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 Last Updated: January 06, 2017


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The faculty and staff of department of Human Development caters to the rural masses through various extension activities

Training camps organized for women and girls are a regular feature which covers:

  • Promoting vocational skills which were cost effective
  • Scientific child rearing practices
  • Reproductive and child health
  • Nutrition and general health
  • Education of girl child
  • Empowerment of women on various aspects like rights, laws & other legal aspects related to marriage, divorce and child labors
  • Population education and ageing in the society
  • Establishment of polyhouses
  • Training on vermi compost
  • Rural adolescent girls were economically empowered by providing them trainings on toiletry kit making, paper bag making, candle making and soft toy making.

Lectures and demonstrations are given on following topics to the rural people in villages:

  •  Care of children by farm women

  •  Toys and Play Materials for Stimulating Optimum Development in Infants & children

  •  Importance of balwadis/anganwadis

  •  Antenatal and Neonatal care

  •  Gender discrimination

  •  Infant Nutrition, Hygiene and Health

  •  Developmental Milestones of Infants and children

  •  Family Planning methods

  •  Reproductive health of adolescents

  •  Early detection of deformities

  •  Upbringing practices


The social evils are also dealt   with  i.e

  •  Gender insensitiveness
  •  Drinking
  •  Smoking
  •  Dowry
  •  Involvement of  women in agricultural practices
  •  Proper distribution of family resources by women
  • Population problems

Extension Literature: Extension literature developed by the experts of the  department is helpful for the dissemination of information to rural masses.

Educational Packages

  • Understanding Developmental Milestones of Infants (Birth to 36 months) and Stimulatory Environment.

  • Toys and Play Materials for Stimulating Optimum Development in Infants (Birth to 36 months).

  •  Conducive Home Environment for Infants and Young Children.

  • Antenatal and Neonatal Care.

  • Infant nutrition, hygiene and health

Technical Bulletins

  • Child rearing practices

  • Physical and psycho-social development of rural children      and adolescents

  •  Mental developmental milestones of rural children (Birth to 36 months.)

  •  Psychomotor developmental milestones of rural children (Birth to 36 months)

Leaflets and Pamphlets

  • Breast Feeding

  • Supplementary Feeding

  • Weaning Foods

  • Exceptional Children

  • Balwadi Ka Mahatva

  • Navjat Shishu Ki Malish

  • Navjat Shishu Ki Dekhbhal

  • Kishorion mein vaygtigat swachatha

  • AIDS- Ek jagrukta

  • Prajanan pranali se sambandhit jankari

  • Jeevansathi ka chunav kaise Karen

  •  Kishorion mein poshak tatvon ki kami se hone wale rog avam satrot

  • Kishorion mein sharirik parivartan

  •  Developing self -esteem

  • Parivar niyojan ke Surakshit tarike

  • Behtar Communication

  • Kishorawastha ki vishestayen

  • Swach Jal swasthaya ka aadhar

  • Anganwadi ke antangrang kriyakalap


  • Kishoravastha - Poshan, Sharirik Parivartan avam Svasthya

  • Baatcheet karne ke prabhavshali trike

  • Shishion ke meelpather

  • Naram khilone banane ki vidhi

  • Aao ghar sajan

  • Entrepreneurial activities in adopted villages

  • Aapke Fasle-Apki soch


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