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The traditional weaving industry in HP is facing a stiff competition from power loom industry of neighboring industrial centers in Ludhiana and Amritsar. Industries are capable of mass production at low costs to capture the market. Hence The expertise in blending of wool with other fibres can be utilized for preparation of diversified products that can helping meeting the requirement of national as well as international market and weavers need to innovate and respond in a befitting manner through use of eco friendly premium natural dye technology. Natural dye cultivation/ collection, processing, extraction and dyeing if promoted as agro based rural cottage industry will open immense possibilities for livelihood and promote rural economy.

  • Blending of natural fibres with other fibres.

  • Creating awareness regarding eco friendly natural colors & their economic benefits for women

  • Experimentation with locally available plant material & waste from food processing units for dyeing woolen yarns & standardization of dyeing technology which yields best colors and color fastness (BIS Standards)

  • Transfer of natural dyeing technology to weaver women through participatory training and capacity building.

  • Computer Aided Designing for handloom sector.

Realizing its vast potential for creation of employment opportunities in the agricultural, industrial, organized and decentralized sectors & rural and urban areas, particularly for women and the disadvantaged, with substantial value-addition at each stage of processing; and its major contribution to the country’s economy, Integrated Human Resource Development has been identified a thrust area under the national Textile policy.

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