK Vatsa, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He commended the Dean, the entire VERU team, and the resource persons for their commendable efforts, exporting to the LUVAS scientists to establish a VERU in their university and train veterinarians on these aspects.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Dean and convenor of the VERU, elaborated on the establishment of the center at Palampur and its contributions to capacity-building among veterinarians and stakeholders in emergency response operations.

Professor Subhash Verma, Director of the Training of Trainers program, provided an overview of the four-day training through visuals. Dr. Ankur Sharma, as Organizing Secretary, conveyed the vote of thanks, while Dr. Rishika Vij and Dr. Ankaj Thakur served as Co-secretaries. The university's statutory officers, department heads, faculty members, and students actively participated in the closing ceremony.