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The recognized objectives of the department include the discovery of new knowledge through fundamental research and the dissemination of existing knowledge. The department conducts innovative research on the following thrust areas  to meet the goals and to fulfill the mission of the University and State.

  • Post-harvest conservation and utilization of fruit and vegetables

  • Documentation, nutritional evaluation and value addition of  underutilized  crops as well as millets, fruits and vegetables of Himachal Pradesh

  • Waste disposal management and environmental protection

  • Traditional Foods–preparation,  supplementation, and  nutritional  contribution

  • Utilization of surplus foods and food waste

  • Food formulations and shelf life studies

  • Natural protectants against insect infestation in stored grains

  • Food enrichment and fortification  

  • Food safety and quality

  • Meal planning and diet therapy

  • Applied and community nutrition

  • Product development and quality evaluation

  • Development, Nutritional Evaluation and Intervention of

*       Low-cholesterol foods

*       Diabetic foods

*       Nutraceutical foods

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