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 Last Updated: January 06, 2017


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Department of Human Development

Nursery School Activities


Anganwadi trainees


The Department of Human Development is one of the five departments of College of Home Science. This department came into being in the year 1991 with the creation of College of Home Science.

This department imparts comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate education, emphasizing the professional teaching through audio visual teaching techniques. We emphasis on the development and dissemination of new knowledge through research, teaching, and extension activities. We are dedicated to enhance the quality of rural and general masses which concerns with the developmental and psychological aspects of entire human life span. Major focus of our efforts is the quality enhancement of our programs as they concerns to our future challenges and goals.


The objective of the department is to provide quality education to students and improving the lives of individuals for better quality of life.

Lab Nursery School

The department is running a Lab Nursery School for children in the age group 3 years ± 6 months. The total strength of children in the school at present shall be 15. The school is being run since 1988 and serves as a model to rural Anganwadis and private schools running in the surrounding areas. Pre School education is vital aspect of Child’s learning and development. It helps to expand the range of children’s learning experience. Importance of preschool lies in the fact that students become more confident, enthusiastic and eager learners in life. It can give much needed edge which is required so that your child can succeed. It provides various opportunities for promoting motivation and imagination among children. It helps the children to communicate in a better fashion. Hence pre school education plays a significant role in our lives by benefiting them in many ways so that the students get the sound foundation for their later life. Its main objectives include:

Providing for the child’s well being.

Developing good health habits in children.

Satisfying the educational needs.   

Promoting educational growth of children

Cultivation of Positive Emotions

Stimulating Aesthetic Appreciation


The Anganwadi Training centre was sanctioned by the Government of India to train Anganwadi workers from different parts of the State of Himachal Pradesh. The Anganwadi Training centre is being run in the department of Human Development, College of Home Science, CSKHPKV, Palampur since November 2011. Till now 37 Job trainings and 39 Refresher courses have been conducted. A total of 2421 Anganwadi workers have been trained till date. The centre has qualified Instructors who are post graduates and Alumni of the College of Home Science. The lectures are being delivered by the experts from various disciplines in addition to the lectures by the instructors .The trainees are given practical training experience at Laboratory Nursery School of the department. In addition field trips are being organized for the trainees. The trainees are also benefitted from the academic and scenic surroundings of the university.

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