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Account Name: College Alumni Association of Basic Sciences (CAABS)

Account No.: 38939658871

IFSC Code: SBIN0003632

Branch Name: SBI, HPAU, Palampur


Dr. Abhishek Walia

Assistant Professor

Department of Microbiology,

College of Basic Sciences,

CSK HPKV, Palampur (HP)

Pin Code-176062. India


Mobile No.: +919815358847; +917018410272

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SrNoName Year.Remarks
1 Navjeevan July 2006-June 2009 college life (BASICIAN) - memorable life Navjeevan Researcher MRHRU-DHR(ICMR)
2 Shweta Chambial 1996-1998 I was second batch of MSc. We were just three of us, Shivesh, Ramesh and I. Now when I look back, I would describe my stay as a very memorable one, feeling nostalgic in fact at this moment. Did not realise in those two years that apart from academics I would have any other memories in future. So much cherish the smiling face , always welcoming attitude and patient ear of my advisor Sir, Dr. MK Gupta. I am a teacher now and try my best so that even my students can cherish the same. Feel happy and proud to be alumunus of COBS. Best wishes forever.
3 Swati katoch 2007-2009 How to start !!! Those were the best days of my life. Initially I was very doubtful on my decision to join the biology department when in others there were lots of opportunities but I listened to my inner soul and joined but then I never looked back. COBS provided the strong foundation on which I can shape and build my future fearlessly. I would like to thank my mentor Dr SK kaushal who always taught me how to fight your fears not only while giving the presentation but also in life. I want to thank one more person who always stood behind all of us and taught not only the programming language FORTRAN but made every single class so fun and full of life by giving examples such as ""kangri dham"". Today I am sitting in MNC and working as senior analyst and its all because of Vaibhav Sir,you are the true inspiration behind my career. I cherish each and every minute I spent in COBS. Miss my friends (Rimpee,Pushpa,Madhuri ,Babli and Anshul),seniors and full batch of 2007 from different department. Thanks and Regards, Swati Katoch
4 Bhartendu 2015-2018 This college and all my respected and loving teachers had given me all the opportunities to express myself in front of everyone and made me a good citizen. Not only this but it is their support and dedication for us only which made us to achieve something new in our life..... The time I spend here was the most precious and beautiful. I will always be full of good memories that I have gathered there.
5 Aditi Sood 2009-2012 A place that will always remain in my heart. . Remembering first day of college in the fear of ragging to the last day of college.. It has been a beautiful journey.. From Studying to enjoying, this place has given so much memories that one can always cherish them for lifetime..
6 Abhishek Walia 2003-2006 I enjoyed my stay at COBS. Recently, i joined as Assistant Professor in Microbiology, COBS. Today when i roam in the college, it reminds me the good memories i spend here. From where i started my college days, now again m here to start my career as teacher. Thanks to COBS, CSKHPKV.
7 Dr surbhi kaul sharma 1993-1998 I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my college life
8 Devender Singh 2001-2004 My three year stay at Palampur was awesome. Three year spent in UG (Dhauladhar hostel)was great learning experience of my life. The company of my friends Harry, Yash, panku, anil, sood, gaurav are still cherished and remembered with a smile on face. Manoj Negi sir always as helpful and guiding. Teachers such as Dr Anita, Dr kamlesh, Dr Navneet, Dr katoch and Dr MK Gupta were always inspiring and motivating for me.
9 Kavita Rana 2011-2015 It was best part of my life till now. I have learned moral and ethical values there. Environment full of education, memories and unending fun. I cherish all the beautiful years i had spend there.
10 Bhartendu 2015-2018 The life of college is always considered as the best part of life. And its just not the fact , but a reality. I came across so many good things in the college that always taught me something valuable. The teachers always supported me and encouraged me not only for studies but for other co-curricular activities also and i will always be thankful to them. And of course I had great memories with my classmates also which still makes me to feel happy. Even my seniors and juniors were so supportive that I can never forget them ever in my life.
11 Sumna Devi 2010-2013 Beautiful campus with very nice faculty. . Although all the teachers are very helpful but specially wants to thanks professor Mrs. Sharda Singh mam thankyou mam for always there for me......
12 Sachin Rana 2015-18-2018 Surely days I have spent at cobs were best days of my life..I will always cherish the moments i have with me..and memories with my friends...
13 SHIKHA 2014-2017 Had a great experience of my life in COBS. It was a very beautiful and rememberful journey. Atmosphere was very positive and good. Had a great experience. Miss those days.
14 Arun Kumar 2015-2018 3 years Of College were very aweome and memorable.Yanha ke professors ,lab attendent ,Other faculty sare bade helpful the ka har function hamesa yad rahega ,specially jo Humne last me BASIC DHAM kareye(Very Yummy) Very peacful Environment.Now i am doing Msc chemistry From NIT HAMIRPUR....I SPECIALLY THANKFUL to all my teachers for Always supporting me ...MAJOR missing UG HOSTEL... Missing All 😊
15 Rajesh Kumar Sharma 1999-2002 These are the most memorable days of my life, which make me happy whenever I remember those days. COBS has produced many officers for Indian Armed Forces, which make it one of the best college of India. I feel proud to be a part of this college. I hope, each students of this college is doing their best keeping nation first in the mind. Jai Hind Jai Bharat...... Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics NIT Hamirpur M. No. +917832070809
16 Sheetal Sood 2003-2008 College days are the best part of life... & I have spend my beautiful days at COBS...
17 Harish Kapoor 2001-2005 i have a great experience of my life at COBS during my stay of 3.5 years at college. i still cherish all the moments spent with college friends at college campus, university campus or at college educational and cultural tours. At COBS you can enjoy all walks of your life. Under the able guidance of COBS teachers, you can excel in every field whether it is studies, sports or cultural programmes, everything you can find here. I feel proud to be a part of this institute in my lifetime. Harish
18 AMAN KATOCH 1998-2001 Being a BASICAN I FEEL PROUD.. Woh chote chote baal, over shirt, black shoee..wah kiya baat theee...seniors ko ninty marte marte kaye bar teachers ko b ho jata thaaa...... Patiyal G Ke canteen.....ka pechein wala kona----- Cricket tour Pant University......unforgettable moments Basket Ball ground mein cricket khelna.......... Freshers partyyyy-------------- Khoniii Nalaaa..... NCC mein refresherment lane ke liye Dr. Angiras G ke Competitions...... After B.Sc i joined Department of Microbiology in GNDU campus, where i did my Master In Microbiology 2004. MBA with Operation specialization. PG Diploma in Regulatory Affairs. Presently Working in Pharmaceutical formulation facility GLEN MARK PHARMACEUTICAL PVT. LTD. Nalagarh (Quality Assurance Department-Validation & Qualification Section).
19 Babli Devi 2007-2009 Good teaching faculty
20 Balbir Singh 1993-1999 It was very nice to be there. As the college was just at its beginning phase. There was a very good atmosphere, the total no. of students in the college was around 30. Hence every one knew each other very well. The teachers were also very cordial & helpful, most of them might have retired by now. There were some places in the college which were given unique names like Scandal Point, Quater, Vindravan etc.
21 Ravinder Singh Rana 1995-1998 Wonderful stay, Lived life upto full. Amazing Campus, Brilliant Gurus, aur doston ki to baat hi alag thi.
22 Dinkar Thakur 2003-2006 It was best think ever happen in my life. Many friend made. Still remember all things that happen there. Studying, Playing, Fighting it was everything.
23 Sumeet Mahajan 2001-2006 UNFOGETABLE
24 Abhishek guleria 2010-2013 Being a student of college of basic science i tried to organise 1st alumni get together in our college and i hope this will continue in future......... i have a great experience of my life at COBS during my stay of 3 years at college. i still cherish all the moments spent with college friends at college campus, university campus or at college educational and cultural tours.............................................. PROUD TO BE BASICAN..
25 KAVITA RANA 2010-2013 It was nice to be there. Good atmosphere,ragging free environment ,unforgettable trip and helpful teachers..........
26 Juby Katoch 2010-2013 I feel PROUD to be a part of this college. Excellent environment and helpful teachers..........these days were the beautiful days of my life.....gonna miss my college.........
27 Neha sharma 2010-2013 nice experience..... very good atmosphere...many beautiful days i had spend in COBS.......... unforgetable time with friends...........
28 Priya Dogra 2010-2013 The time which I spent with my friends in college during sports meet and cultural programs............
30 anil chauhan 2010-2013 i have a great experience of my life at COBS during my stay of 3 years at college. i still cherish all the moments spent with college friends at college campus, university campus or at college educational and cultural tours. unforgetable COBS,,,,,,,,,......................................
31 Arun Kumar Rana 1998-2002 Great days spent at COBS. Enjoyed a nice company of our mentors and friends during stay at COBS. Fresher's day, annual functions, Science Day, educational tour (South India), sports events, and NCC camps are the few events to mention which made an impact in our lives. We still treasure the golden days spent at COBS. Patial ji ki canteen, Vrindaban, Khooni Nala, Scandal point....great places to remember.......
32 PANKAJ VERMA 2010-2013 I had a great time in this college. I was the student of 2010-2013 batch. I was given a great opportunity in this college to build my personality.
33 Munish 1998-2001 Those were the memorable years of my life. Thanks and congratulate all students to start Alumni meet. With best Wishes.
34 Alpana 2005-2008 It was great to have my graduation at COBS. All the teaching faculty of the COBS was well qualified and the best. Iam very thankful to my teachers for their motivation and love. Iam especially thankful to Ramlal sir, he was the best and greatest teacher. iam thankful to all my seniors for their co-operation and guidance…… well my best part of the college days which i remember the most, was the SWO .....Table-Tennis room..... i really enjoyed alot to play T.T….. the whole day......... and i always hoped that this T.T room must be near or at our college......... :) now...about classes..... it was great to bunk classes....... :) it was wonderful to have fun at the round tables, basket-ball court and at the loan…….
35 Balwinder Chawla 1996-1999 College days are always the best days of my life, the friends we make,the days we spent together and the moments shared were priceless. I got so many experiences of life from junior to senior level. Always remembered CELEBRATIONS.
37 Abhimanyu Mahajan 2007-2010 Just few words those were the best days of my life.. Everyday brought something new during those days..
38 Pankaj Walia 2003-2007 hourly-midterm-assignments-endterm Jaan le late the :-) College time was really fun time...miss all my teachers..Oberoi sir's lectures..alcohols were my favourite ;-) man laga k jo padhe the. Physics....Ravinder Rana sir's Antiparticle theory...neende udane ko kafi thi..every particle has its Antiparticle.....what if every particle could find that..?? :P Vaibhav sir - Matrix ne v kam dimag ni khaya. ..;-) Ram Lal sir ko bahut miss karte hain - most jolly encouraging caring person. ..!! Our campus was really beautiful..round library where we used to play chess!! Had loads of fun...!! Sud sir darate bahut the..Radhesh sir very sympathetic towards us few boys..Suman ma'am still is in my quotations...'Never blame circumstances for your failure'...loved all my teachers...!!
39 jitender dogra 1999-2002 It was great time there which cant be explained in words.
40 Anurag Sharma 2010-2013 i like college campus,atmosphere and friendly environment....the best thing was tour to South India....have learnt so many things here....and i wish good luck to all the BASICANS.... :-)
41 Dr. Pratibha Vyas 1997-2002 The best years of my life, I can say....Excellent teachers, lots of good friends, nice seniors and juniors, and congenial environment to study. My most cherishable and unforgettable moments spent at COBS. I am proud to be a part of COBS alumni....
42 Smita 2002-2005 Most cherishable moments ....
43 Priyanka Chaudhary 2010-2013 Very good atmosphere, campus.... Unforgetable trip.... Helpful teachers i will never forget the time that i spend with my friends...
44 Shameema 2010-2013 Nice experience at COBS...amazing environment n unforgettable trip...precious moments spent with my friends...always miss those beautiful moments...
45 Gaurav sharma 2001-2005 I have spent nice and joyful time in cobs ,doing overall fun in all aspects in studay also.Its memorable time for all of basicans.I miss my colege days and friends.
46 Sanjeev Thakur 1994-2000 I would be happy to describe in person because i havn't enough words to express my feelings and happiness that i got this opportunity to write something. A class of 25 exceptionally different in all respects, curtailed to 14 after one semester. I remember my freshers' Day. First interaction with the seniors (Ragging). Made strong enough to fight against the odds. Loving seniors, (Aditya Bhai , Dev Dutt Bhai, Balbir bhai. Dr. Shivesh. Dr. Ajitabh, Dr,Amita, Dr. Surabhi, Dr. Shweta, Dr. Renu and so many), Juniors Abhilash and Ravinder (Bros) (a long list is there). And of course my class mates Late Cap. Saurabh Kalia, Late Ayesha (My wife), Neeraj (A buddy for life time ) Rajeev(My Agnipath Amitabh Bachchan, lost somewhere),Pankaj Verma, Sachin, Sanjeev Handa (We were three Sanjeev in one class; Late Dr. Sanjeev Kashyap, Myself and Handa), Tavisha (Friend for ever),Dr. Maya, Seema, Sanjeet, Bindu, Sonia, Sarika, Alankaar, Brijesh and Dr. Surjeet (Today's Dr Chadda; Vicky Donor). I was so happy to see Surjeet after 16 years. Many more, I still remember Scandal Point, Basket ball Ground, Room No 10, Uni Audi; wooden stage flickering colorful lights, Daulat Ram, Pandit ji and our college canteen. Loving teachers. N.K.Gupta Sir (Ideal Teacher), Sir i am trying to be like you. Oberoi Sir (I am still good in Organic Chemistry sir), Kamlesh Sir (Stat has become an integral part of life sir), Bansal Sir, Kaushal Sir (My M.Sc Supervisor), Kiran Maa'm, Anita Maa'm, and Madhu Maa'm. I guess the page is not sufficient, still have enough memories and today while writing i am nostalgic."Those were the Days" If i could be of some help, please feel free to contact
Sanjeev Thakur
Assistant Professor
Centre for Biosciences
School of Basic and Applied Sciences
Central Unicersity of Punjab, Bathinda-151001
+9501278687; 9878023515
God Bless COBS, HPKV
Jai Hind
47 Sheilza Kashyap 2010-2013 College days were the best days of my life. Some bitter and some sweet experiences. Awesome environment, campus, teachers.........exams bhi awesome hote the. Helpful seniours. Suman mam and Oberoi sir were very nice. Unforgettable trip of south.........miss my frnds alottt. Good luck for new students of COBS.
48 Monika Mahajan 2001-2006 Provided me a platform to start my career.
49 Sneha sharma 2010-2013 i have spent 3 wonderful years in this college.....and the most wonderful time was the south india trip.....that days are unforgetable.......campus of cobs is very beautiful........missing my college n college frnds..........
50 Abhimanyu mahajan 2007-2010 Had great Life.....
51 Kalpana Rana 2007-2012 College days are best..I love my college days.It was really an awesome time spent in COBS. The best teachers are in COBS. THANKS :)
52 Komal Katoch 2010-2013 i have spent a great time in college...collected a lots of memories.... learnt various things.... got good friends nd collegiate.. college has congenial environment....nd all teachers are very helpful..nd friendly ... unforgettable specially rallies which were held in cobs campus only........
53 Ajay Kumar 2009-2012 Had a good time here... Got exposer to intract with people having brilliant minds...Learned many lessons from all my batch mates and Profs ..According to me there should be HONOURS SYSTEM in COBS so that students can choose their stream after 10+2 rather than choosing after simple B.Sc... I think one should have a good grasp on his or her own subject. So why not specialization from after 10+2 ???? Why its from after B.Sc.???Its my humble request to all Profs. of COBS to draw some intension towards it...
54 ABHISHEK KUMAR 2007-2010 The best span of life i spent in COBS, everyday there was a new day, something new gonna happen , page is not enough to paste all the memories over here, south india tour, youth fest, sports meets , ............ .... time spent with seniours, juniours and obviously the precious time spent wid classmates outside the class while buking the classes and the south india tour , those 16 days are filled wid unforgetable moments. ..... The extra six months taught me much more things othr than passing 28 credit hours in a sem . That was also a precious experience of my life.