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The three fold objectives of the department 

  •          Teaching

  •          Research

  •          Extension

 aim at the advancement of learning at UG and PG levels, prosecution of research in different thrust areas and catering to the needs of the hill farmers and farmwomen by  dissemination of the developed technologies  to them through different extension methodologies. All these efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life of the masses in relation to their health, nutritional status and socio-economic upliftment.



The department educates the students in every aspect of food science and nutrition in order to prepare them for successful opportunities and to meet the increasing demand for food science and nutrition professionals worldwide. There is a great demand in the global food industry for highly knowledgeable and competent food scientists. Opportunities for nutritional scientists include research positions in laboratories, hospitals, and industry.

At undergraduate level, the curriculum and the vocational electives in the field of post-harvest technology and catering management provides students a strong foundation in the basics of food  science and human nutrition so as to pursue their post graduation in the respective discipline.

 The course curriculum has been continuously refined and modified in view of the national level developments.  In addition to investigative research and extension, the faculty apply their knowledge and skills to instruct courses, as well as provide mentoring environment for the students. The department also offers M.Sc and Ph.D programmes to provide excellency in the subject matter for students interested in the field of food science, food technology,  nutrition, , health, and who would like to pursue challenging and exciting careers in these rapidly growing areas.

 Our applied, laboratory-based courses are designed keeping in view the growing opportunities in the above mentioned areas. Students are taught and educated about functional food components , food safety, sensory evaluation, food quality control and  assurance, new product development, food chemistry, food processing, diet therapy, maternal and child nutrition, nutritional disorders, macro and micro-nutrients in human nutrition  and much more. The department offers minor programs to students in other disciplines who wish to complement their study program in the area of Food Science and Nutrition.

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