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The Department of Food Science and Nutrition was a constituent sub-division of the then Department of Home Science in 1980. It got its shape when Master of Science programme in Food Science and Nutrition was introduced in July 1982-83 academic session. After the up gradation of Department of Home Science to College of Home Science in May 1991, it became a full-fledged department. Since then it has been functioning as a major Department in the College of Home Science.The Department of Food Science and Nutrition  is the only department offering M.Sc and Ph.D. courses in Food Science and Nutrition in the state of Himachal Pradesh since more than two decades.

Aim of establishment

The state of Himachal Pradesh has developed agro-horticulture forestry avocations where women are known to play an important role. The varied topography of Himachal Pradesh had offered an excellent opportunity and natural glasshouse conditions for growing a large number of fruits and vegetables including off-season and exotic vegetables. Apart from apple, the state of Himachal Pradesh is excelling in the production of kiwifruit, hops, off-season peas, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot etc. Hence, this department was established to look after the needs of hill farmers and providing nutritional security through post-harvest conservation, value addition and better utilization of available food sources.

Nutrition is the study of food, its components, and how the body handles food substances. The area of nutrition plays a significant role in enhancing the nutritional status of individuals, families and communities and thus contributing to overall national development. The ultimate aim of all developmental progress is to achieve the goal of "Health for All".

The department since its inception fulfills this aim by conducting research and imparting training on various nutrition programmes oriented towards excellence and community development to shape the future generation into nutrition conscious citizens.


The three fold objectives of the department aim at progressive and high quality education of undergraduate and graduate students, prosecution of innovative research in different thrust areas and creative outreach education disseminated through different extension methodologies. The Department is well equipped with facilities for high quality teaching, research and extension.  The department has separate undergraduate and postgraduate laboratories, quality control lab, pilot scale food processing plant, bakery and confectionery lab and animal experiment lab.

The Department has started B.Tech in Food Science and Technology from the current academic session i.e. 2010-11.

The department also offers M.Sc and Ph.D programme in Food Science and Nutrition for students interested in pursuing challenging and exciting careers in  rapidly growing areas of food processing, food science, human nutrition and  health. Till date, it has produced 22 Ph.D. and 84 M.Sc. students. Students after doing M.Sc and Ph.D are well placed as school and college cadre lecturers, dietitians, nutrition officer and faculty in State Agricultural Universities.

The department has completed about eight research projects funded by the ICAR, DST and IERP. The research areas have been continuously updated keeping pace with the current food and nutrition scenario at the state and national level.

The department has also focused on dissemination of developed technologies and imparting knowledge based educational programmes and need based trainings for various segments of the population. 

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