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Seminars, Summer Schools and Workshops Organized


  1. ICSSR sponsored seminar on Strategies for the Development of Hill Areas with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh. May   16-17, 1988.

  2. ICSSR sponsored seminar on Economic Prospects of Commercial Crops in Hilly Areas. July 5-6, 1991.

  3. Indian Society of Agricultural Economics sponsored seminar on Constraints of Agricultural Development in Hilly Areas. October 24-26, 1991.

  4. ICSSR sponsored seminar on Poverty and Income Distribution in North-Western States of India. May 28-29, 1999.

  5. DST sponsored seminar on Modern Agricultural Technology and crop diversification in tribal areas of Trans Himalayan      region in HP, organized at Kaza, July, 30, 2009

  6. ICSSR sponsor seminar on 'Diversification of Agriculture and Vulnerability to Climate  Change for Sustainable Food Security and Livelihood in North-Western Himalayas: February 28 to March 1, 2011.

 ICAR Summer Schools

         High Value Cash Crops and Sustainability of Mountain Agriculture. July 1-21, 1997.

         Diversification of Agriculture: Need and Implications for Food Security and Quality of Life. June 22-July 12, 2005.


       Interaction Workshop on Socio-Economic Implications of Exploitation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Cold Deserts. January 22-23, 2002.

       Interaction Workshop on Socio Economic Survey of Farmers in the North-Western Indian Himalayas. March 14-15, 2003.

       Interaction Workshop on Pastoralism in India: Options and Challenges for the Rural Poor. June 24, 2003.