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 The Department of Human Development is performing its three fold functions as per the norms of the University and ICAR i.e. Teaching, Research and Extension


  • Teaching to Under Graduate  students of College of Home Science.
  • Teaching to Post Graduate  students of College of Home Science.
  • Teaching to Vocational Elective to Under Graduate  students of College of Home Science.


  • Empowerment of  Rural Girl Child for Quality Life
  • Physical, motor and Emotional development of ICDS and Non ICDS Children
  • Cognitive and Language Development of ICDS and non ICDS Children

Following researches have already been done: 

  • Gender discrimination studies
  • Feeding and immunization practices
  • Awareness of adolescent girls regarding child care
  • Trends in television viewing and its effect on children
  • Impact of comprehensive intervention on mental and motor development of male and female infants 
  • Attitude of teenagers towards their grand parents
  • Girl school drop out studies
  • Occupational and recreational activities of elderly.
  • Awareness of adolescents towards maternal empowerment
  • Mothering practices among Gaddi tribes
  • Family Life Education

  • Menopausal Health Status of Women in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh

  • Prevalence of Exceptionalities Among Per-school Children of Kangra Distt.of Himachal Pradesh.

  •  Marital Atrocities in Women of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh

  • Impact of Intervention on Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls in Palam Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Attitude of Mothers towards Girl Child in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh.

  •  Interest and Aspiration of Underprivileged Children.

  • Stressors during pregnancy and their effect on neonatal weights.

  • Socio-emotional development of school going children in female-headed households in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh

  • Self-concept of only child and child with siblings

  • Effect of Parenting Styles on Social Intelligence of adolescents

  • Socio-economic deprivation and personality pattern of adolescents



  •  Kisan Melas/Kisan Divas/University Museum: The department exhibit various displays, models and educational material for rural masses.
  • Radio talks: The experts of the department have delivered  radio talks at All India Radio, Shimla and Dharamsala.
  • Extension Lectures: The faculty also delivers expert lectures to the  adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers, rural farm women and agriculture officers of the state government.   
  • Camps: Conducted camps for NGO’s, agriculture officers and farmwomen
  • Paid Trainings: The faculty and staff of the department imparted paid trainings on Soft toy making to 120 farm women of Panchrukhi and Bhawarna blocks of district Kangra of Palampur.
  • Demonstrations: The department imparts income generating activities to adolescent girls and farm women on: soft toy making, paper bag making, embroidery, candle making, macramé (bags, wall hangings, magazine holder, pot holder and swing for infants), toiletry kit making, foot mat, artificial fruit making, basket making





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