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CONSTITUTION (Amended-September 2010)

The club will be known as "AGRO CLUB" with its headquarters at College of Agriculture , CSHPKV, Palampur


1. To create awareness among the farming community of Himachal Pradesh about the latest agricultural technology.
2. To promote professional interests of the club members.
3. To keep the members of the club informed of the various scholarships/vacant positions in different public and private organizations.
4. To inculcate discipline and spirit of competitiveness among the members of the Club and take care of their general interests.
5. To organize various literary, cultural and sports activities for the overall personality development of the members of the club.
6. To organize social welfare activities and help the needy students.

i. Chairperson/ President
ii. Vice-Chairperson/ Vice-President
iii. Secretary
iv. Joint Secretary
v. Treasurer
vi. Joint Treasurer
vii. Principle Co-ordinator
viii. Finance Co-ordinator
ix. Publicity Co-ordinator
x. Literary Co-ordinator
xi. Cultural Co-ordinator
xii. Scholarship Co-ordinator
xiii. Sports Co-ordinator
Vice-Chancellor,CSKHPKV, Palampur will be the Chief patron of the club.

The Dean, College of Agricultural will be the patron of the Club.

There shall be six staff advisors chosen by the General body of the Club to advise
The Co-ordinator's regarding various activities of the club.


1. Chairperson/ President : The chairperson shall
a. be the Chief Executive of the club and preside over all its meetings.
b. represent the Club at all flora.
c. be present at important meetings especially involving finances and publicity.
d. maintain close collaboration with other office bearers, staff advisors and the patron of the club.
e. present annual report of the activities of the Club to the general body.
f. allot any other duty to an office bearer of the Club.

2. Vice-Chairperson/ Vice-President: The chairperson shall
a. act as chairperson in the absence of chairperson.
b. prepare the plan of the activities of the club for approval by the general body.

3. General -Secretary : The secretary shall
a. keep complete record of all the meetings of the club.
b. prepare agenda for various meetings/activities of the Club.
c. prepare the draft of annual report and the preceedings of the meetings in consultation with the chairperson and principal co-ordinator

4. Joint Secretary : The joint secretary shall
a. act as secretary in the absence of the secretary
b. record attendance at the meetings and maintain other records.

5. Treasurer : The treasurer shall
a. Receive and disburse funds as directed by the chairperson or approved by the general body.
b. Keep an account of all financial transactions of the club and present it annually for discussion and approval by the general body.
c. Pass on the requisite receipt and payment vouchers to the joint treasurer for book keeping

6. Joint Treasurer : The joint treasurer shall assist the treasurer in keeping the financial records and collection of fee, etc.

7. Principle Co-ordinator : The principle co-ordinator shall
a. Co-ordinate the activities of all the co-ordinators.
b. Collaborate with the secretary and the chairperson in order to design and execute the various club activities.
c. Link up with the secretary to finalize and execute the yearly calendar of activities.

8. Finance Co-ordinator : The finance co-ordinator shall
a. Be the chief fund raisor of the Club and shall assist the chairperson, the principal co-ordinator, the treasurer and the joint treasurer.
b. Make comprehensive and well composed proposals for fund raising.

9. Publicity Co-ordinator : The publicity co-ordinator shall
a. Work in collaboration with the treasurer and Joint Treasurer.
b. Ensure that the activities of the Club get wide publicity.
c. Arrange for making posters, invitation cards, paper clippings, films, photographs and other documents.
d. Record and stire all publicity materials for ready refrences including poster, invitation cards, paper clippings, films, photographs and other documents.
e. Ensure coverage of the club activities in the electronic media (TV & radio) and newspapers and magazines.

10. Literary Co-ordinator: The Literary Co-ordinator shall conduct different literacy activities like debates, declamation and poetic recitation contests, seminars and posters and cartoon making etc.

11. Cultural Co-ordinator: The Cultural Co-ordinator will be responsible for arranging cultural programmes.

12. Scholarship Co-ordinator: The Scholarship Co-ordinator shall
a. Identify the needy students and administer financial assistance to them.
b. Collaborate with the Chairperson, Principal Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Patron and Staff advisiors in selecting the needy students.
c. Maintain records of all the scholarships awarded by the Club.
d. Ensure that scholarship money is distributed properly and well in time.

13. Sports Co-ordinator: The Sports Co-ordinator shall be responsible for arranging different sports activities.

The Office bearerson the post of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary of Agro Club will be nominated from SAUG & PGS (two from each association of College of Agriculture). In case no nomination from PGS, all the four post will be from SAUG College of Agriculture. Office bearers on the rest of the post will be filled as per nominated/elected by majority member's of general body of Agro Club. Any office bearer may be removed if the general body feels that he is not performing his duties sincerely. The vacated post will be filled by the new person elected by the general body.

"The Term of the governing body will be for one year."

The following shall be eligible to become members of the club.
i. All students of College of Agriculture, Palampur.
ii. All ex-students of College of Agriculture, Palampur.
iii. Faculty members of the College of Agriculture, Palampur.
iv. Farmers and agricultural professionals/companies from within and outside the state.
v. Students/faculty members from disciplines allied to agricultural sciences can become Associate members of the club.

Registration fees
Registration fees          Membership fees
Students                       Rs. 200    Rs. 50 per semester
Teaching staff & other 
faculty members             Rs. 300       _
Non teaching staff &
others                           Rs. 50         _
Alumni o f COA               Rs. 100       _

"A separate register will be maintained by the society showing the name, address & occupation of the person who are the members of the society."

1. All the students should meet once in a year immediately after framing of new executive body to discuss the programmes of activity of the society, prepared by the governing body for the ensuring year (current year).
2. The meetings of the office bearers body shall be held as and when required with a minimum of two in each semester (once in quarter).
3. Special meeting may be held on the request of at least 25% members of the club to discuss any matter of interest.
4. The chairperson will be within his/her rights to call the meetings of general body or of the office bearers whenever necessary.
5. The society will hold the annual general meeting of its members once in a financial year at the end of Academic year at which the report of management of the society for current year will be presented before all the members & then these reports will be submitted to auditor's(two students+one faculty).

i. The financial year of the club shall begin and end with the academic year of the College of Agricluture.
ii. All the funds of the club shall be deposited in a bank.
iii. The chairperson may sanction withdrawal in anticipation of a resolution of expenditure by the general body provided the expenditure is in general interest of the club.
iv. The finances of the club will be audited annually by a committee appoimted by the general body consisting of at least three members comprising of one faculty member and two students & then these should be submitted for approval.

Two third of the total strength of the club shall constitute quorum for the transaction of business of the club
by the general body.

The constitution may be amended by two third of the members present at a meeting.
Due notice for such an amendment shall bi given by the proposer in writing to the chairperson/secretary who shall circulate the same to the members of at least 15 days before the general body meeting.